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Varifocal Glasses Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal Glasses

Digitally Combined correction of
Near & Far Sightedness

What are Varifocal Glasses?

Varifocal glasses have advanced digital lenses that help in simultaneous correction of near and far sightedness. Varifocal glasses are made for complete distance and reading prescriptions so you don’t need 2 different pairs of glasses. They don’t have any visible lines on the lenses.

We only make the highest quality tailor-made platinum varifocal lenses. They have the widest vision field with minimum distortion, for the best optical experience. It has a seamless transition between the three parts, starting from distance at the top, to Intermediate and ending with Reading.

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“Our Varifocals are best-in class in the industry with maximum user satisfaction and adaptation.”

How Do Varifocals Work?

Unlike single vision lenses which have the same, consistent focal point across the surface of the lens, vari-focals have different corrective powers, which change gradually from top to bottom. This means that they have a spectrum of corrective power— ranging from distance to reading with intermediate in between. All this without any unwanted lines or markings on the lenses.

Whether you buy varifocals online or from physical stores, they all have ‘soft focus’ areas on the outer edges of the lenses, which create slight visual distortion. But our Platinum lenses—which are made with computer technology—have the widest field of view and minimum soft focus area.

How are Specscart Premier HD Varifocals the best?

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible. While our competitors confuse you with different types of varifocal lenses, we provide best-in-class, widest vision field varifocal lenses for just £84, which are usually priced above £200 by other brands. Let’s see how Premier HD lenses are the best for you!

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Custom Made Platinum Varifocals - Only £84!




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“We won’t sell something - That we won’t buy ourselves”

That’s why we scrap out all unwanted designs and have tried to provide the highest quality of varifocals online at the best price possible - We have worked hard to get it to this point.

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How much do Premier HD Varifocals Cost?

Our Premier HD Varifocals are on a limited time offer for £84 with

varifocal anti reflection


varifocal antiuv


varifocal scratchproof

Scratch Resistant

varifocal impact resistant lenses

Impact Resistant

We also offer a 60 days no questions asked returns on all Varifocals.

Premier HD Varifocal lenses at Specscart.

We have developed Premier HD Varifocal lenses that offer a wider field of vision without distortion. Our Varifocals can be used for any purpose including extreme sports, without distortion. Our cheap varifocal glasses are Digital Free‐Form Lenses – which is the most advanced Varifocal Technology.

Wider Field Vision | Minimum Distortion | Easy to Adapt
Varifocal Glasses For Work

Varifocal Glasses At Work

Varifocal lenses For Reading

Varifocal Glasses for Reading

Varifocal Lenses For Sports

Varifocal Glasses for Sports

Varifical Glasses For Driving

Varifocal Glasses for Driving

How does the customisation process work?

We have made ordering Varifocals glasses online in the UK extremely easy - you can now do it from the comfort of your home in only 3 steps! The whole process of getting accurate Premier HD Varifocals takes just 7-10 working days

  • Once you have bought your favourite glasses, we’ll send you a sample pair in our “vari-trial” box, with an instruction manual & prepaid returns label.
  • Now the fun starts - Take a selfie while wearing the glasses and email it to us.
  • We’ll customise your glasses according to your prescription and facial features.

How To Buy Varifocals Glasses Online

01 Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
02 Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Varifocal or Non-Prescriptive.
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buy varifocal glasses

Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’

Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Variofcal or Non-Prescriptive

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How long does it take to adjust to varifocal lenses?

If you are wearing varifocals for the first time, it will take your eyes around 2 weeks to adjust to them. In some cases it can also take up to 4 weeks. If you have already used

“At Specscart, we provide a 60-day period to adapt to your new Varifocal lenses.”

Advice and tips for wearing online varifocal glasses

stay consistent

Stay consistent!

If you deliberately wear them everyday, getting used to them will be much quicker - allowing better and clear vision eventually

Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs

While climbing stairs, it is best to look through the middle part of the lenses

No place like home

No place like home

It will be ideal to practice wearing new varifocal glasses in a familiar environment like your home at first.

Help is always welcome

Help is always welcome

Call us at +44(0)1613125767 if you have any doubts about varifocal glasses.

3 Myths about varifocals

#1 Varifocal glasses are expensive

Since they eliminate the need to keep 2 different pairs of glasses (for reading and distance), they actually turn out to be more pocket-friendly. Also, if you are looking for high quality, customised yet cheap varifocal glasses, we are offering Platinum Varifocals for just £84 - which are priced over £150 on other websites.

#2 Varifocals are not suitable for driving

Once you get used to your new varifocals, they are perfectly safe for driving. In fact they are ideal for driving, since it involves switching between different vision distances constantly

#3 Varifocal lenses are thick

Another common myth! Modern varifocal lenses look just the same as single vision ones. And since there are no visible lines, others can’t even tell that you are wearing them.

FAQs About Varifocals Lenses

Bifocal vs varifocal – what’s the difference? How do varifocals work?

Bifocal lenses are old technology – they can only be used as reading and distance glasses. The fine separation line between the two parts will always be visible.
Varifocals are advanced digital lenses. They’re suitable as your reading, intermediate and distance glasses. Also, they are perfectly clear and show no obvious lines. No one can tell you’re wearing progressives!

If you notice that your vision is starting to blur when you look at close objects, you should get an eye test done. As we grow older, our ability to read things up-close begins to deteriorate. This usually happens during mid-forties when we might develop a different prescription for Distance and Reading. To avoid having 2 separate pair of glasses, new age digital glasses called Varifocal or progressive lenses were developed. Varifocal lenses simultaneously correct distance and reading prescriptions.

It takes time to get used to varifocal glasses or progressive lenses. People generally feel difficulty focusing on things. Often they feel dizzy and experience slight headache initially. But once the eyes get used to new lenses, there’s nothing better than a pair of varifocals for your vision!

Premier HD Varifocals are made with modern free-form lens technology which optimises the lens for minimum distortion while providing the maximum field of view. These are the best varifocal lenses that you’ll find.

We offer a 60-days no-questions-asked Returns Policy on every pair of varifocals sold at Specscart.

It takes around 14 days to get used to every new pair of glasses. However, in the case of Varifocals it can take up to 4 weeks. This is because Varifocal or progressive lenses are digital lenses and your eyes take time to understand them. A good way to get used to Varifocals is to point your nose where you have to focus or concentrate. For eg. While driving if you need to look through the rear view mirror, try to turn your head slightly towards the mirror, instead of moving your eyes. Similarly, for reading, try to keep your chin slightly upwards and look through the reading portion of the lenses while reading. At the end of the 4 weeks, you will be a pro at using your new Varifocals.
You can also contact our optician for help at: +44(0)1613125767.

All Specscart glasses are made with complete fully-loaded anti-reflection and UV+ coating. All lenses are also scratch and impact resistant.

Yes, you can customise your Varifocals with a Transitions coating in the Lens Coating section. You can learn about Transitions here.

Varifocal Premier HD takes everything into account; like your frame shape, Pupillary Distance (PD) and prescription, to offer you the widest field of vision for all distances.

Yes, we glaze varifocal lenses in rimless frames as well.

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