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Can Eyeglasses Cause Irritation Around Your Nose?

Can Eyeglasses Cause Irritation Around Your Nose?

Eyeglasses are functional and fashionable accessories that make sure to correct our vision while making us look stylish to the core. Don them with confidence and look at the world with maximised clarity and clear vision- enjoy the vibrant colours as you embark on the journey of a visual adventure.

However, in no time, you might get subjected to the infamous nose irritation that is mainly caused due to glasses. A harsh reality, but these eyewear pieces can actually pave the way toward spoiling your entire look and day. If you are wondering whether glasses leave red marks on the nose, well, it does!

While ditching these glasses is never an option (they are a mode of vision correction and an incredible statement-making piece), you need to look for ways to keep skin and nose irritation right at bay. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons behind red marks on the nose from glasses- don’t worry, we are here to provide the ultimate solution as well. Stay tuned with us till the very end and we promise to clear your queries by the end of this blog. Let’s dig deeper without any further ado.

What Are Some of the Signs of Skin Irritation on Your Nose from Eyeglasses?

Skin Irritation on Your Nose from Eyeglasses

Signs of nose irritation that take place due to glasses are quite visible to our naked eyes. They typically include:

  • Itchiness
  • Blisters on your skin
  • Indentations on your skin
  • Whiteheads or blackheads
  • Cysts or raised bumps under your skin
  • These signs can appear behind the ears, on your nose or even on the cheeks (given the glasses are too oversized).

What Are Some of the Causes that Result in Skin Irritation on Your Nose?

Red splotches, allergies and itchy skin are common when wearing eyeglasses. Below, we will mention some of the reasons that leave red spots on nose glasses and cause irritation. Keep reading:

  • Oil and Dirt
  • If you are one of the prescription glass wearers, chances are high that you need to wear your glasses most of the time. This can lead to the accumulation of oil and dirt between the frames and your skin. If you don’t focus on taking care of both your glasses and skin, the presence of oil and dirt will eventually convert into whiteheads, blackheads and painful cystic acne. Exposing you to unwanted annoyance will result in frequent breakouts and displeasure. If we talk about some rare cases, untreated skin conditions can accelerate the chances of causing acanthoma fissuratum- a hard nodule under your skin!

  • Friction
  • Glasses with a loose fit cause redness around your nose, and it can pose threats of indentations as well. If you have skin conditions such as eczema or sensitive skin, it can lay the foundations for bigger problems. Skin textures that are bothered by outdoor elements get prone to redness around the nose. Rough and harsh winter months can make you feel agitated by turning your skin into a chapped and dry one.

  • Allergies
  • Allergies

    Glasses are curated with different kinds of materials that often trigger allergic reactions on your skin. While metal frames like titanium are hypoallergenic, some plastic frames can seriously cause damage to your skin. Also, the accumulation of dust, dirt and debris leads to allergies, thus making you feel more irritated and disturbed.

  • Heavy Glasses
  • Heavy glasses are definitely a pain to don- they will make you feel uncomfortable while basking in the sun. Since some weigh more than other pairs, they result in indentations and pain.

What Are the Ways to Avoid Pain Around Your Nose?

Ways to Avoid Pain Around Your Nose

While dealing with these kinds of irritation can be really problematic, you can always ditch the itch by following these interventions and remedies:

  • Take Care of Your Skin
  • Apart from keeping your face condition absolutely intact and perfect, make sure to moisturise your skin on a regular basis. For dry skin, you can rely on a good quality face lotion, thus making it smooth and resilient. Also, apply some lip balm in different areas of your skin- they are indeed a protective barrier that keeps skin damage at bay.

  • Clean Your Eyeglasses Quite Often
  • Buying eyeglasses isn’t enough at all- you need to maintain and retain them in their original state. Since a little oil and dirt can expose you to major skin troubles, cleaning your glasses daily is always a great idea. All you need to do is use a cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth to clean your pairs- that’s it. Don’t use hard materials and sponges while removing dirt from your glasses- it can leave scratches and marks. Wiping them twice a day will be enough- at least once a day is mandatory.

  • Opt for a Lightweight Pair
  • Opt for a Lightweight Pair

    If you feel your glasses are way too heavy to carry, opt for a lightweight pair and you will be good to go. It will relieve you from extra pressure and help you combat skin irritations on your nose. For instance, you can get your hands on our acetate pairs since they are light like a feather. Order a free glasses home trial, try out the glasses and invest in the one that meets your needs and requirements.

    Do you have heavy and thick lenses? Well, you can always wear high-index lenses since they are thinner in nature and offer the same level of vision correction.

  • Buy Glasses that Fit Properly
  • Again, too loose or too tight glasses are a big NO! You need to shop for best-fit glasses and own them like a boss. Gone are the days when your glasses used to be one of the major reasons behind stirring up several skin problems. With us, you can ensure peace of mind and purchase pairs that are immensely reasonable and affordable.

  • Experiment with Different Materials
  • If the glasses' materials are responsible for causing skin concerns, you can experiment with different materials and observe which one works best for you. For instance, if you are currently using metal frames, you can switch to plastic glasses and vice versa. For best results, get titanium glasses since they are totally hypoallergenic.

  • Get in Touch with a Dermatologist
  • If nothing works at all, contact a dermatologist and they will help you with the best kinds of solutions. Thanks to their years of experience, these professionals will be able to guide you through thick and thin.

    The toxic relationship between eyeglasses and skin irritation can be taken care of- you simply need to be extra careful and invest in the right place- that’s all! What are you waiting for? Flaunt your stylish eyeglasses with utmost ease and the least problems.

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