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Capture zodiac inspired imaginations - Eyewear trends 2019

Capture zodiac inspired imaginations - Eyewear trends 2019

All is here, so is the time to reminisce about the fairest season. Excited? So are we to bring the Spring-Inspired eyewear trends 2023. But with a twist this time. The blog shows a glimpse of Spring essential glasses in accordance with your Horoscope. Your eyeglasses need a change every day and having a pair that makes you connect well with the season and with you is your eye’s jam.

As many of us feel a connection with our Horoscopes and zodiac signs. This impacts our dressing sense too. So take a look at the new frames and jazz up your wardrobe with the new wearable silhouettes.

So here are some of the new vogue eyewear trends 2019 in contrast with zodiac signs.

  • Aries

    Ariens like bold colours, their best move is to invest in striking style. They have an accessory fever. So a pair that the wild child in them will swear to look at can be the glasses with a round twist. These red oval glasses are such a party player that not enjoying the peppy feel will be a crime. Coming in red makes them more difficult to resist. Feel the flowers and get the fall feel on top.

    Click here for this ORSLOW frame.

  • Taurus

    Taurus people feel attracted to the timeless pieces. And what could be more cherishing than tortoise rim glasses? The attachment to finer eyeglasses that also has a feminine touch is this cateye pattern pair. Coming with a touch of Fiery Tortoiseshell, what could reflect fall better than this fine pair of glasses? And what makes this pair more having is the acetate frame with pretty temples to give it a timeless saga feel.

  • Cancer

    Cancerians feel the vibe. Whatever is trending it should be in their bucket list. The Avant-garde eyeglasses that are style pullers, hitting the fashion sense at the top are made for them. As cherishing the little pleasures of life is an all-time requirement. So the translucent crystal clear frames are a big Yes. To support the clean looks, have a pair of transparent wayfarer or rectangular frames that are made to polish your looks. So even further when you wish to cherish a winter pair the icy crystal clear glasses are your finish looks partner glasses.

  • Leo

    Leo sun signs dare to live to stand out differently. For them, life is a big grand party. Coming out with a trendy pair with standing out hues and the latest fashion. It could certainly be round glasses telling the stories of famous and high street fashion inspired sense. So here we are with a trending round pair of acetate glasses in marble grey with some hues of black. Round glasses are completely inspired by the A-List stars and are a big hit when it comes to talking about glasses as embellishments for a trendsetting you.

    Click here for this HALE frame.

  • Virgo

    The Virgos always fall for some swirling signature pieces. So we took a deep breath, thought of some intricate patterns and showed one of them as Virgo's classic eyeglasses love. The Browline frames in passion orange, silver and purple having a geometric pattern are made to highlight the brows and redefine the face looks. Coming with a show them off attitude these frames will make you go metalicious.

    Click here for this TIM OP4 frame.

  • Libra

    This zodiac sign oozes nothing less than style. So when they decide to have a pair of glasses of Spring eyewear trends 2019 we think it could be something tortoise. And we bought them this square pair. Coming to capture a lot of bangs for your bucks. The tortoiseshell, chocolate brown and cherry red will make you have a vibe nothing less than extraordinary.

    Click here for this Urmston 4 frame.

  • Scorpio

    The Scorpions are a simple and intense personality who always favour dark colours. And we thought which bold colour could represent them better than the notorious black? The colour that displays elegance and classic in one-tone so goes with the frames that we feel a fit for Scorpions. The black temples with sassy silver metal are a legendary feel. The old school rectangular got a classic metal twist and a round bottom edge to give you a striking that is difficult to match.

  • Sagittarius

    The Sagittarians are the adventure peeps. So when it comes to relaxing their eyes, they will go for something that is more than enough to turn heads. They will give their heart to the quirky accessories. So a part of the Spring Collection is especially dedicated to these zodiac signs with the brown geometric frames. Inspired by the wayfarers but with a modern twist, the metal temples with stylish frames are made perfectly for this zodiac.

  • Capricorn

    Rectangle glasses are a classic option when it comes to getting the Capricorns a handsome pair that is classic yet sassy. So the pairs in tortoiseshell print are a cool option when you are looking to break the mould.

  • Aquarius

    The bit of a wild child in the Aquarians will feel a lot of matte with the aviator inspired frames. They will be the memorable pair the moment one is going to see them. So jazz up and feel daring to be different than the regular vibe with these matte finish trendy glasses.

  • Pisces

    The bohemian drapers are Pisces so we also figured out frames for them that are free spirits in their own way. To make them cherish the affinity towards the unusual styles that make people feel Oh! Ghosh where did they get this pair from? Same goes for the edged full-rim round frames. The moment anyone is going to see them the love will flow for them like a brimming heaven’s brine.

    Eyewear trends 2023 are the Spring Essentials that you can throw a pair and let the legions startle. So go get a pair and have some Spring hustles.

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