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Can I wear polarised Sunglasses at night?

Can I wear polarised Sunglasses at night?

There’s a lot of people out there that have immense trouble with glare from the vehicles, headlights and well-lit billboards whilst driving at night. Driving at night itself is a bothering term of action because driving requires accurate clarity of vision. While many try to drive at night because of darkness and glare emission, others are stuck with no other options than needing a preventive measure to safeguard their eyes.

Night driving is mostly triggering to your eyes and affects many parts of the vision. It set off your depth perception, peripheral vision, colour recognition, clarity of distinguishing and many more. However, glare is one of the biggest enemies of night drivers, there’s no escape from them whilst there trying to concentrate on the road. Glares hit them from side, front and behind which causes stress and headache. However polarised sunglasses are known for reducing these adverse effects and offer a free-glare driving experience. Let’s dig into weight the advantages and uses of polarised sunglasses towards safe night driving.

How does glare hit you while driving?

Glare can hit your eye if you look directly at the traffic light or light emitted from the numerous vehicles park or driving in front of you.

How does glare hit you while driving?

You experience reflected glare by the reflection of light from a highly reflective surface like the headlights, billboards, fluorescent light in the streets.

Glare attacks your eyes on you experiencing clarity fading out from your eyes while feeling several physical discomforts.

What are Polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses are solely created to eradicate the active transmission of harmful glare into your eyes. Glare is not only responsible for causing various visual discomfort but it also can lead to temporary blindness. Polarised lenses help to refract or block out scattering light which is bounced off from polished surfaces and is about to hit your eyes.

what are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses are coated with special chemicals which are magnificently perfect in filtering light. The chemical molecules in the lenses are constructed to block out unwanted sets of light while letting good light pass through the lenses to visualise.

The polarisation filter on the lenses works by creating a vertical opening for passing the light. The vertical pass can only allow the good light in while blocking out the horizontal light from the surrounding area.

The images formed by looking through polarised lenses are crisper and clearer to look at even at night. People with polarised sunglasses have seen significant improvement in their vision and often feel less exhausted even after long hours of continuous driving, day or night.

Who uses polarised lenses?

People who spend most of their time outdoors utilise the benefits of polarised sunglasses. Most people use polarised lenses for night driving as it helps to improve their vision impressively while cutting out the glares and reflection from their way. If you are also someone who stays outdoors for a stretched amount of hours, doing any activity which requires accurate concentration and clarity of vision, then polarised sunglasses are the right solution for you.

Who uses polarised lenses

Advantages of Polarised sunglasses whilst driving at night.

  • Clarity of Vision
  • Increases rate of contrast
  • Reduced Colour Distortion
  • An increased amount of good light
  • Block out of the unwanted glare
  • High reduction of reflection and hues
  • Diminished eyestrain and headache

Get a safer alternative for night driving?

Now that you know, polarised sunglasses are excellent for night driving, you can get them immediately. Get rid of the constant pain you experience while travelling home from work late at night.

Get a safer alternative for night driving?

Tiredness and exhaustion at the end of the night with additional eye strain caused by sunglasses can be made bearable with polarised lenses. Specscart offers its sunglasses with free fully loaded coatings of anti-UV and anti-scratch and impact resistance. In addition to that, all the lenses are polarised to ensure you get crystal clear vision while showing off your fashion statement.

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