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    tortoiseshell wayfarer full rim dark green tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Wood Tortoiseshell Square Sunglasses and Grey Tint Tom Archer
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Why Tortoise Shell Sunglasses?

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are one of the timeless fashion accessories. It never gets out of trend. Going to the shopping mall? Don’t forget your sunglasses. Walking to the park? Grab your shades. Cloudy days? Need sunnies.

Outdoor party? A pair of sunglasses, obviously. These sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harmful sun’s radiations and these can also add style and class to any outfit.

From classic black to colorful frames to square-shaped frames, there are so many style options to select from. Currently tortoiseshell is in high demand. It matches your style, every color scheme and gives you an added dimension. Tortoiseshell sunglasses are timeless, classic and come in a pattern that compliments everyone.

Full-frame or semi-rimless, matte or shiny, browline or cat eye, you can’t be iffy with tortoiseshell sunglasses. A classic tortoiseshell design can go with all your outfits- blue, black, pink or floral prints.

What are Tortoiseshell Sunglasses?

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Tortoiseshell Sunglasses2
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses3
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses4

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are one of the biggest eyewear trends. These stylish and warm look tortoiseshell sunglasses never go out of style. These sunglasses are sometimes called horn-rimmed. These are frames that copy the look of real tortoise shells. You can easily recognize them by their flecked look. Their different pattern is very similar to the look of certain tortoises. Tortoise frames are much softer on the face from any other solid colour frame, which adds beauty to your look.

History Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

History of Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

If there was ever a classic-looking frame it would definitely be a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses. These frames were first famed in the 1920s and used real tortoise and turtles. Hence, the pattern and the name - tortoiseshell.

To stop the animals from becoming extinct, the practice of using real tortoises and turtles was immediately banned in 1970. The colour and tint possibilities are practically endless. Now, these frames are made of custom acetates or plastic that are similar to the look of true tortoiseshell, without any detrimental outcomes. The colour and tint possibilities are practically endless. Again, tortoiseshell sunglasses continued their rise to glory and fame.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are peppy, hippy, vintage and surely a timeless accessory which cannot be overlooked. This classic fashion is not just famous among women; even men also love these tortoise sunglasses. This is a great accessory that complements any outfits.

Colours available in Tortoiseshell

Colors Available in Tortoiseshell

The main feature of these tortoiseshell sunglasses is you cannot find two frames identical. These frames are actually quite different from each other. The pattern could be light on one side and dark on the other. So, you can even choose quite a few different types of tortoise frames.

Classic pattern is known as HAVANA Tortoise that features tones of orange and black, without a lot of variances High contrast pattern is known as the Tokyo Tortoise. It combines shades of yellow, brown and black.

Colored Tortoise is a mixture of red, grey and green tortoise pattern. This pattern is easy to wear. Coloured tortoiseshell sunglasses can be subtle and bold, depending on the transparency of the frame.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses women

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses for women

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are commonly popular among women. These sunglasses give you a cool look and stand out from the crowd. These sunnies are the ultimate addition to any dress and any type of summer outing that need the coolest sunglasses.

You can embrace your inner child with the sound of tortoise frames and double-bridges. These sunglasses are perfect for those who want a little bit of extra attention. Adding colours to the classic pattern is an ideal choice for women who want to stand out. You can also grab the blonde mix tortoise frame for something totally on-trend.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses men

Can men also wear tortoiseshell sunglasses?

Yes, definitely!
Tortoiseshell sunglasses suit both men and women. These frames are totally unisex (mean both men and women can use), maybe some frames have a feminine or masculine vibe. In fact, you can see many male celebrities flaunting this tortoiseshell sunglasses eyewear trend.

There are many men out there who love the tortoiseshell pattern but are unconfident of whether the look suits them or not.

Men can check the Specscart tortoiseshell sunglasses collection, which has lots of frames looking great on you guys. Remember these tortoiseshell is simply a pattern. And, this pattern can work with anyone.

Why choose Tortoiseshell Sunglasses?

Why Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are a very all-rounder accessory to wear. This pattern goes well with any the outfit, whether you’re going for a late-night party, casual meet-ups or for your preppy look.

The tortoiseshell is subtle and modern. These sunglasses are a timeless style suits both men and women.
With these sunglasses, your basic outfit will look best. You can also try these sunglasses with a black dress, which lets you really stand out. If you are going for a casual outing, don your tortoiseshell sunglasses with simple jeans. Denim and tortoiseshell pattern combine for one fine expression.

If you want to hit the pool party and going for a date, pair your tortoiseshell sunglasses with a solid coloured attire. These modern and trendy sunglasses come in various tones of brown, black, purple, orange and pink.

Make sure you find the perfect tortoiseshell sunglasses style for your face and style. You’ll have to try a number of different options for these sunglasses. These tortoiseshell sunglasses are also available with or without prescription and with polarized and UV protected coatings.

But at Specscart, there’s no shortfall of classic or modern tortoiseshell sunglasses to try. You have many different choices, it makes you befuddled what looks perfect on you. So, maybe you will buy many for your eyewear wardrobe.

Keep in mind if you are trying tortoiseshell frames for the first time, you can go for a thin, lighter shade of tortoiseshell sunglasses. This pattern is available to match every style, face, tone, so you definitely give it a try to these tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Don’t miss out on Specscart tortoiseshell eyewear collection!


Yes. Whether you are in search of rounds, aviators, wayfarers, or even cat-eye style sporting the tortoiseshell pattern, you’ll find it with us at Specscart.
Yes. That’s the beauty of tortoiseshell sunglasses. The pattern they hold is a jack of all trades. Because of being available in all styles, you will definitely find a type of tortoiseshell sunglasses that suits your face shape. Also, you can choose amongst the variety of colours of frames we have to match your wardrobe and complexion.
Yes. We dispatch all products within 24 hours of receiving the order. The only few exceptions happen when we need to process complex prescriptions and coatings on lenses.
No. It was a thing of the past. Nowadays, no tortoises are harmed for us to have fun with the intriguing and speckled appeal they portray through the sunglasses.
No. It was in the old days that horn-rimmed sunglasses were made of genuine horn or tortoiseshell because of which they were also called tortoiseshell sunglasses. That’s not the case anymore. In this day and age, ‘tortoiseshell sunglasses’ is the name taken by frames sporting the tortoiseshell pattern only.
Yes, why not? Both guys and girls can flaunt their quirky side with these tortoiseshell sunglasses.

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