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Tone up with titanium glasses frames

Tired of the frequent breaking of your plastic frames, when you mistakenly slip them in your bag? Or do the nose pads and the temple rest give you metallic allergy? Still, sinking under the weight of heavy glasses slipping down from your nose? What are the options of frames material apart from plastic and metal?

It is time to revamp traditional black or metallic frames which used to be heavy, breakable and rusty with Titanium Glasses. Titanium is a shining metal which has feather light weight and sturdy yet flexible nature. The advent of Titanium frames has revolutionized the eyewear market to the extent that titanium has become the first choice among the vast segment of eyeglass users.

What are the advantages of titanium eyeglasses frames?

Titanium glasses are highly popular these days considering not one but varied advantages offered by them. Titanium frames are either pure titanium or mixed with other metals to form titanium alloy frames. Listed herewith are few benefits of titanium eyeglasses frames:

Light weight

Titanium glasses are very light‐weight and feel like there is nothing on your face, whereas metal frames are quite heavy. These are ideal for prescription lenses, non‐ prescription lenses and sun protection lenses. Titanium frames glasses can counter weighty lenses with ease.


Titanium is equally strong as steel and is a prominent replacement of plastic and other metallic frames. Therefore, they can hold all types of glass lenses whether rimless, half rim or full rim irrespective of thickness, shape and size.


An alloy of Titanium namely, Flexon, can bend extremely or twist without breaking and will return to its exact shape. Thus, titanium is also named as ‘bendable titanium’ and ‘memory titanium’. Owing to this property, titanium is resourceful for temple rest so that the wearer can bend and adjust it according to their best fit.


Because Titanium is durable and corrosion resistant, it does not wear away due to salty sea water, chlorine water, sun light, moisture, sweating on face, etc. making it an ideal long‐lasting frame. Enjoy beach‐time or sweat out at the gym, play your favourite outdoor sport or lazy around getting a sun‐bath, cherish the rainy days or foggy nights without worrying.


Titanium’s unique property of being hypoallergenic makes it unlikely to cause any allergic reaction on skin, especially around the nose, ear and temple area, as is spotted with other metal frames having nickel.

Dash of colors and style

Availability of prominent Titanium glasses in various colours, shapes, distinct style and branded designer frames, significantly add impeccable appeal and flattering look. No matter where you are, be it at workplace, home, school or playground, titanium frames glasses work incredibly in every field. Professional, glamorous, sporty, nerdy or hipster , titanium frames with distinguished features suit every personality’s requirement.

Where to buy Titanium Frames?

Selecting glasses is far straightforwardly achievable online than hopping from one high end street store to another. Specscart has hundreds of alluring titanium glasses frames for men and women encompassing all the above mentioned advantages at pretty reasonable prices. Tom Archer’s affordable half rim and rimless titanium frames are certainly an attention grabber corresponding to contemporary charm. The super‐fast express delivery services will never let you down even at the hardest hour of urgency. Apart from offering free of charge advanced coatings i.e. anti‐glare, anti‐UV, scratch resistance and affordable anti‐X blue light blocking on all eyeglasses, Specscart provides free shipment and free returns.

In the weirdest case, if you find the delivered glasses fail to match with your expectations or if the prescription eyeglasses lenses have wrong power strength due to error in uploading prescription; do not panic as returning or replacing them with a newer pair of glasses will not become a pain in your belly. As Specscart cordially maintains 'no questions asked’ policy, returns label are generated to relieve you of any inconvenience. However, it is always better to avoid such disheartening attempts. Instead, go for glasses to try at home for selecting the most outstanding frame from the enticing range of accessible priced titanium eyeglasses. The durability, light weight, flexibility and strength of trial based four glasses can be evaluated wearing them for seven days, before placing an order. When you buy frames online at Specscart, feel the comfort, clarity and flexibility attached to these frames. The fact that they are not destructible turns them as an excellent choice of eyeglasses world‐wide for both adults as well as kids.


Titanium is a lightweight, silver material also known as transition metal in the periodic table. Titanium’s light weight characteristic and ability to handle extreme temperatures have made it popular in the aerospace industry. It is generally used to manufacture the airframes and engines of the aircrafts.
Go on the listings page - Shop Men | Shop Women - from the filters - Choose material - Select Titanium. You will be able to see all the frames made from titanium. Alternatively click here.
Titanium glasses frames are made from titanium material that make the glasses ultra-light weight for maximum comfort. Titanium frames are a generally a premium range in eyeglasses frames.
Titanium glasses will be generally on the higher price side because it is very difficult to source titanium material. It is a rare-to-find material and takes advanced manufacturing to transform into fine finished eyeglasses. At Specscart, you can find a titanium glasses frame for an average price of £50-60 including prescription lenses.
Titanium material is used to manufacture aircrafts because of its light weight property. Titanium glasses will be extremely lightweight and comfortable.

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