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Is it illegal to wear sunglasses at night driving?

Is it illegal to wear sunglasses at night driving?

Driving at night or day comes with great responsibility and safety measures. The joy of driving late at night is a mesmerising experience for most of us. Many have to return from work to home by driving late at night while others visit clubs and bars to enjoy some time with friends. Whatever your reason might be, night driving is an action of cautiousness and strict measures to ensure the safety of the passenger. One of the biggest threats to night driving occurs because of extreme light and glare emitted from the headlights and vehicles.

Lights and unwanted glare emission is extremely hazardous to the health of the eye but while night driving the problem is more than just that. Driving at night requires vision equity, clarity and sharpness which is often disrupted by glares and fluorescent light rays. Many wear night driving glasses aka sunglasses with anti-reflective coating to ensure the blocking of glare. Use of sunglasses while driving helps significantly towards rendering clarity of vision.

It not only improves your driving and most importantly blocks out rays that cause problems in the eyes. However, the use of sunglasses with tints can interfere with seeing objects clearly in darkness. Read on to find how sunglasses benefit night driving but with certain exceptions and features added, you can make them safe to wear.

Why is night driving dangerous?

Night driving is quite dangerous for your eyes and well beings. The harmful glare, hues and reflection from headlights cause quite a risk in your eyes. At night, when everything is dark, your depth perception, peripheral vision and colour recognition are severely disrupted. In many cases, the continuous emission of glare from the surrounding can even turn you blind.

Why is night driving dangerous

If by any change, you are enjoying the night coolness by putting your windows down, dry winds and other dirt material can cause additional damage to your concentration. Night driving for many is a perforce task as many return from work, clubs, or some classes and are extremely tired. Driving late with a shortage of clarity and physical weakness is not something we must challenge as it can turn to be an unfortunate accident. Night driving for new drivers is not even an option, new drivers shouldn’t be driving out in the night as they’ve got very few amounts of experience.

How to improve your vision while driving?

Use Sunglasses with protective coating: Clean your sunglasses lenses properly before wearing them. Use sunglasses lenses with a light tint like grey to ensure maximum clarity.

Check your Headlights: The lights should be turned just when the sun starts to set, don’t wait for the time of need. Make sure it is free from dust and dirt.

Maintains perfect cleaning of Windshield: Dirt from in and out can lead to serious vision problems hence their maintenance is extremely advisable. It can steam up from inside in winter seasons and the car heaters can also project dirty air on the glass by blowing at it.

Wear Prescription glasses if you have vision problems: Even if you sense any visual trouble, tell your friends with 20/20 vision to drive you for a comprehensive eye test. Wear your eyeglasses prescription that is updated or wear prescription sunglasses to avoid any if’s and but's.

How can sunglasses help with driving?

Sunglasses help with driving to a higher degree and prove extremely helpful from the attack of glare and harmful rays. Sunglasses with an essential coating like anti-UV and polarised lenses help to block out sun harmful Ultraviolet exposure. While the polarised glare blackout the glare from surrounding areas to ensure vision enhancement and more real image. It works efficiently towards eradicating artificial and natural light from all different sources. It also works powerfully towards a great wind barrier. It retains the moisture in your eyes and does not let them get dry and irritating to suffer while your eyes stay healthy and comfortable for the complete drive ahead. Your sunglasses must contain high UV protection from both UV-A and UV-B.

How can sunglasses help with driving

Sunglasses at Specscart are fully decked with polarization, anti-reflective coating and UV 400 X-PRO coating that you don’t need to ask about. These coatings ensure maximum clarity, less strain level and free from inconvenient glare and reflection.

Is it illegal to wear sunglasses at night driving?

No! It is not illegal to wear sunglasses whilst driving at night. It is not advised or recommended as well because your vision properly remains completely clear.

Is it illegal to wear sunglasses at night driving

However glares, hues and reflection causes severe trouble in the eye if they are kept without any protective wear. The optometrist recommended that sunglasses can help with improving vision whilst night driving but with careful measures while buying them. Don’t go for dark shaded shades, use light tints without compromising the vision.

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