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Are Polarized lenses bad for your eyes?

Are Polarized lenses bad for your eyes?

Polarised lenses just become a flag-bearer of clearer vision that’s free from every unwanted and irritating reflected light ray. For many people, UV rays matter the most because of its harmful effects we’ve got to experience within a few years. People tend to neglect the effects of glare, reflected rays and hues we experience while stepping outdoors.

The problem doesn’t lie in just being inconsiderate about things in life, it's human nature to take something not too seriously. However due to less awareness and information spread out in the public, people are unknown about the effects of these damaging rays.

The need for a protective coating

Almost 3 million people in the world go blind or experience any major eye disease that’s mostly caused by the exposure of reflected rays. When people got acknowledged about UV rays exposure and its cancerous effect on the skin and eyes, we started to keep a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen in our bags. However, sunglasses with their claim of offering UV protection is still not enough to keep you safe from not developing any major eye disease.

The need for a protective coating

Hence with research, polarised lenses were regulated. Polarised lenses offer a significant amount of change in the vision standard and also eradicate various visual problems. With the solution and mass-use come’s doubts and confusion. Many people prefer sunglasses with UV coating, others prefer sunglasses with polarisation. There’s quite a debate on the internet for selecting any one type of coating of your preference. However, you don’t need only one coating because one can’t save from different rays and reflections you meet outdoors. You need both the coating for keeping your eyes safe and healthy.

Difference between UV lenses and polarized lenses?

UV Lenses: As we all know, the sun’s exposure to ultraviolet rays causes an extensive range of eye damage such as cataract, macular degeneration, pinguecula and others. Sun UV rays are not only directly harmful if you absorb them but the reflected rays from buildings and other polished surfaces bring equal threat to your eyes.

Difference between UV lenses and polarized lenses

UV lenses are designed to block the oncoming rays entering your eyes while reducing the chances of developing any live threatening eye disease. UV lenses block harmful rays, blue light rays and reduce the brightness caused by the light making you feel comfortable while opening it when you are outdoors.

Polarised lenses:

Apart from UV rays, the world of vision also contains unwanted glare, reflection and hues that constantly cause distraction. These rays cause constant physical discomfort like eye strain, headache, loss of visual acuity and if it continues for longer days, it leads to temporary vision loss. Without a filter of a polarised lens, your vision suffers from a grave alteration in peripheral vision, clarity, contrast and depth perception.

Polarised lenses are equipped with a specially designed film coating that works toward reducing glare from all angles and brings you a vision with perfected clarity and precision. With the help of these lenses, the scenery or visualization around you get enhanced and you picture images free of all distraction and distortion.

Conclusion: The UV protection helps to safeguard your eyes from harmful sun UV rays. While the polarised lenses help to eradicate glare that ultimately contributes towards an enhanced vision and eye health. Uv protection is as crucial as having polarised protection as both of them contribute towards a healthy and benefitting visualisation. Both these coatings function similar and work towards maintaining a perfect state of the eye but by offering different benefits. Why compromise with one, when you require the help of both.

At Specscart, we work towards giving you more options and eliminating confusion. With us, you don’t need to worry about the investment or be sceptical about making a convenient choice. As we offer fully loaded lenses with every essential coating that support good eye health. Our sunglasses are fully decked with polarised lenses, anti-reflective coating and UV 400 X-PRO.

Polarised lenses: What and Why?

As mentioned above, polarized lenses are a coating that allows good light to pass while blocking out the harmful glare. Polarisation gives you increased acuity in your vision on any bright or dim day with the eradication of reflection. Polarised lenses work by neutralizing or blocking glare that’s reflected from horizontal areas like water or shiny, light-coloured objects. Polarised lenses are designed with a strong protective layer that contains a vertical light to filter and remove the horizontal light passing in your eyes.

Polarised lenses: What and Why

Earlier, the glare and reflection create a large sum of interference with sharpness and focus on the vision. However, the filter use reduced up to 99.9% of glare and other rays you hate to experience. The polarised coating is not only good-to -have on your sunglasses but a must- to have. With polarised lenses, you can enjoy every outdoor activity with perfection concentration and squinting of the eye. Outdoor activities like water sports, fishing, scenery photography, driving, trekking, snowboarding and many others are fun to enjoy. You won’t need a heavy or gigantic protective eyewear but just your usual glasses and you’re done for

What are the benefits of polarised lenses?

Favourable for every Outdoor activity: Now you don’t have any eye-related excuse from going on a fun sports event or snowboarding, apart from being an introvert. Set your foot and put on your sunglasses (with polarised lenses) and you’re all done.

Reduced risk of Vision Problems: Polarised lenses are not a preference but a necessity for your vision and health of the eye. Glare and reflected rays contribute towards severe eye problems including cataract and age-related macular degeneration. However, with the help of polarised lenses, stay free from all sorts of risk and complication in the eye.

Enhanced Visuals: With the presence of continuous glare transmission around your surrounding, you always get a picture with reflection rays and glares. However, with polarised lenses, there's strengthening in your depth perception, colour perception and distorted view. You experience a cleaner and clearer visual of surroundings which you’ve never experienced.

What are the benefits of polarised lenses

Are Polarised lenses bad for your eyes?

No! Polarised lenses are not at all bad for your eyes but immensely helpful and protective towards your eyes. Polarised lenses eliminate glare, hues and other reflected rays from your surrounding which decreases the risk of developing any major visual problem. It renders a perfect and clearer vision that’s accurate and will help you see better outside in the sunny atmosphere.

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