Perk up like Captain America with Chris Evans Glasses


Published on June 13, 2020, 4:05 pm

Perk up like Captain America with Chris Evans Glasses

Marvel fans love Chris Evans glasses, owing to their love for Captain America aka Chris Evans, the American actor. From rounds to rectangles when it comes to styles and gunmetal to yellow when it comes to colours, the Marvel actor has donned various kinds of eyewear in his movies and real life.

Whether you are a Chris Evans fan or Marvel fan you ought to love these glasses. After all, they express the traits of Captain America and the cool heartthrob Evans. So, get ready as we take you on a ride to the best pieces of Chris Evans glasses collection. These include eyeglasses and sunglasses, that too, in several shapes and styles. All set? Here we go!

Captain America - The Winter Soldier Glasses

Steve Rogers, the character played by Chris Evans in the movie is a superhero (Captain America) trying to become a part of the normal world as the film begins. And his rectangular style glasses help him do so with their vintage appeal that people love to don.

The pair in dark grey helps portray the modesty that is a character trait of Captain America. The man is the apt leader who loves praising his team while downplaying his own work. The colour grey stands for reliability, plus, cool and composed nature. That’s exactly how you can describe Steve Rogers too. He always stands for the right thing in the Marvel movies. Also, you will never find him dancing with excitement after the wins. This speaks of his calm nature.

Do we have a pair of you to style like Steve Rogers? Yes, we do. Specscart brings you a similar set that can help you express your fondness for the actor. We call it SAM. The frames are in rectangle and made in high-quality acetate to ensure they stay durable to be used day after day. After all, a true Captain America fan would love flaunting the spectacles every day. Also, because the pair is a classic, it suits anyone. Whether you have a round face shape or oval, love colourful outfits or the solemn ones, the glasses ought to make you look flattering. They look great whether you are up for an interview or onto saving the world with Steve Rogers’ traits.

rectangular black frame glasses for round face

The Round and The Aviators in Playing It Cool

A rom-com, Playing It Cool, is one in which the screenwriter (Chris Evans) who has never written a romantic story needs to write one. The character wears a pair of glasses and sunglasses in some parts of the movie while struggling to write his story. Although, eventually he does find inspiration by falling in love with a girl who's already engaged. And since he isn’t aware of it, the movie becomes far more interesting. Yet, the critics called it a film that was not at par and not fit for Chris Evans.

Coming back to his eyewear, Chris Evans could be seen wearing tortoiseshell round glasses and Aviator sunglasses.

Like every other set, we, at Specscart have these pairs for you as well. The tortoiseshell in the round is what we call WARFORD. It is made in high-grade and long-lasting acetate for you to play it cool as often as you like.

havana tortoiseshell handmade acetate glasses

Whether you wear it to a library or a restaurant while writing your own love story, the frames are bound to make you look appealing. Yes, they suit all occasions - formal or casual and can be donned by anyone with face shapes square, oval or heart. So, whoever you are, you are going to rock your look with them.

Another pair he dons are Aviator sunglasses in the square shape. We have a similar pair in the collection which we call MARIO. Although it doesn’t have the gold rims as his pair did, MARIO sports the gunmetal grey that compliments every event or outfit you own.

mario gunmetal sunglasses

Its top bar, the frame front and temples, made in super strong metal make the pair durable enough to last as long as you desire. The super comfy nose pads also ensure to give off their support while you flaunt your fancy for the star. The polarised sunglasses make it easy for you to protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun while you empower your appeal with them on. Thus, you get a pair of sunglasses that’s overqualified just like Chris Evans is.

The Rectangular Wireframe Glasses in Dennis

Now, if you are someone who has watched all Chris Evans movies, you might be wondering about this one. Dennis was a biopic that was written, directed and enacted by Chris Evans himself. And it was this movie where Evans was seen with oversized rectangular wire frame glasses in black.

Still, thinking why you haven't seen the movie? Well, let us help you with the context.

The actor was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his film ‘Gifted’. However, while doing so, he surprised the audience and the host by showing a trailer for another film Dennis. He said he always wanted to do a biopic but it seemed like all best personalities have already had biopics made on them.

So, he had to find his own subject, which he did in a common man named Dennis Baker. Surprised? Dennis who was sitting in the audience was surprised too, as Chris revealed this to him. The actor said he was following the man for 6 weeks. He had read his emails and also knew how he sleeps and eats. While Dennis who was in a state of shock said it was stalking, Chris called it ‘researching - for cinema’.

Dennis has been called ‘A broken, pathetic shell of a man with nothing to live for' in the trailer that Chris was showing. The actor is seen picking up a hamburger from the toilet and eating it after he accidentally dropped it in as he plays Dennis in this biopic trailer. The man for certain didn’t like the trailer at all and said Chris made him look foolish as he states 'you made me look like a goober'.

Jimmy, the host, then tells Dennis that he should be grateful for Evans showing his beautiful life to the world and not so objectifying.

The whole stunt was anything but real. The actor had created no such biopic. But the unreal move did get a lot of attention.

Evans is seen wearing a pink shirt similar to what the real Dennis was wearing to the Jimmy Kimmel show that day.

While you don’t want to be looking like the unreal Dennis. You must try the rectangular glasses that Chris was donning all through the trailer as it certainly looks flattering on him and it must look the same way on you as well.

So, do we have the right pair for you? Hell yeah! We call this assortment by the name of KINGS. And the colours we have these glasses in are gold, gunmetal, and black. As before, it is the gunmetal that Chris loves to don, so we would recommend that for you to try.

luxury glasses in gunmetal and rectangular

The Other Spectacle Treats

One of the pairs that Chris Evans has been spotted wearing is a dark brown and yellow dual tone one. The glasses got popular because firstly, Evans had a beard with them, which made his fans go gaga. Secondly, the pair was extremely charismatic with the intensive hues that make a notable presence.

As always, we, at Specscart have a similar spectacle for you to cherish. It has the same intensive hues - brown and yellow in the round style. We call it WESTON. The glasses are made in high-grade acetate made of plant cellulose which keeps it strong forever. Also, since it is lightweight, you can wear the glasses comfortably for as long as you want. After all, why miss any chance to style a Chris Evans pair?

two tone glasses in crystal brown

A pair of sunglasses that Chris has often been spotted in is the Clear frame sunglasses. These come with crystal translucent frame body made in acetate but with dark polarised tints. The style of the shades is circular. They suit people with faces that are square, heart or oval and add their sparks no matter what you are wearing. Just like Chris you too can don these sunglasses in the clear frames. Our HEATON is what you need to portray the flamboyance of the sunglasses and the man himself.

clear frame sunglasses

Finally, another pair of glasses that Evans has donned in the past is the round wire frame spectacles. He wore them in his movie ‘The Losers’ that was released in 2010. The movie is based on a story of revenge that a team of commandos has to take by tracking down their enemy. Chris plays the character of Jensen with his circular eyeglasses made in a brown metal wireframe.

Undeniably, Chris looks no less than a heartthrob in this movie as Jensen with his glasses. And we are sure you will love owning a unisex pair that can amp up your fashion spirits too. That’s why we bring to you a similar pair with the ultramodern nuances of the era we live in. The pair is called HILTON. It also has streaks of burgundy at the temple tips to help you stand out while you express your fancy for the American actor.

burgundy and silver glasses in metal and round

Where to buy Chris Evans glasses?

It’s no surprise if we say, Specscart is the right place. And you are already here. But hey, we aren’t boasting. We say it because our customers do, through their testimonials on Google and Trustpilot for our products and services. And if you like (or unlike) the eyewear you buy from us and the way we serve you, feel free to give us a review on these platforms. If the review is bad, we promise to improve upon the aspects you mention, and if it’s good, well, you’ll help some people get the best of eyewear products.

But what makes us the right place to buy Chris Evans glasses? Well, first it’s the variety you get. While Captain America is mostly seen in dark, gunmetal or yellow-brown frames, we help you choose from an assortment of colours like red, blue, green, khaki, gold, black, white, pink, purple, and whatnot, along with the colour of specs Evans uses.

We make sure that style and care both go hand in hand for you. So, the metal and acetate that makes our frames are always of supreme quality. And it’s our in house lab technicians with over 20 years of experience who create your lenses with extreme sophistication and advanced technology.

So, in simple words, just like Captain America, we see to it that we only do the right job to protect your eyes. But in style! As he stands for his mission, we stand for ours - to change the way people perceive eyeglasses.

Here's what we do. The lenses of our eyeglasses come fully loaded with free essential coatings. These include anti-glare coating which is super helpful if you have sensitive eyes. Then there’s the anti-UV coating that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun's UV light. The glasses also come with scratch-resistant coatings that are helpful if you keep dropping your eyeglasses accidentally. (We hope you don’t drop them in the toilet, though.) And if you need ultimate care and protection, we suggest you opt for the digital blue light protection and get blue light glasses. These are highly affordable and extremely crucial, considering the digital age that we live in.

Also, our services aim to make shopping eyewear convenient for you. That’s why we have no questions asked returns with a 30-day return policy. And we provide completely free shipping worldwide. Moreover, you also get a free home trial of 4 frames for 7 days on a big chunk of eyeglass frames we have for you.

Additionally, if you already have any of your favourite frames, you can send them to us to get them made into eyeglasses. Yes, we will reglaze them for you.

Don’t forget, Specscart dispatches most orders within 24 hours of receiving the order, which means we promise rocket speed deliveries as well.

Why wait any longer? Get going and choose from the wide assortment of Chris Evans glasses we have for you right away!

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