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Do reading glasses weaken your eyes?

Do reading glasses weaken your eyes?

The need for reading glasses gradually starts when one reaches in the mid-40s. And a common fear of wearing glasses irritates many. People start thinking that reading eyeglasses will weaken their eyes. But understanding Presbyopia, a common eye problem is necessary for all. So, you need to feel why you need spectacles and understand how technology advancements are a great help. Keep up with the good spirits and let your mind totally absorb the fact that reading frames are not at all going to weaken your eyes.

Do you know what is presbyopia?

An eye problem that generally occurs in the mid 40 age group. When our eyes start losing the ability to focus on things situated near to them. This is because the eye lens becomes less flexible with the passage of time. The eye lens changes its shape when it focuses on the near and far situated object. When a person feels difficulty in seeing the nearby things and holds them a little away from the normal reading distance then he/she is experiencing Presbyopia. Like the way you and your whole body is ageing the same process goes for your eye lens. The eye lens becomes less flexible and this is when reading glasses come into the picture.

Imagine a scenario where you feel stuck. Why? As the images are getting a little blurry when you see the screen of your smartphone, reading some books, or a recipe of your interest. But while focusing on them you need to put an extra effort. Move the objects far. This is going to work only for some time. So who is going to rescue you? Spectacles, yes a pair of glasses. Hasn’t it helped so many already?   

Some myths related to reading eyeglasses 

  • You think that spectacles are going to harm your eyes- It is a myth that eyeglasses are bringing bad to your vision. Initially, you take time while adjusting with a new pair of glasses. Often people do a common mistake. They focus on the far situated objects with their reading glasses and when people try to focus on these far situated objects without glasses they lose the focus. And blame the reading pairs.

  • Doing some eye exercises help- Yes, a little help. But in the long run, your prescription glasses only can help you. As the ciliary muscles weaken with time and to ease their work a pair of glasses is the only solution.

  • You blame your glasses for weakening vision: With the passage of time. Age-related problems are a common issue. So goes with the vision. With age, the lens of the eye thickens and this leads to increased power.

How to help your eyes and prevent eye weakening?

Get your eyes tested and keep a track of your eye health. We know that the NHS gives free eye test once in two years. So you can come to Specscart redeem your NHS free eye test. But what we believe is that you should get your eyes tested more often and offer free eye tests to all at our stores in Bury and Walkden.

So keep your peepers healthy. And say goodbye to those squinting eyes. To those days where you used to hold the objects a little away from the reading distances to see clearly.

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