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    Wayfarer Brown Sunglasses with Brown Tint Tom Archer
    DERKER 3-S
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    Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses with Grey Tint Tom Archer
    HAUGH 4-S
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    Brown Round Sunglass Tom Archer
    RYAN NI1
    Tom Archer
    Tom Archer
    EVA NI2
    Black and Gold Simple Sunglass Tom Archer
    Black & Silver Sunny Tom Archer
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    Green Tinted Charcoal Wayfarer Sunglasses Tom Archer
    PARKER 2-S
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    Gold Framed Rectangular Shaped Sunglass Tom Archer
    crystal clear or transparent wayfarer brown tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Luxury All Brown Sunglass Tom Archer
    Brown and bronze sunglasses in Round Metal Frame Tom Archer
    Unique Champagne Green Fra Tom Archer
    Black & Gold Round Glass Tom Archer
    Sleek Bold Black Rectangular Sunglass Tom Archer
    Gunmetal Temple Sunglass Tom Archer
    Subtle Black Square Sunglass Tom Archer
    Smoky Gunmetal Rectangular Sunglass Tom Archer
    Gold Circular Sunglass Tom Archer
    Black Round Metal Sunglass Tom Archer
    Women's Fashion Black Wayfarer Sunglass Tom Archer
    Tortoiseshell Silver Sunglass Tom Archer
    New Arrival
    Clear Wayfarer Sunglasses with Grey Tint Tom Archer
    DERKER 2-S
    £84.99 £69.99 18%Off
    Gold Sides & Black Front Sunglass Tom Archer
    Black & Gold elegant sunglass Tom Archer
    New Arrival
    Grey Tinted Gold & Grey Square Wayfarer Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    PARKER 3-S
    £84.99 £69.99 18%Off
    blue transparent wayfarer dark green tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
    £74.99 £59.99 20%Off
    Sunglasses Black & Go Tom Archer
    Black & Gold Trophy Sunglass Tom Archer
     Brown Super Cool Sunglass Tom Archer
    Brown Rimless Sunglasses in Wayfarer and Aviat Tom Archer
    Gunmetal Fra Tom Archer
    Grace’s DESIGNER gold & black sunglass Tom Archer
    Flattering Silver Sunglass Tom Archer
    Uber Cool Rectangular Sunglass Tom Archer
    Silver Framed Sunglass Tom Archer
    black thick wayfarer dark brown tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
    £74.99 £59.99 20%Off
    Black and White Oversized Wayfarer Sunglass Tom Archer
    New Arrival
    Dark Brown Tinted Black & Gold Square Wayfarer Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    PARKER 1-S
    £84.99 £69.99 18%Off

The recital of wayfarer sunglasses style

Wayfarer sunglasses started their journey in 1956. They took a fast momentum from day one. The compelling design, coming with a trapezoidal structure. The compelling designs were the universal wearable and stayed in vogue for more than 20 years. They were the charm that made bold headlines in the eyewear fashion industry. Vogue sunglasses have been worn by many famous celebrities. Wayfarers were the snazzy shapes that pumped up the style of pop singers, models, and all who wore them. There were the quick, quirky sparks and uplifters for any face shape Making all fans with the thicker style and bold casings.

The ‘70s and ‘80s wayfarer sunglasses. Why were they such a big hit?

Wayfarers marked their presence in 1960 when John Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn made them the epitome of confident styles. Revolutionary style enhancers- the wayfarer sunnies got the spotlight again in the ’80s with the movie Blue brother. Blocking the UV rays was done by many sunglasses. But the wayfarer style sunglasses got more fame because like many other celebrities Tom Cruise too paired them up. Thinking when and in which movie? It was in Risky Business. The style charm of wayfarers was even accepted by the fashion maven- Audrey Hepburn. And, thus Wayfarer sunglasses for men and women became the talk of the town.

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The new-gen wayfarers

Relive the old era. Coming to rescue your styles but with some modern innovations. The new wayfarers are the style-enhancers, innovation packed and really made to pump your style while protecting your peepers from a lot. Made to get your eyes cool-down, they are the sunnies to beat the sun’s fury in style. Look down for some of the quirkiest styles to march in style. Thinking are wayfarer sunglasses still in style? They are the timeless appeal for all fashion mavens. Wish for no looking back? A pair of wayfarer style sunglasses are your power-packed sunglasses. Be the shining diva or the charming hunk. There is something for all. Taking a departure from the old plastic material. The new sunnies are will take you to another level as you will...

get wayfarer glasses

Get wayfarer with polarised lenses

no plastic wayfarer glasses

No plastic at all

acetate wayfarer glasses

New material and modern age materials are made of acetate or metal

soothing wayfarer glasses

Coming to give you a soothing experience

lightness wayfarer glasses

Experience the lightness on your eyes

sunnies wayfarer glasses

Modern wayfarer sunnies with the best UV protection

Get something for your eyes that talks of high-street fashion, the new designs are available by mixing and matching many styles. You will have some interesting looks. These wayfarers got cool upgradations by coming in fun and vibrant colours. As they are no longer just black. There are chunk and rich colour palates on the frame and temples. The brighter and flashier reflective lenses. Makes the wayfarer for one and all. Suitable for nearly all face shapes

Powerpack sunglasses for the sauve men

Who all wish to style with perfection? The flattering looks, bold convicting power and a powerhouse appeal. Something like this you will feel when your attires are dazzled up by a pair of wayfarer style sunglasses. So all the men out there just brace up and get ready for a look that is comparable to none. Today the wayfarer sunglasses for men are designed keeping the old intricacy in mind. The new craftsmanship includes fusing wayfarers with some other shapes to make them look finer. Pair up your casual attire with a basic wayfarer and outshine. Put up like a star with these sunglasses and party attires, beach attires for a light feel.

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Elegance in every ounce, liberating in every way

While men can get a sauve appeal. Ladies, these wayfarer sunglasses are for women who wish to taste the rebelliousness and independence. Get dolled up as wayfarers are the eyes puller. Ready for a casual get together, going for a pool party, outdoors or beach fun. A pair of smart wayfarer will let you travel way far than any other style. For a beach look, one can opt for them in marble finish. For a simple casual day march in style with the wayfarers your white pants. The universally excepted pairs hold universal wearability and retro appeal. These sunglasses are like the old-time hats that everyone wishes to wear and get a debonair look. Designed for all but a man or woman with round, oval, diamond or oblong face shape will feel them more and more. Made to get some little angles. Prefer a wayfarer any day and every day to sort your looks

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Let Specscart help you in getting some quirky sunnies in wayfarer or any other style

Choose us if you are looking for the modern version of wayfarer but wish to keep the retro feel intact. Our dedicated team comes with the Specscart genie that will let you cherish your desired sunglasses at budget-friendly prices. Search the wayfarer or any other style and then land on the online address or at the Bury or Walkden store. Count on us for eyeglasses and sunglasses and sunglasses with prescription too. We will get you the best tints on your favs with a precise prescription. We always put our best to sort the looks of all. Take the breeze of cool air and beat the sun’s fury in style and with the Anti-UV and polarised lenses.

Questions On Your Mind ?

Wayfarer sunglasses are the trapezoidal frames. They came into existence in 1956. This style can be identified with a nose bridge narrow at the top and wide opening at the bottom. Also, you will recognize them with a thick frame body.
Get your wayfarer sunglasses from Specscart. You will get a high-street fashion at a budget-friendly cost. It’s so easy to buy wayfarer style sunglasses for men and women by
  • Click on the sunglasses section
  • Opt for your sunglasses from the selection bar
  • Get your sunglasses dispatched within 24 hours
While buying a pair of sunglasses be it wayfarers or any other frame style. Keep in mind some points
  • Your sunglasses should sit properly to the nose area
  • They should be broader than the broadest part of your face
Wayfarers are a hit from decades. And with the new designs and prints coming in the 21st Century. They are the timeless saga.
Wayfarer style sunglasses are suitable for all face shapes. A little tweak in designing makes them universal sunglasses. Wayfarers can impart fashionable looks to both men and women.

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