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Father’s Day Gifting Ideas for 2023

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas for 2023

“A father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” - Susan Gale

With Father’s Day just around the corner (18th June), it is time to pull up your socks and plan an itinerary to claim the prize of the ‘best son/daughter in the world.’ Jokes apart, dads light up the world, act as a guiding light, and offer infinite support, without ever uttering a sigh. Their silent sacrifices, pure love, and goofy quirks transform a house into a ‘home,’ and bind the family together.

As Father’s Day is just round the block, the time has never been more right to celebrate their indomitable spirit and formidable affection. But, when it comes to choosing the best Father’s Day gift, we are all left scratching our heads! The million dollar question is - ‘what do dads like?’ At first glance, father’s always seem to have or own everything they already need. But, fret not, the Specscart Team has curated some stylish yet practical gift options for fathers, who inspire us, protect us, and make the world a better place to live in!

Top 5 Best Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

1. Smartwatch: For Fathers Who are Ahead of Their Times

Smartwatch for Father's Day Gift

For father’s who break stereotypes, shatter the glass ceiling, and pave a path, so that their progeny can follow their passions and live their dreams, what would be a better gift than a smartwatch! They are ‘ahead of their times,’ but often forget to upgrade the one accessory through which they view time - a watch.

Nowadays, smartwatches are equipped with a range of essential features, such as calorie, heartbeat, and blood pressure tracking, reminders, messaging apps, and so forth. So, a smartwatch, is indeed, a thoughtful, impressive, and useful Father’s Day gift for 2023!

2. Sunglasses: For Outdoorsy Dads with a Knack for Socialising

For the happy-go-lucky dad who never fails to make people, and is always looking to bask under the sun and enjoy wholesome family picnics, what can be a better gift than sunglasses? The quintessential ‘Daddy Cool,’ needs a funky pair of shades, which will bring out his exuberant personality and contagious charm. For the best father’s day gifts with sunglasses, Specscart has got you covered!

Equipped with UV400 lenses, and coated with the very high-tech Anti reflective UV X-PRO, the GLAZEBURRY 4-S3 in blue-tinted lenses are the best sunglasses-based Father’s Day gift. These super stylish sunnies are sure to make your dad smile wide, and venture out in suave and flair for the summer barbeque sessions, and fishing trips with ‘the boys!’

3. A Vegan Leather Wallet: For Fathers Who Love to Splurge

Purse for father's day gift

Have you always been ‘daddy's little princess/knight,’ who was spoiled rotten with choices during childhood? If yes, then what is a better gift than a crisp, and sophisticated wallet for the father who loves to splurge! Of course, your dad might already have a wallet? But, who does not need an upgrade? You can opt for a sleek and slim wallet, which are not at all bulky and have a feather-like feel.

4. A Vegan Leather Sunglasses Case: For the Goofy Dads with Butterfingers

For the typical father who is forgetful and clumsy, but yet equally charming and goofy, we have the best gift idea sorted. Opt for a sleek, handy, and sustainable vegan leather pouch, and ensure that your dad never forgets his glasses. The gift is practical and yet ingenuine, and is something that every father will surely prefer!

At Specscart, we have designed high-quality glasses and sunglasses pouches from vegan leather. They are scratch-resistant, sturdy, and equally stylish, and will be a boon for dads with butterfingers and a streak for goofing things up!

5. A Sleek Tie: For the Perfectionist Fathers

For dads who have everything in place, know what they want, and are renowned for having their things sorted, a crisp and stylish tie will be the best Father’s Day gift. Of course, the perfectionist dad already has a collection of ties, but they welcome any addition with open arms.

For 2023, consider more modern and trendy tie options. In 2023, knit ties, and textured ties are everywhere. Colours like navy, cobalt blue, and burgundy are also quite the rage. So, impress your ‘perfectionist’ father by choosing a ‘head-turning’ tie!

Wrapping It Up

The love and affection for fathers should continue all through the year. Father’s Day is just a dedicated day to make them feel extra special. Along with a material or tangible Father’s Day gift, do not forget to present something heartwarming, such as a letter, poem, or a collage of memories to your dad, as these are the most cherished gifts with the greatest emotional value! So, here is to the best dads in the world, who make a sea of difference with their presence, endearment, and support!

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