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Eye Yoga: Quick and effective way to improve eye health

Eye Yoga: Quick and effective way to improve eye health

Our eye health is the top-most priority right now yet we somehow neglect taking care of it. With lockdown (again), people have succumbed to staring at screens from the dusk till dawn.

If you are reading this, we know you are guilty too. But what can we say, it’s the only way to connect with others, continue office work or just binge-watch series to beat the never-ending boredom.

With all the indoor shenanigans, our eyes are at trouble here. With increased screen time, our eyes are prone to experiencing severe vision changes and discomforts.

If not blue light glasses, what else can you do to improve your eye health?

Enter - eye yoga! A quick, easy and effective way to relax your eye muscles and improve your vision.

Are your eyes getting weary?

It’s not just you! Even if you spend your lockdown era by reading books, focusing closely on small prints for prolonged hours can leave your eyes strained and exhausted. Or like everyone else, you’ve also been staring at a screen all day then these eye problems might sound familiar to you.

Eye problems can come in different forms - ranging from dry eyes, blurred vision, headache, itchiness, eye-fatigue, burning sensation, and others.

Scientifically termed as Computer Vision Syndrome, eye strain is quite a common problem among all ages.


An average adult spends more than 8 hours staring at their digital screen, that only accelerates the eye problems.

Computer vision syndrome results due to extensive focusing of the eyes at the display screen for an uninterrupted period of the time. Making the eye’s muscles difficult to recover from the constant tension needed to continue focusing on a nearby object.

Does eye-yoga really work?

Reading books using reading glasses or preventing computer vision syndrome using blue light glasses is possible. However, we need to understand that eye-yoga exercises are significantly effective in improving eyesight and eye health naturally.

Apart from severe diseases such as cataract and glaucoma, most eye disorders are caused by defective ocular muscles due to chronic mental and emotional tension. In such cases, eye yoga exercises work wonders in preventing numerous eye disorders naturally.

Regular practice of simple yoga eye exercises can improve your eye health significantly, making you see better and feel less exhausted while continuing your day-to-day exercises.

Can eye-yoga reduce eye pressure?

We have six different muscles around each eye that’s integrated to the eye socket and allow seamless movement in all directions.

When our eyes are overexerted, mostly due to extensive focusing them on something for a prolonged period, the muscles become exhausted. Resulting in all different symptoms of eye strain like itchiness, blurred vision, burning sensation and more.

The eyes aren’t evolved enough to carry out closer work, resulting in immediate muscle fatigue.

The purpose of “eye yoga” is just like your regular yoga exercises.

It helps the eyes to rejuvenate, relax and strengthen after a long day of intensive focusing.

Eye yoga works on strengthening the eye muscles by lifting the muscle area and enhancing the overall eye health. Strengthening of the eyes might not look like a powerful workout, but it significantly reduces the loss of focusing as we age. While also easing the tension and relaxing the muscles of the face.

5 Effective Eye-Yoga Exercises

1. Palming - The Classic Winter Movement


1. Form a “Namaste” pose and start to rub the hands furiously for 10 to 15 seconds to accumulate heat and energy between your palms.

2. Gently put your palms over your closed eyes. Perform a few deep inhalations and exhalation steps to start relaxing.

3. You’ll feel the warmth of your palms and your tension slowly fading away in the back of your eyes.

4. Rest your palms for 15 to 20 seconds until the warmth recedes.

2. Stretch - Free Your Facial Features


1. Relax your face muscles by doing absolutely nothing. Keep the eye gently closed and wiggle out the jaw and the eyebrows.

2. Keeping the eyes closed, look up and count to four, then slowly look all the way down, count to four again. Repeat it four times.

3. Now, repeat this time by turning left and right. When done with left and right, move on with looking top left and bottom right, followed by top right to bottom left.

3. Zoom - Check Everything Out….slowly


1. Select an object in the distance and focus on it for a few seconds.

2. Now, move your focus onto another object that's a little closer to you then repeat gazing at it for 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Shift your focus to even more closer to you and gaze at it for 10 to 15 seconds

4. Shift your focus to something very close to you like your thumb or a smartphone.

5. Reverse the gaze, start back from the middle object to the far-away object.

6. Repeat this for 3 times over a 2-minute period.

4. Breathe and just hum


1. Exhale slowly through your nostrils while sitting at a quiet place.

2. Keep your lips closed to feel the Zzz sound, rather than hear it out loud. Place your palms over your eyes horizontally.

3. Make a deep buzzing sound in your throat like a bee. Also called as “humble bee breath” eye-yoga exercise to feel relaxed with just a few breaths.

4. Repeat this 3 times and then do them more than 10 times.

If you’ve been experiencing any changes in your vision or eyes lately, then get your eyes examined. We offer FREE eye tests for everyone at our Walkden and Bury stores.

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