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Black Glasses

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Black Glasses Frames - the classic no-nonsense style

The trend trap you cannot escape from! These timeless beauties have sparked a sense of completeness in every style. Black glasses are not just some glasses in black, but a perfect accessory that enhances your personality in no time. These modern classics are the perfect pick for your ‘party in an hour’ situations. The styling equation with these black beauties and any other attire solves the dilemma you face before stepping out of the house. If your motto for dressing for the day is being basic yet stylish, then these black frame glasses are the most helpful accessory. You don’t have to worry about styling your black eyewear the moment you put them on, it will immediately bring out the Anna Wintour in you! These Black glasses are extremely bold, and playful at the same time, and David Attenborough will be absolutely proud of your move of switching towards the acetate frames.

Black Glasses For Men

Black Glasses For Men

Let The Black Nerd Glasses Frames Define Your Professional Look

Your glasses must scream the statement you carry, and that’s where you witness the versatility of black glasses. Our collection of black glasses for men is quite unique and goes along easily with every trend. You could go super simple and classic by styling them with a button-down shirt, blue jeans, and boots or with your daily work outfit. The styling options are endless, and one must have an eye to catch that spectacular look!

Vintage Hipster Black Glasses
Black Glasses For Women

Black Glasses For Women

Black Glasses Frames In Hipster Shape For The Trendsetters

Orange might be the new black, but black remains the OG! They’re the perfect fashion accessory, and you can wear them multiple ways. Black glasses for women can be placed beautifully over the head, letting the hair softly fall on your face; it already sounds mesmerising! Or you could just let them hang on your shirt; the style will be spontaneous yet catchy. Our favourite black glasses for women are the ones which have just a touch of bling, like silver rivets on the hinges.

Black Round Glasses For Men & Women
Black Round Glasses For Men & Women

Black Glasses In Retro To Groove With The Classic Jazz

Black round glasses for men and women provide a geek chic look that might make you popular by adding a charming vibe to your character. Black circle glasses are the vintage bandwagons that take you back to the times of the mighty Beatles, where you can vibe over the soundtrack of Eleanor Rigby.

Black square glasses for men & women
Black square glasses for men & women

Let The Hues Of Colour Flow Like Water On Black Glasses In Marble Texture

Black square glasses provide the most intrepid and striking look you could ever ask for. To awaken the old soul that you are; with a pinch of a modern pop star in you, these glasses embrace the vividness that you carry. Black square glasses for men and women are a perfect contrasting accessory of facial features for people with oval or round face shapes. Amplifying the complete look for a professional occasion, where you require to grab the maximum attention in the room. Black colour and square shape are the combinations made in heaven of perfect glasses ever existed.

Thick Black Frame Glasses
Thick Black Frame

Spotty Black Frame Glasses Give The Vintage Impression

We all like the complement and attention we receive after we wear something super stylish and out of the box. The same goes with thick black frame glasses, it’s quite a task to pull off the thick trend, but once you master the art there is no looking back. Once you wear them on, it gives a look as if you are in for some serious business. Conservative yet confident - that’s what these glasses are. Trust us when we say that this is the only black magic you need in your life!

Black Prescription Glasses And Reading Glasses To Correct Vision Disorders
Black Prescription And Reading Glasses

Black Prescription And Reading Glasses To Correct Vision Disorders

Those who suffer from refractive eyesight errors such as hypermetropia, myopia, presbyopia, can use black reading glasses or prescription frames throughout the day. Whether it is distance glasses or reading glasses, choose black eyewear to rock them 24x7. And when you choose to wear black frames every day, this timeless piece of eyewear accessory will look perfect with any outfit or occasion. Apart from prescription, there are anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and shock resistance properties available with the frame lens. Also, for the exclusive protection from computer and other digital screen glasses, there are blue light glasses that give 99.9% protection against harmful blue light rays. You can also get black reading glasses with blue light lenses to protect your eyes against digital blue light.

Black eyeglasses that suit both men and women
Black And Gold Glasses

Black eyeglasses that suit both men and women

Did you just read black and gold? Yes, this is exactly what you want on your next purchase. The harmonic amalgamation of black and gold is the perfect pick to satisfy your fashion glasses needs. Anywhere and anytime, these black and gold glasses take you on a remarkable journey that you won’t be able to resist. The charm and comfort that these glasses offer are ideal for all-day long-wearing. Crafted with absolute detail, this timeless combination is a steal for the ones who crave a superior fashion sense.

Browline Black Glasses
Try Glasses At Home Before Buying
Try Glasses At Home Before Buying

Black Eyewear That You Can Try At Home

It is always better to try on glasses at home before you buy them. Just choose any four black rimmed glasses frames of your choice in different shapes, sizes, patterns, rim-styles and designs. Once received, you wear all of them for a week, with different dresses, hairstyles and occasions. Place the order once you are satisfied to add a black eyeglass in your collection of eyewear. And don’t forget to let us know how many compliments you get by sporting those black wonders on your face.

Your options are not limited at Specscart. Whether you are looking for mens glasses frames or want to give your wardrobe a stylish upgrade with top women’s glasses styles, you can browse through other styles as well.


Will black frame glasses suit my face shape, complexion and wardrobe?

Black glasses when made in styles that suit your face shape will add the spark you want. When it comes to your complexion and wardrobe, don’t be worried, as black is a versatile colour and goes beautifully well with everything.
Yes. Black is a colour that represents power and authority, that’s why it’s a classic colour that makes your presence in the business world delightful.
Like any other colour, we first source the best quality acetate sheets, metal or wood. After the frames are cut, the lenses are hand-fitted into them at our lab in Bury.
Sure you can. You can choose upto 4 frames to try them free of charge for 7 days from the comfort of your home. If you like any, you can order the glasses right away. Otherwise you can try more and more glasses, until you are satisfied.
Yes, all glasses made at Specscart have an anti-glare, anti-uv, and scratch resistant coating without any charge.

Do black glasses look good on everyone?

Yes! That is the best part about black glasses - they suit all skin tones, outfits and occasions. They are a very safe and straightforward style, without compromising on style.
Let us help! Specscart glasses rarely get scratches since they are made of high quality materials like acetate, titanium, stainless steel, wood, etc. But if you scratch them by mistake against some rough surface, you can always send them to us, and we will try our best to sort them out. For non-Specscart glasses, you can try using light abrasives like toothpaste and baking soda, to even out the surface. If the scratch is quite deep, you might have to use wet sandpaper.
But this is best done by an expert, so we recommend visiting your nearest optician.
Black glasses never go out of style. Like plain black tee or a little black dress, black frames are a classic, original and timeless style.
You can explore a wide range of black glasses on Specscart in various shapes and materials. Apart from acetate and metal, you can even find wooden black glasses. Apart from plain black, you can go for variations - for example a mix of black and red like Tarbock.
We provide a cleaning cloth and lens solution with all our frames. You can use these to wipe off any dust, dirt or grime off the surface of the lenses and the frames. Clean your glasses regularly to keep them as good as new.
Plain black glasses in a thin frame are perfect for a subtle, simple and neutral look. Thick, big black glasses on the other hand signify a bold personality. Metal frames in sleek black are ideal for a classy and elegant look.
With our 24 hr dispatch service, we deliver most single vision glasses by the next day.
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