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Glasses For Your Zodiac Signs

Glasses For Your Zodiac Signs

While you do accessorise your looks with glasses, why not align them with who you are from within?

Upon waking in the morning, you want the day to be in your favour. While you may already have the attire and colours in harmony with your zodiac sign. But picking the right pair of glasses for all of us can be a bit tricky, but what can take you out of the soup is your star. So, it’s time to align your glasses with your zodiac.

Let’s begin:


Independent is your other name. People who belong to the zodiac sign of Aries never go after what is being done by most people. You are competitive and full of enthusiasm, and your ruling planet is Mars. A perfect fit that is bold will make just the right pair of glasses for Arians. You project energy and aggression; a colour like red in a thick frame will create magic around you.


The planet Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet, and it is an earthy sign. People of this zodiac are stable and deeply rooted. So, if you are a Taurean, then kudos to you for changing the ongoing trends. You are fashionable but yet a very basic and classic pair of glasses can do the job pretty well for you. So, retro classic frames are the way to go, as they are both classic and reflect luxury.


Geminis are pretty versatile and adaptable. So, you are somebody who really looks forward to switching things. Frames with new shapes bathed in unusual colours are always your type. You are somebody who can wear pink frames, and that’s what makes you stand out. Because for most people the colour pink could be a bit too much but you believe in modifications than what’s standard. Geometric-shaped glasses are your friends.


Moon rules Cancer, and hence, Cancerian men are highly emotional and sentimental. You are a water sign so clarity or clear visibility is forever and truly yours. You are somebody who would opt for simple, timeless, and understated designs. Clear, transparent glasses in white, grey, silver, or cream colour will back your personality strongly. Square or rectangle-shaped glasses are part of your eyewear options.


You make people turn heads and look at you at least twice. Since the sun rules you, you are a born leader, full of confidence and self-expression. You are also a big-time attention seeker. So that one thing that makes you stand out among the crowd has to be not-so-normal. Wear cat-eye glasses, as you deserve the attention. Yes, don’t worry, people will definitely have just one more look at you.


The most common myth about Virgos is that they aren’t loyal. Yes, you read it right, it’s a myth. You always want the glasses that can be used in every season. One pair of timeless and elegant glasses can make it to your look for all seasons. What bigger loyalty than this? Well-crafted and all-season glasses for men are your accessory. A rectangular-shaped pair of glasses and you are good to go.


Venus influences you. Libra men are soft and appreciate balance and harmony. Lightweight and a very beautiful pair of glasses can completely satisfy your look of the day. You love to be fashionable and yet comfortable when it comes to your wardrobe and styling. What is in alignment with your nature is a cool pair of geometric rimless glasses.


You are as mysterious as your zodiac sign. Intense and passion define your personality and being confident is your strength. Hence, Mars influences your traits. When you are picking the right glasses for yourself, remember to choose dark and brave. Your daily accessory could be thick-dark coloured frames. Thick-frame glasses will always complement your inner nature, and that’s your real calling.


Of all the twelve zodiac signs, the most adventurous sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and that’s why they are always planning their next trip. What makes it the best-planned pair of glasses? It’s pilots. They are classics and never out of fashion. Pilots will never let you down.


Practicality is genuinely your way. Well, Saturn gives it to you. You command a sense of authority with responsibility and order/organisation as your other highly important traits. You can go a little conservative here, and that’s why square-shaped glasses are your first choice.


Saturn doesn’t allow you to take the much-trodden path. Aquarians are innovative and unconventional. “Your life, your rules” is the philosophy you believe in. So, if you think that a certain move that you played was predictable, no, it wasn’t. You are unexpected, and so should your look. Oversized glasses for men can be the perfect surprise for the world.


Your artistic soul yells creativity. Jupiter gives you the free-spiritedness you possess and that’s reflected in your habitual daydreaming. Pisceans are trendy and yet subtle. You like to be fashionable and always on your toes looking for artistic elements. A beautiful pair of butterfly-shaped glasses is the way to go.

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