5 tips you’ll need while travelling with your glasses

Sid S

Published on December 15, 2020, 7:11 pm

5 tips you’ll need while travelling with your glasses

Aaah… Travelling! Isn’t it just glorious to travel to beautiful places? We all crave new experiences, and travel allows us to tap into that craving. 


But, travelling with glasses can be a bit tricky. You’ll need to take some extra measures to protect your glasses. The thrill of the new adventure can get you little carried away, and so here’s what you can do to store them safely. 


To view the beautiful sights, our 5 effective safety tips of glasses while travelling will help you protect your sight at all cost. 


Travelling with glasses


Glasses also fall under “the essentials” category in the travelling kit. It’s pretty easy enough to travel with glasses, but we never know when we can lose or damage them accidentally. If you’ve planned on what you’re going to see in the world, you might as well plan to protect your glasses while travelling.  


Anyone who’s travelled before with glasses knows the high chances of losing or breaking them. It’s nothing less of a nightmare! Travelling beautiful places without visual clarity isn’t ideal at all, so it’s important you go prepared for this scenario. 


5 helpful tips for travelling with glasses


1. Carry an extra pair (Just in case)


There’s a slight possibility that you might lose, or break your glasses while travelling. If you are a little more clumsy than others, you’ve got to do some prior glasses shopping. Even if you are the most careful person, the trouble can hit at unexpected hours. 


We often start out being extra careful with our glasses -overly so, even - but given some time, we are back to our usual self. We’ll put them down somewhere without realising or leave them in the hotel accidentally. All sorts of things happen when you are on a trip. 


So, it’s best to come well prepared. 


Bring your second favourite pair of glasses with you. These frames are intentionally brought for rescue in the times of need. In the case of prescription glasses which most of us heavily rely on, carrying an extra pair of glasses is very helpful.


2. Keep your updated prescription handy


When we said to come completely prepared, we meant this. Keeping an extra pair of glasses would be enough if the glasses were resistant to getting stolen, broken or getting scratched. But, that’s not the case. To reduce the fright of losing your glasses for multiple reasons, carrying an updated prescription might help. It’s not just a great idea to bring an extra pair of glasses, but also an updated prescription while travelling. You never know when you might need a new pair. 


If you happen to experience such a problem, you can easily get a new pair, even at the strangest places with a handy prescription.


Just scan your prescription to your email, screenshot it on your smartphone and save it one phone memory, or Evernote along with other travel documents that you can access offline.


3. Get a hard case


Speaking of protecting glasses, it’s very essential that you invest in hard cases. While you are running through the airport or busy visiting different places in less time, you may neglect to place glasses properly in their box. You speedily rush and stuff the glasses in your bag, without giving it a thought. As a result, your glasses lenses are easily prone to damage or get scratched lenses.


If you have a protective layer on your glasses, squeezing them in your bag might cause it to wear off. To answer simply, just get a hard glasses case to store and protect the frames. Even if you are in a hurry, the box is there to protect the glasses from being scratched or crushed. 


Now, you can be unapologetically carefree and continue to throw the case in your bag, knowing that your glasses are well-protected.


4. Carry a repair kit


While you let loose of yourself while travelling, your glasses might need a quick fix at times. If you experience such simpler issues, you can quickly fix them yourself on the road. Just carry the repairing kit. The repair kit includes tiny screws and screwdrivers. Just when you feel the frame’s getting a little loose or the screws are popping out of the frame, fix them instantly with less fuss. 


5. Clean the glasses often


You’ve got to have the best cleaning kit with you while travelling. While travelling, you may keep your glasses in different places, from coffee table to your purse, or sometimes on your head. It’s common, we all do it capriciously.


Your glasses can pick up dirt and dust from surrounding and can cause bacterial infection in your eye. Obviously, you’ll hate that to happen. So, to keep your eyes healthy, clean them often. And don’t use any other material other than your cleaning cloth and liquid disinfectant. These items help to suitably clean the lenses without making a scratch or leaving behind any speck of dust. 


You get the cleaning kit with your glasses while buying.


Take good care of what you’ve got

Travelling with glasses can be easily done if you keep these tips in your mind. Always plan before to prevent any unexpected damage while travelling. From a great and sturdy case where the frames don’t slip away to a repair kit at handy, these tips are quite a lifesaver. 


Planning a trip? Don’t forget to get the best pair of glasses and your travelling kit for glasses from us. 


Be it cleaning kit or repair kit, when you buy glasses online at Specscart, you get them all for free.  We offer our premium Lens guard Cleaner solution with a one-wipe Microfiber cloth that’s 100% gentle on your glasses. Along with a cool screwdriver keychain that’s portable and handy.  


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