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Black glasses when made in styles that suit your face shape will add the spark you want. When it comes to your complexion and wardrobe, don’t be worried, as black is a versatile colour and goes beautifully well with everything.
Yes. Black is a colour that represents power and authority, that’s why it’s a classic colour that makes your presence in the business world delightful.
Most orders at Specscart are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving them. Although, if you have complex prescriptions, we will have to make your lenses from scratch. This may take some time of about 7-10 days at our end.
Sure you can. You can choose upto 4 frames to try them free of charge for 7 days from the comfort of your home. If you like any, you can order the glasses right away. Otherwise you can try more and more glasses, until you are satisfied.
Yes, all glasses made at Specscart have an anti-glare, anti-uv, and scratch resistant coating without any charge.

Display A Bold And Classic Image With Black Glasses Frames

Classic, vintage and elegance, black glasses frames are timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion. Irrespective of the season, market trend and purpose, these glasses are favourite among people of all age groups and gender. To define black frame glasses, they are simply eyeglasses with the black colour predominating the entire frame. However, the glasses in a black frame does not mean the boring, thick and broad shaped frame that was used by our ancestors years ago. Instead, glasses have come off age, and glasses in black are no exception. Nowadays, such black frame glasses are used more like an accessory and are worn even by those people who do not require vision-correcting glasses. From classic to current modern style, black frame glasses have also been upgraded and improved. Although, all men and women can carry black eyewear with ease and style. There are no such strict rules, however; the only thing that you should bear in mind is that the frames should complement your face shape. With Matte or glossy black glasses frames available, there are endless options to suit your taste.

Impress With Black Nerdy Glasses

Let The Black Nerd Glasses Frames Define Your Professional Look

Nothing speaks classy and geek chic more than black glasses. It is a very versatile and flexible style which you can wear with anything. Wear black glasses with a suit for the perfect professional look - they go well with any colour! They also provide a very chic look when you wear them with a smart casual attire like cardigan and sneakers. The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Hipster Black Glasses

Black Glasses Frames In Hipster Shape For The Trendsetters

As the name suggests, black hipster glasses are a hot favourite among hipsters i.e. the people who are avid trend followers and have high fashion sense. The hipster glasses are rectangular in shape. It may have a little variation with rounded edges, or the lower part being smaller than the upper part. The frame thickness, however, may vary from thin to thick depending upon the choice of wearers. It also consists of the age-old glasses worn by our grandparents with a thick rim. The current trend of hipster black frame glasses comes with half rim style also.

Evergreen Retro Style Black Glasses

Black Glasses In Retro To Groove With The Classic Jazz

The 60s and 70s classic, black frame glasses in retro style have made a comeback with thick, bold and broad frames. To awaken the hippy in you with these or to stand out of the crowd, the heavy rim glasses are best with a modern twist to the old version. Black glasses frames in retro leaves the temperature soaring high. Wear these rocking glasses in black frames with accentuated jewellery to mark an appearance like rockstar Elvis Presley.

Smooth And Glossy Black Marble Glasses

Let The Hues Of Colour Flow Like Water On Black Glasses In Marble Texture

Yes, black frame glasses in marble texture are a new addition to the printed glasses collection. With a little touch of marble pattern on the rim, the frame looks a million bucks and set the fashion sense high. The marble feature makes the glass unique and you never go unnoticed. There are several colours that can be combined with the black to give marble- like impressions and patterns on your black prescription glasses or reading glasses.

Unique Spotty Black

Spotty Black Frame Glasses Give The Vintage Impression

The innovative and advanced pattern of black and white spots looks dashing and killer. The spotty pairs are a new addition to the family of variants of black glasses frames. The pattern looks exemplary, beautiful and appealing. A blend of black and white is perfectly soothing, looks calm and brings positivity on your face. This makes spotty black frame glasses an exceptionally smart choice for the users.

Black Prescription And Reading Glasses To Correct Vision Disorders

Black Prescription And Reading Glasses To Correct Vision Disorders

Those who suffer from refractive eyesight errors such as hypermetropia, myopia, presbyopia, can use black reading glasses or prescription frames throughout the day. Whether it is distance glasses or the reading glasses, choose black eyewear to rock them 24x7. And when you choose to wear black frames every day, this black timeless piece of eyewear accessory looks perfect with any outfit, look or occasion. Apart from prescription, there are anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and shock resistance properties available with the frame lens. Also, for the exclusive protection from computer and other digital screen glasses, there are blue light glasses that give 99.9% protection against harmful blue light rays.

Black glasses for men and women with distinguished look

Black eyeglasses that suit both men and women

Black eyewear is not limited to any particular gender or lifestyle. Both men and women can wear glasses in black colour. The Black-Framed Eyeglasses Men collection has simple and subtle styles. Whereas, the Black-Framed Eyeglasses Women collection may have a little detailing, prints, extended wings, etc. When we talk about designer glasses, then the detailing, quirky shapes, oversized rims, leopard print, etc. all come with the black frame. The designer glasses are perfect for an evening gathering; wear them with your little black dress, red accentuated gowns, or even blazers.

Try Glasses At Home Before Buying

Black Eyewear That You Can Try At Home

It is always better to try on glasses before you buy them. Just choose any four black glasses frames of your choice in different shapes, sizes, patterns, rim-styles and designs. Once received, you wear all of them for a week, with different dresses, hairstyles and occasions. Place the order once you are satisfied to add a black eyeglass in your collection of eyewear. And don’t forget to let us know how many compliments you get by sporting those black wonders on your face.

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