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Clip-on Sunglasses: Convenient, Stylish And Protective!

Clip-on Sunglasses: Convenient, Stylish And Protective!

Are you fed up with carrying both your prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses while outdoors in the sun? Does the process of constantly switching between the two get cumbersome? And how do you keep the second pair safe from being damaged, while the first one rests on your face?

So what’s the solution? To cater to the various problems that users of eyewear have faced from time to time, the eyewear industry has relied on innovation. In this case too, by combining creativity with innovation, it has come up with clip-on sunglasses for glasses. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, clip-on sunglasses for glasses is where your search ends. Let’s see how!

How Do Clip-on Sunglasses Work?

When it comes to functions, there is nothing that differentiates clip-on sunglasses from regular sunglasses. Both are equally effective in providing UV protection. It is the design where the two vary. Clip on sunglasses can be attached to every frame that comes with a firm nose bridge. However, you need to measure your lens size so that you don’t miss out on the perfect sized clip-ons. This structure, when clipped onto your normal prescription glasses, gears up to serve as a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Since clip-on sunglasses come in various tints, shapes, and sizes, you can find a pair for all types of prescription glasses. It also needs to be noted that clip-on sunglasses for glasses are generally less expensive than prescription sunglasses, making them an economical upgrade option. Further, there are various types that you need to know, whether it is the standard variants or the flip up clip-on sunglasses, or even the magnetic clip-on sunglasses.

Have a look at our collection for some of the best clip-on sunglasses in the market. From the retro round clip-on sunglasses to the contemporary clear frames, from the classic pilot clip-on sunglasses to the sassy cat-eye styles, you will find pairs for all your style needs.

Are Clip-on Sunglasses Good?

As long as they fit well onto your normal pair of prescription glasses, clip-on sunglasses are good to go. While purchasing a pair, you just need to check that they provide 100% UV protection. All our clip-on sunglasses come loaded with UV400 protective coating, and you can be assured of 100% UV protection with these pairs.

Are Clip-on Sunglasses Cool?

Handy, practical, and useful, polarised clip-on sunglasses are a super stylish way to wear your sunnies. It’s safe to say that glasses with clip-on sunglasses are one of the coolest eyewear options that you have.

Clip-on sunglasses vs Prescription Sunglasses vs Transition lenses

Talking about prescription sunglasses first, they are no doubt a great option for your outdoor needs but once you get indoors, you no longer require the tint and you will have to make a shift to your prescription glasses with clear lenses. If your daily life involves constantly switching between indoor and outdoor spaces, then prescription sunglasses may not be a handy option.

Projecting a bold style statement, transitions are your cool 2-in-1 lenses, performing the function of both glasses and sunglasses. Put them on and leave it to the sophisticated transition lenses to take care of both your outdoor and indoor needs. Depending on the intensity of light falling over these lenses, transitions adjust their tint colours to perform their dual function.

We have already discussed clip-on sunglasses. While transitions may take some time to adjust their tints, glasses with clip-on sunglasses provide instant protection. Further, transitions might not be effective during activities like driving. One of the advantages that transition lenses have over clip-on sunglasses is that clip-ons need to be detached (except flip up clip-on sunglasses) every time you step indoors, whereas you can move around with transitions without the need to take them off when switching between indoor and outdoor spaces.

When it comes to clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses, one of the major advantages is that you don’t need to customise your clip-on lenses with your prescription. You can attach non-prescription clip-ons to your prescription glasses. Whether you are driving or doing other outdoor activities, these accessories will enable you to embark on a smooth journey.

When your prescription is updated, along with your prescription glasses, you will also need to replace the lenses of your prescription sunglasses or transition lenses, but you can continue with the same clip-on lenses by just getting the lenses of your prescription glasses updated.

While polarised clip-on sunglasses and transition lenses have their own advantages, choosing between them is a personal thing. Both are effective in their own ways in eliminating the common problems faced due to the need to carry two separate pairs.

Types of Clip-on Sunglasses

Based on how clip-on sunglasses are fixed onto your prescription glasses, they can be classified into the following three types.

Standard - The standard clip-on sunglasses for glasses use a clip on the nose bridge. The clip facilitates the clip-on sunglasses to hold effectively onto your prescription glasses.

Flip-up - The unique aspect of flip-on sunglasses is that they don’t have to be removed and inserted, unlike the other variants. These types are attached to your prescription glasses using a magnet. As the name suggests, you can just flip them up when you are indoors and don’t need them.

Magnetic - The magnetic clip-on sunglasses attach to the sides of your prescription glasses by utilising a magnet. They are relatively more convenient and easy to use as compared to the other variants.

Now that we have informed you about all that you need to know about best clip-on sunglasses, you can head over to our collection page to explore some of the best clip-on sunglasses that you will come across.

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