Are polarized glasses worth it, What makes them an ideal Investment?

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Published on May 13, 2020, 11:29 am

Are polarized glasses worth it, What makes them an ideal Investment?

Polarised glasses are becoming the new trend of 2020. Though the name got its fame just now, these glasses have been proving extremely great for the eye from decades. It was immensely popular among boaters and anglers for several years, however, it recently catched it fame among common people. It’s known for reducing glare, reflection and hues from the surrounding area hence giving complete clarity of vision.

However many have doubts and confusion about its operation. Does it really work? Is it worth the investment? And many other questions like this prompted us to make you understand the truth behind these lenses. Many people ask if they really need polarised coating on their glasses and if the claim behind the working of these lenses is true, are they affordable? Read on to find out their worth, working and if it's worth the investment or not. At Specscart, we offer glasses with fully embedded free coated polarised lenses, so that you don’t break your bank paying hundreds of pounds on the internet.

What are Polarised Glasses?

Polarised glasses are significantly the need of the hour, with summer season starting hence it means travelling and trekking all around the place. Polarised glasses come in with great help with addition to being an admirable piece of fashion accessory.

What are Polarised Glasses

Think of polarised glasses as nothing other than ordinary, polarisation is an added coating on your prescription and non-prescription glasses to ensure you get vision free from unwanted light rays falling onto your eyes. In the hot summer or cold winter, you’ll see the surrounding atmosphere filled with reflected light. These light rays are detrimental to our eye health causing us several physical discomfort while altering the clarity of vision. With the reflected rays hitting your eyes around, you experience hazy images and visuals that are not completely clearer or accurate.

That can lead to problems while driving or performing any activity which needs heavy concentration.

That’s where polarised glasses come to your rescue. These lenses reflect or block out the incoming reflected light rays. That ultimately offers you a clearer and accurate image while diminishing eye strain. With these glasses, you can walk in a room full of light and still be able to get high definition vision.

Why are polarised glasses worth the investment?

The point of wearing glasses is to render vision that’s clear and accurate and if your lenses can’t provide those features then get rid of them. Polarised lenses are beneficial towards enhancing your vision and eliminate unwanted environmental factors like glare, reflection and hues that trigger your vision and health of the eye.

If you are wondering why you would want polarised glasses then we advise you to give it a try and see the improvement caused by it. If you are someone who loves staying outdoors, or are maximum hours outdoors, chilling with your friends, basking in the sun, spending a lot of time on the road, golf course or surfing, then polarised glasses are a gem of an investment. Glare from these horizontal areas are mostly annoying to your eyes and you have to squint to see it properly. These irritating reflected rays getting reflected from water bodies or snow make the view quite blurry and not clear enough to concentrate and enjoy it. With the help of polarised glasses, your eyes remain shelters and get the best of the scenery.

These glasses also save you from triggering many sets of visual elements like depth perception, distortion in peripheral vision and some time leading into temporary blindness. If you are an athlete, you won’t hesitate or judge choices about making the right decision or even if you are not an athlete, sun rays are detrimental and scarring to our vision. Many retailers ask for quite a large sum of money for these coatings, however, at Specscart, we offer it for free. Our glasses are fully loaded with polarised lenses accompanied with coatings such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance.

What's the difference between polarised lenses vs non-polarised lenses?

Non-polarised Lenses: Non-polarised lenses are quite ordinary, and they offer nothing other than tints and aesthetic features. They offer mostly reducing the UV rays coming towards your eyes, not the glare that alters the vision clarity. Many people use dark tinted non-polarised lenses to eliminate glare however it doesn’t work any good. non-polarised lenses will offer maximum sun protection but with glare, they don't create any massive change, You'll get distorted and vision filled with reflection and hues.


Polarised lenses: It blocks out reflected light rays to offer you a higher degree of eye protection accompanied by beautiful design. It focuses equally on the aesthetic region and the protective reason. Since our eyes don't contain any melanin, they are very sensitive to sunlight, and its exposure caused the pupil to dilate and let in many unwanted rays. However, polarised lenses are designed to let in only vertical light that’s good for the vision while eradicating horizontal rays.

Benefits of wearing polarised glasses

No more Eye fatigue: Polarised lenses are phenomenal in eliminating eye strain that is mostly caused by reflected rays. Most of the time, many people in active sunlight or while driving at night, they’ll experience eye strain and fatigue in their eyes which create a challenge to do their activity. Polarised lenses help to actively fight it out and reduce the chances of migraine.

Reduced Headache: These polarised lenses ease-out strain by removing the maximum amount of rays entering your eyes. Glares are mostly annoying and instantly triggering to your eyes which causes unbearable headache due to light sensitivity. With the help of polarised lenses, their elimination of glare is up to 99.9%, aid to overcome any harsh physical discomfort.

Enhanced Visual Clarity: Along with high protection from glare, hues and reflected rays, polarised lenses are known for significantly improving visual clarity. These lenses promote enhanced clarity of vision and high contrast which offers a realistic and beautiful visual to enjoy. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of scenery and your mental being improves with the visuals which create a mood-boosting atmosphere.

digital digital-eye-strain-glasses

By now you would know how polarised glasses can help you in everyday life. If you want to learn about how to prevent eye strain, read about digital eye strain glasses.

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