Discover Tinie Tempah Glasses and the man behind


Published on June 13, 2020, 3:42 pm

Discover Tinie Tempah Glasses and the man behind

Surpassing every fashion scale Tinie Tempah glasses are slowly becoming every fan’s must-have. If you have seen his performances and albums, you know Tinie loves sporting new shades in spectacles every now and then. The man is a style freak. No wonder, he has his very own fashion label. It is named Disturbing London. Plus, the ‘Girls Like’ star has also been the ambassador for London Fashion Week Men’s. So, there’s no doubt about his love for looking and feeling his best in the perfect style.

Tinie Tempah glasses to make you rap on and flaunt the fancy for his beats

Tinie keeps surprising his fans with new styles of eyewear day after day, but there’s been one signature style of shades that he is often seen with. These are his gold rimmed frames in the thin metal and round style.

The gold in round

One of the favourite pieces of eyewear for Tinie is his pair of round sunglasses with the gold rims adding the shimmer. He has worn them on various occasions, be it the Top Gear episode he did with Matt LeBlanc or the famous McDonald’s surprise intimate concert.

Here’s the story behind the surprise gig. He stunned the restaurant customers and the serving staff by kicking off in front of around 100 fans on a make-shift stage. The Walsall restaurant had been gleaming and the British rapper was enjoying the excitement of the crowd. He even asked them if they had ever imagined watching a Tinie Tempah concert at a McDonald’s. And concluded saying it’s his mantra they ought to remember, that ‘anything can happen’.

He then continued the show with his most popular songs like Trampoline, Pass Out, Not Letting Go, and Girls Like.

The fans were elated and found him brilliant. They said it was difficult to see McDonald's in the same way again. Every time they visit a McDonald’s restaurant, the scene and the fun of the celeb singing for them will flash back in their minds to cherish.

This gig that happened in June 2016 was planned as part of McDonald’s #HelloGoodTimes campaign.

The experience made Tinie Tempah and his gold round sunglasses stick in the audience’s minds there. As the video made rounds on the internet, we believe, so increased the popularity of the style of glasses.

Wish to don such a pair? We have one such inspired pair of Tinie Tempah glasses that can help you express your fondness for him and his music. We call it CILO. The pair sports large circular polarised lenses with UV400 protection that can save you not only from the flashes of cameras but the sun’s UVA and UVB rays as well. Its gold full-rim like the pair Tinie wears and the temples add the sparkle your personality needs. Do give these Tinie Tempah glasses a try and flaunt your nuances that match his persona.

The wayfarer in black

When Tinie Tempah had started out and his debut album Disc-Overy was released, it was the wayfarer style glasses that he was seen around with most. However, the song that got him the most popularity was Wifey in the year 2006. It even stayed at the top of the Urban Chart for 10 weeks.

He donned the Wayfarer in black at MOBO awards as well where he was awarded the best UK newcomer in 2010. Along with that, he was also given the Best Video award with a nomination for the Best Song. The same year he went over to win 6 more awards while being nominated for 9 others. Yes, that was one of the early best years for the man.

Later he went on to win way more awards than you can imagine. And in almost all these events his wayfarer shades or glasses were seen making a notable presence.

Tinie has also been spotted in his favourite wayfarer shades on his vacations, rocking with a chic summer look.

Here is a pair inspired by the ones that the rapper & singer used. We call this pair ROBERT. The spectacles are available in an assortment of colours like brown and mahogany which makes it capable enough for anyone to try. Also, being black and in the classic style, these inspired Tinie Tempah glasses can suit any occasion, formal or casual. And you can style them the same way Tinie does.

Here’s a story about these glasses. Tinie talked about these in an interview saying he once saw a pair in Brick Lane, London one day. He loved them and it cost him only a fiver. So, he took them only to enjoy donning them even today. That time he wasn’t a hit in the music industry. Now, both he, himself and the glasses have become super popular (thanks to him). And yeah, in case you are still wondering, Tempah doesn’t really need eyeglasses. His eyesight is perfect and he only wears glasses as a form of style statement. Owing to this the wayfarers became his trademark style.

Wondering if we have a style similar to his wayfarer shades? Yes, we do. The pair we have also brings a little flavour of colourful vibes with its multicoloured hues in the frames. Have a look and we’re sure you will love the additional flavour to the black Tinie Tempah glasses. Apart from this colour flavour, the frame front and tint match with that of Tinie’s real glasses. Buckle up and check out Specscart’s BEN here.

The round eyeglasses in gold and silver

Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu likes to don eyeglasses in the round as well. Yes, that’s his real name. And he keeps adding to the Tinie Tempah glasses collection for the world. He has often been spotted in round spectacles with the gold or the silver wire frame that makes his facial features stand out. We’re sure you’ll be curious to know if we, at Specscart, have similar pairs for you. Guess what? We do.

HYDE is one of the pairs we have for you. It sports sophistication and elegance in the rose gold colour along with the big round frame front. Thus, garnering attention for your eyes and getting you a shower of compliments you deserve. The same frames are available in black gold hues as well to add power to the sheer beauty of your look.

And we have a variety of flattering pairs in silver round style too.

Back to his name, we’re sure you are curious how Patrick became Tinie Tempah. Well, the man keeps talking about this in his interviews. He says he was searching for a nickname in the thesaurus. As he started with A, he found the word ‘Anger’ which made way for the ‘Temper’ or ‘Tempah’ in his name. Since that felt quite aggressive, he added the Tinie in the front. Although, now he is more known as ‘Tinie’ without the ‘Tempah’.

The Odd Delights

While those above are the most famous Tinie Tempah glasses, here are a few that he didn’t wear much but looked flawless as always whenever he did.

One pair is the white rimmed thick rectangle sunglasses. He donned them in the Top Winners music video shoot that he did recently with Not3s, the British singer. Before this, Tempah was also seen white thick rimmed shades in the oval style. Something similar to what you would have seen in the 80s. Seems like the man loved a retro vintage appeal.

While we don’t have the exact pairs for you, our collection has an even quirky pair that you can’t help but be intrigued with. It is a triangle pair of sunglasses in the white rims that are going to, without doubt, make you stick out a mile like Tinie Tempah. The pair also has nuances of cat-eye frames that make them a little feminine. There you go. Have a look at what we call the DOVILLE.

To add, the Tinie Tempah glasses collection has this pair that some call owl glasses. A thick black spectacle in the round with clear lenses, our HALE matches what the Trampoline star has worn sometimes. Sadly, Tempah hasn’t donned these fashion-centric glasses much on many occasions.

Another pair that we have noticed him flaunt is one with clear frames but burgundy tints. It was an Instagram video in which he talked about Top Winners, his latest album with Not3s. Here’s a similar pair we have for you. It’s called MERE. While it doesn’t have the tints, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the minimal style to pair with your fabulous outfits anyway.

More About Tinie Tempah

There's more about this celeb’s story than just Tinie Tempah glasses. You know the British rapper is a fashion icon, but here are some more fun facts that make him special.

The man is a catholic who loves praying. Although, he has Nigerian roots. His heart belongs to London, the place that brought him up. He loves celebrating his successes over a cup of tea. The rapper started singing seriously at the age of 12. And has even had a brain scan to check how music affects our brains. He has an immense interest in education as well.

More importantly, the ‘Pass Out’ star and record label owner, is a philanthropist as well. Our boy helps graduates struggling with unemployability by providing them with financial support.

He doesn’t want millennials to become a lost generation. So, he ensures that he helps them provide with the required finances that will help them get the job they need. These can be anything from bus tickets to go to auditions or the cost of a suit for the job interview.

Coming back to his eccentricities, the singer is also a perfectionist. There have been times when he is seen uncomfortable during a photoshoot only because the sleeves of his t-shirt looked loose.

Tinie is disciplined and seems mature for his age. We know this from the way he gives his interviews. The man loves his nation and is set to represent those who are to challenge the way American hip-hop makes its way to dominate the industry. He is known for his work ethic, patience, love for tweeting and dynamic soul. Most of all he’s known to pump up your souls with his music while he cherishes his love for fashion.

Summing up

You’ll see many other flattering pairs of shades and styles that the man loves to sport. From sunglasses with the mirror coating to a pair of rimless frames in the rectangular style. Find whatever you fancy in the magnificent collection of Tinie Tempah glasses assortment that Specscart has for you.

To add to that, we also bring you fully loaded lenses with anti-glare, scratch-resistant and the anti-UV coatings. You can get the affordable digital blue light protection against the harmful effects of light emitted from the screens as well. These coatings will help you keep your eyes protected while you give the stylish frames a show.

Apart from these, Specscart makes your shopping convenient and easy-peasy by making the eyeglasses available for home trial. That too, completely free. You can try up to 4 glasses frames for 7 days and choose what you felt the best in. If you weren’t able to choose any, you can always order another try at home package and then another, until you find the apt choice. After all, it is Tinie Tempah glasses you wish to sport, so you must be convinced of the look you get.

We also help you get the right prescription with comprehensive eye tests at home or your workplace. If you can visit our store, we will make it 100% free for you.

The shipping of these Tinie Tempah glasses is free worldwide as we know the fans of the celeb aren’t limited to the UK only.

Have a pair of Tinie Tempah glasses already? And want to get the lenses changed? Sure, send your frames to us with your prescriptions. Name the coatings you require and we’ll reglaze your eyeglasses for you.

Don’t be waiting any longer. Bring on the stylish spirits of a Tinie fan and grab the pairs we have for you. Time to embellish your collection and amp up your persona today!

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