Are Varifocal Glasses Easy To Get Used To?

Jennifer John

Published on January 6, 2020, 10:02 am

Are Varifocal Glasses Easy To Get Used To?

Varifocal glasses or the progressive glasses are an advanced version of Bifocal glasses but without any visible partition in the lens. Buy varifocal glasses of your choice and enjoy the corrected vision of both distance and close by, and save yourself from the hassle of switching between two glasses i.e. distance and reading glasses. Because varifocal is a combination of both distance as well as reading glasses.

Three different zones of Varifocal glasses lenses

Varifocal glasses contains three visibility zones that are dedicated to a particular part or area of the lens. The upper part of the top zone of the varifocal glass lens helps in viewing the corrected distance vision. Whereas the lower part or zone of the glasses are meant to correct the near vision, say, an arm’s length distance. While the middle part of the mid-zone of the lenses provides a vision of middle distance. 

Three different zones of Varifocal lenses

Difficulties faced by Varifocal glasses user

All said and done, the varifocal glasses appear to be a little tricky and the user could find it difficult to get accustomed to the new glasses. The common problem associated with the varifocal glasses is the complication in focusing on the object from different zones of the glass lenses. Eyes and brain take some time to get adjusted to the different refractive zones of the glass lenses. Thus, rolling your eyeballs from one zone to another may make the vision appear a bit distorted. Besides, there can be a slight alteration of peripheral vision around the edges of the frame. This may require more movement or tilting of the head and eye-movement.

Difficulties faced by Varifocal glasses user

Initially, the user of Varifocal glasses may experience trouble while climbing stairs, walking on the road, stepping up and down the footpath. However, with the passage of time, the user will overcome as he will get habitual to it.

Getting habitual to Varifocal glasses frame

Although getting used to Varifocal glasses may require some time and regular usage. In any case, the user will take around two days to two weeks to get familiar with the varifocal glasses. The three different refractive zones may cause appear strange in the beginning, however slowly and gradually, the user will come to realise how to focus from the various sections of the varifocal glasses frame.

Getting habitual to Varifocal glasses frame

Guide to adjust with the varifocal glasses prescription

Consulting with the optician will be a great help to adjust with your new pair of varifocal glasses. For crafting your varifocal glass lenses, the optician will take a note of the viewing habits, fitting measurements, pupil distance, focal point, etc. 

Guide to adjust with the varifocal glasses prescription

However, to become an expert user of the Varifocal glasses prescription, the following tips and guidelines can help you in adjusting comfortably:

  • Wear your new varifocal glasses regularly from morning till the entire day.  Do not skip or avoid wearing your new glasses. As much as you will wear it, you will become comfortable with it.
  • Do not switch between old glasses (without varifocal lenses) and new varifocal glasses. Discard your old glasses and only wear the new pair. Give ample time for your eyes to get accustomed to the varifocal lenses.
  • Instead of moving your eyes to focus on the object, make more movement of your head to view objects clearly. This applies while climbing stairs, walking on the road, reading etc. For instance, while reading or viewing objects that are close by, move your chin up and view downward. At the time of climbing or walking, move the head towards downstairs and focus on the road or stairs till you get used to it.
  • First time user of the varifocal glasses may need some time and regular usage to get used to the varifocal glasses.

Even after following the above tips and tricks, if you fail to get used to the varifocal glasses or are unable to focus and view clearly; then it is recommended to visit and consult the optician once.  There might be a little frame adjustment that needs to be done or maybe fix the focal point of the lenses.

In any case, do now worry much regarding getting used to the varifocal glasses as the success rate of varifocal glasses is pretty high, that is around 98%. Thus, enjoy your varifocal glasses with the benefit of both distance and reading glasses.

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