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Chris Hemsworth Inspired Glasses & Sunglasses

Chris Hemsworth Inspired Glasses & Sunglasses

Chris Hemsworth’s forever glam and charming look makes him a perfect style icon. Be it a casual look, red carpet or any special event, he looks impeccable and stands out with his style. Yes, he might have some famous designers and is someone who tracks his health regularly. But, you would have missed his accessories that add grace to the personality.

The Avenger Endgame personality, Chris Hemsworth not only focuses on his outfits but he takes care of every tiny detail that may add a boost to his overall look. Have you ever noticed his killer shades? We all long for the styles that help us to complete our fashion statement. Let us give you a key to Chris Hemsworth’s glasses.

The Spiderhead Sunglasses

The Spiderhead features a research facility starring Chris Hemsworth as Steve Abnesti. The film gives prisoners a chance to participate in drug tests reducing their time in prison. Although the movie did not get positive reviews, the sunglasses were the best part of the film. They perfectly depict modern street style and give a unique and timeless look to his personality.

Wanna replicate the look from the Spiderhead? Have a look at Chinley-3, they may be a subtle choice. Its silver rim makes it a top pick for every outfit. The frame’s design gives special attention to the browline.

Men in Black Frame

Black is the only colour we can never say no to. It is a top pick for every occasion. Chris Hemsworth gave us some major motivation through his look in the film. Men in black is a perfect action comedy providing us with perfect one-liners and a style that many can admire.

These glasses will not just enhance your look but also provide some major advantages. Some of them include the reduction in eye fatigue, reduced glare which is responsible for migraines, and overall vision improvement. Our BUSK 2-S may match your expectations.

The Extraction Sunglasses

Tyler Rigg’s Extraction (2020) defines complete action and suspense. Chris Hemsworth as always is justifying his role with his acting. Being in a situation where he is taken hostage by terrorists, he tries to figure out some of the best escape plans. He perfectly aligns his acting with his personality. His pilot sunglasses in the movie never fail to amaze the audience. Gold having its perks, has made the sunglasses perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Looking for one? Why don’t you give a try to ALVINGTON 3-S2?

The Blackhat Frame

Who ever thought a hacker’s sunglasses would inspire us more than his hacking skills? Chris Hemsworth sunglasses did that! His character as Nicholas Hathaway is what people still remember. Watching the character and being inspired by the look might have brought you here, indeed.

You can check out our FLINTOFF 6-S to replicate the look.

The Rush Not Much Frame

A new frame for every drama! This is what most of us desire. “The Rush” starring Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth introduced glasses best for sports and fashion wear. The movie just changes the way we perceive rivalries. You might have witnessed the biggest rivalry ever start and end there.

Do you aim to recreate the same look and are ready to be a part of your race? Our THEO 1 sunglasses are designed especially for sports and fashion, and might just complete your look.

We offer a wide range of options in frames. Check our face guide and select the one that will blend best with your facial features. Pamper yourself with Specscart’s celebrity-style glasses and give yourself a look that enhances and motivates your personality. And you are just a click away from doing that!

Skip the wait and experience the frame’s sophistication without breaking the bank. Looking like Chris Hemsworth is not expensive, at least not any more when you have Specscart!

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