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Are Varifocal Glasses Easy To Get Used To?

Are Varifocal Glasses Easy To Get Used To?

Varifocal glasses are advanced versions of bifocal glasses. Also known as progressive glasses, varifocals don’t have any visible partition in the lens. They offer a gradual change in the overall lens strength right from top to bottom. Since there are no dividing lines, these varifocals look visually appealing. Also, you no longer need to buy multiple pairs for different purposes.

However, individuals using varifocals often deal with a few problems in the initial stage. Though these concerns are absolutely normal, you need to learn some tips to combat them. For more details, check out this blog. Also, you can watch this video and gain an understanding of varifocals in a simpler and better way. Let’s dig deeper!

What Are the 3 Positions of a Varifocal Lens?

Take a look at the 3 positions of varifocals: >
  • Top: Use the top portion of your lens to look at distant objects
  • Bottom: The bottom portion of your varifocal lenses is used for reading purposes
  • Middle: The middle portion of the lens allows you to look through both areas of viewing

Three different zones of Varifocal lenses

All you need to do is get accustomed to these varifocal lenses and that’s it. After a certain point in time, these positions will feel absolutely natural.

What Are the Common Problems with These Varifocal Glasses?

Listing down the common problems with these varifocal glasses:
  • In the initial stage, you might face difficulties while focusing on different objects.
  • Losing focus results in dizziness and headaches. Since activities such as climbing stairs require both distance and near focus, the quick changes might give you a headache.
  • Rolling your eyeballs from one zone to another may make the vision appear a bit distorted.
  • There can be a slight alteration of peripheral vision around the edges of the frame. This may require more movement or tilting of the head and eye movement.
  • Nausea is another common issue that several people face after switching to varifocal glasses.

Difficulties faced by Varifocal glasses user

How Much Time Does It Take to Get Used to Varifocals?

This factor depends from person to person. While some people need a few days, others require two weeks to adjust to these new glasses. Your brain’s visual centre needs time so that it can adapt to improved visual conditions. Ensure to wear your varifocals regularly- it will allow your eyes to get used to them.

Getting habitual to Varifocal glasses frame

However, if you struggle for quite a long time, contact your optician and seek professional assistance from them. They will either walk you through the process once again or make some frame adjustments.

Tips to Adjust Your Varifocal Glasses

Guide to adjust with the varifocal glasses prescription

If you want to become an expert user of the varifocal glasses prescription, the following guidelines and tips can help you in adjusting properly:

Make sure to wear your varifocal glasses throughout the day. Don’t avoid or skip wearing them.

  • Don’t switch between your new and old varifocal glasses.
  • Make frequent head movements instead of moving your eyes while focusing on different objects. For instance, while reading or viewing objects that are close by, move your chin up and view downward. At the time of climbing or walking, move the head towards downstairs and focus on the road or stairs till you get used to it.
  • Seek professional help from the experts. You can also speak to your relatives and friends and see how they dealt with the situation.
  • First-time users might need some time to get used to these varifocal glasses.
  • According to statistics, it is quite evident that nearly 98% of the individuals wearing varifocal glasses are able to adjust with ease. What are you waiting for? Contact us and ensure your peace of mind.

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