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Fashion Guide for Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Swiftie-centric Sunglasses to Choose From

Fashion Guide for Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Swiftie-centric Sunglasses to Choose From

The year 2023 is, undoubtedly, different. There is magic, flair, and rhythm in the air, as Taylor Swift is on her spree of tours. The musical clairvoyant has finally flagged off her ERAS tour after years of jittery anticipation from die-hard fans. Well, Swifties can now march to the extravaganza of their ‘Fearless’ leader, and see her perform in flesh.

Taking over America, and soon to captivate the United Kingdom (finger’s crossed), Taylor started her 52-stop US tour encompassing all ten of her studio albums on 17th March. Since then, hardly any day has passed without the singer making headlines. From fan theories, romantic hearsay, and even congressional announcements, Tay-Tay is truly everywhere!

If you are among the lucky few who was quick enough to snag the tickets through the website crashes and the overarching panic, or are bracing Taylor’s soon-to-start European ‘ERAS,’ tour then it is understandable to ask that one very important question - ‘what will I wear to the concert?’ Whatever the outfit, wearing the right pair of Taylor Swift sunglasses is very, very important!

Taylor Swift Sunglasses Inspired by Her Iconic Eras

Typically, the answer to what outfit and glasses to wear to a concert is simple. But, when it comes to Taylor, whose concert sprawls across 15 years and ten albums, and just as many diverse aesthetics, things get a little more confusing. But, fret not, as the in-house Swiftie of Specscart has curated a list of Taylor Swift glasses, so that you look and feel like the main character.

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Era Sunglasses

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Era was all about cowboy boots, gold hues, and fringed dresses. It was during and soon after the release of the Fearless album that the singer began her gradual induction into a more glamorous iconography. If the Fearless Era is what you are most excited about, then our FLORENCE 2 has got you covered.

These crystal gold cat-eye shaped sunglasses are perfect to pair with cowboy boots, trendy sneakers, and a cutesy gold-sequined crop top - all of which are emblematic of the ‘FEARLESS’ Era. So, begin your ‘Love Story’ with a Swiftie-approved ensemble and sunglasses with Specscart!

Taylor Swift’s RED Era Sunglasses

Released in October 2012, Taylor Swift’s RED Era was all about a retro fall-back, as the singer began embracing a stream of high-waisted shorts, ballet flats, keds, and of course, all-things red. The album is quintessentially a homage to the fall season, and if this is the era you want to adopt to in the Taylor Swift Concert 2023, then our FLORENCE 3 will not disappoint.

You know it ‘all too well,’ that these red-framed cat-eye shades are everything you need to bring out your inner diva. Pair these sunglasses with a flowy red dress or a high waisted denim and a Benton striped shirt, and ‘well, it's done!

Taylor Swift's 1989 Sunglasses

Tay-Tay’s 1989 album was the ‘hipster’ aesthetic redefined. The album is among the most unique in Swift’s discography regarding looks, as the singer donned red lipstick and of course, a few pairs of tight little skirts. If you want to pay homage to Swift's 1989 Era, then our DOVILE SF-4 is all you need.

‘Never go out of style’ with our white-grey sunnies. These cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect accessory if you want to replicate Taylor’s 1989 aura. These sunnies will look phenomenal with a white crop top and a silver metallic skirt, both of which are the epitome of Tay-Tay’s 1989 aesthetic.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Sunglasses

Taylor’s Reputation Era was a big transformation in terms of her outfits and on-stage persona, and was, in fact, the antonym of ‘all-things delicate!’ Swift transitioned to all-black bodysuits, sheer mesh details, and choker necklaces. So, it would be safe to say that Tay-Tay was feeling the grunge in 2017. Besides, how can we forget all the ‘snake’ references!

If you want your Taylor Swift Eras tour outfit to be inspired by the Reputation Era, then think lots of black, leather, sequins, and all-things goth. And what better way to put the entire look together than top it off with our CHEADLE 3-S. These black-grey glasses will ensure that you are ‘ready’ to rave in the ERA’s evening!

Taylor Swift’s Midnight Sunglasses

From all-things gold to a shenanigan of silver, Swift’s aesthetics have come a long way. Of course, Taylor’s Midnight Era has just begun, but it would not be a stretch to term it her dreamiest aesthetic yet. The ‘Anti-Hero’ album includes a range of tranquil shades, celestial intricacies, and of course, the ever-so-adored sequins.

If you want to embrace the Midnight Era then the perfect outfit choices would be stain-art inspired corset blouses, flowy mesh skirts in blue, and likewise. And, to top everything off, our COLEMAN RU-5 has got your back. Be prepared to look ‘bejewelled’ as these sunglasses will, undoubtedly, elevate your look, and make for the perfect ‘Midnight’ magnificence.

Wrapping It Up

She is an icon, a legend, and the moment - that is Taylor Swift for you all. The ERAS Tour is a pop culture milestone, which will be etched forever in the tides of time. Whether you have tickets for the ERAS Tour US, or are on your haunches for the moment the UK tour tickets go live, an outfit mood board is a must for all Swifties. And as they say, any attire is incomplete with sunglasses. So, our Taylor Swift sunglasses curated by a die-hard Swiftie are all you need to prepare for the ‘Big Day!’

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