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Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Vintage Yet New, New Yet Vintage

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Funky frames, bold colours- Why not buy Tortoiseshell Sunglasses?

Well, there is no other style that has longevity like men’s tortoiseshell sunglasses. So, if you come across bona fide looking sunglasses then it’s indefinitely a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses. Its antiquity and patterns make them exponential and you will not find any two frames identical. Adapting to every shape like a pro this might be your pick for coming seasons. The colour combination and odd patterns that make you stand out in the crowd, designer tortoiseshell sunglasses are everything you have been looking for in your next fashion outfit.

Fashion that is smart and sleek - Men’s Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Black Cat eye Sunglasses
Black Cat eye Sunglasses Black Cat eye Sunglasses

‘A perfect style is slow and steady’, that’s the motto for men’s tortoiseshell sunglasses. There are only a few frames that could be handsomely paired with every outfit flawlessly and here men’s tortoiseshell sunglasses understood the assignment. Smartly flecked, this makes them one of the craved picks for summers. Looking for an adventure day out with friends, there is no better frame than square tortoiseshell sunglasses online. A pick that will endure for the coming years.

A pick as flattering as Women's Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Class is every wear! Women’s tortoiseshell sunglasses are all the rage about enduring trends. These universally flattering beauties are all set to be your favourite picks for years to come. Pairing your ladies tortoiseshell sunglasses has never been so easy, name the colour pink, blue, yellow, violet and you can do it along with them easily. A super glamorous style, that speaks the boldness in volumes, a tortoiseshell sunglasses women that have much more style face than any.

Women's Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

An upswept like no other- Tortoiseshell Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Designer Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Designer Cat-Eye Sunglasses Designer Cat-Eye Sunglasses

When did providing UV protection to your eyes become so stylish? The combination of cat-eye and tortoiseshell are pairs of the future making them to be tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses, so toss them in your handbags and enjoy shining out in the sun in utmost style. Bold and quirky at the same time, you might fall in love with tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses immediately. Planning to have the best first impression of all time, swing in these tortoise cat-eye sunglasses.

Smooth and curvy frames - Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Round Tortise Shell Sunglasses
Round Tortise Shell Sunglasses White Cat eye Sunglasses for Women

Looking for sunglasses that would satisfy your hippie soul? The styling ideas with round tortoiseshell sunglasses are endless so it’s a one-stop solution for your hippie soul, geek chic need, and old-school pick. Make it a staple for your daily wear needs and we assure you that they won’t leave your side. Looking for something sophisticated,sleek and oversized sunglasses for your geeky soul, these women’s and men’s round tortoiseshell sunglasses are everything you ever wanted.

The range of styles is not limited at Specscart. If your search is for mens designer sunglasses online or you are looking to give your wardrobe a stylish upgrade with top womens designer sunglasses , you can explore other styles on our website as well.


Are tortoiseshell sunglasses available in all styles?

Yes. Whether you are in search of rounds, aviators, squares or even cat-eye style sporting the tortoiseshell pattern, you’ll find it with us at Specscart.
Yes. That’s the beauty of tortoiseshell sunglasses. The pattern they hold is a jack of all trades. Because of being available in all styles, you will definitely find a type of designer tortoiseshell sunglasses that suits your face shape. Also, you can choose amongst the variety of colours of frames we have to match your wardrobe and complexion.
Yes. We dispatch all products within 24 hours of receiving the order. The only few exceptions happen when we need to process complex prescriptions and coatings on lenses.
No. It was a thing of the past. Nowadays, no tortoises are harmed for us to have fun with the intriguing and speckled appeal they portray through the sunglasses. All these designer tortoiseshell sunglasses are made of acetate.
No. It was in the old days that horn-rimmed sunglasses were made of genuine horn or tortoiseshell because of which they were also called tortoiseshell sunglasses. That’s not the case anymore. In this day and age, ‘tortoiseshell sunglasses’ is the name taken by frames sporting the tortoiseshell pattern only made of acetate.
Yes, why not? Both guys and girls can flaunt their quirky side with these designer tortoiseshell sunglasses.
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