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Eyeglass Frame Size Guide: How to Know Your Frames Size

Eyeglass Frame Size Guide: How to Know Your Frames Size

You look through your glasses, but did you yet look at the glasses and notice the three digits on the temples? Well, they are the measurements of the lens width, bridge width and temple length respectively. These are the numbers that ensure a snug fit on your face and reduce discomfort.

Sometimes, eyeglasses expose you to unwanted aches and you get to see marks on your nose, right? This is because your pairs don’t sit properly on your face- you need to look for the perfect frame size that’s curated only for you.

To know more on ‘how to know your glasses frame size?’check out this eyeglasses frame size guide till the very end.

How Do I Know My Glasses’ Frame Sizes?

You can figure out your frame sizes by following these two methods:

Check Out the Numbers on the Temple

As mentioned earlier, the numbers mentioned on your pairs are important. We will tell you the purpose of each figure and how they are helpful in determining the frame size.

Let’s start with an example. We have randomly selected one of our pairs and read the numbers written on the temple: 53-18-142. Now, let’s elaborate:

Lens Width of Your Glasses

The first number is the lens width (53). It is the width of your lens that is denoted in millimetres (mm). Remember, this number doesn’t denote the surrounding frames, it’s just the measurement of the clear lens.

Bridge Width of Your Glasses

Both the lenses of your eyeglasses are connected by a bridge, the second number is the measurement of the bridge width (18). Bridges having larger widths are perfect for wider noses and bridges with smaller widths are best for narrow noses.

Temple Length of Your Glasses

The temple length is the measurement of your glasses’ temples (142)- the numbers usually end with a five or a zero. The perfect temple lengths will only add to the comfort factors instead of hurting your ears.

Measure Your EyeGlasses on Your Own

Now, what if your glasses don't have the numbers? You are left with no choice other than measuring your glasses on your own. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Get a measuring tape and I will tell you how it’s done:

  • Lens Width: Take the measuring tape and place it horizontally across the widest point of one lens. Make sure to not include other frame parts.
  • Bridge Width: Measure the bridge with the tape and note down the numbers in millimetres.
  • Temple Length: To measure the temple, you need to place one side of your tape near the hinge and the other side should be placed on the curving point. After that, you again need to measure from the curving point till the end tip. Then you can add the numbers and note down the measurement of your glasses’ temple.

If you are wondering ‘what is the most common frame size?’, for us, it’s the measurements of Busk 6: 53-18-142.

What Is the Importance of Numbers on Your Glasses?

Frame Size Guide

Why are the numbers important? To be honest, online shopping has gained immense popularity and trust because of these measurements. Just like purchasing the best size clothes and shoes matters a lot, nothing is different when it comes to eyeglasses. Do you like to deal with exchanges and returns? That’s a hassle, and these frame sizes effortlessly reduce all the troubles.

Shopping offline and online are two different things- making an informed decision while purchasing eyeglasses frames is crucial. If you know the measurements that perfectly suit your face, the overall process becomes a lot easier. In the end, everything boils down to your comfort, visual needs and style statement.

How Should Your Pairs Sit Comfortably on Your Face?

After gaining knowledge on ‘how to read glasses size?’, let’s find out ‘how will you know what’s a perfect fitting?’. Consider the following factors to reach a conclusion:

  • The positioning of your bridge actually speaks volumes about perfect fit and comfort. If it sits properly in the middle, your pairs won’t disturb or distract you.
  • The width of the face at the temples and the width of your eyeglasses frames should be the same.
  • The top portion of the frames should not cross your eyebrow line.
  • The frame’s lower edges are not supposed to rest on your cheeks. It can pave the way toward causing skin irritation.

How to Measure Face for Glasses Frames?

If you are new to wearing eyeglasses, measuring your face shape is another way to predict the glasses sizing. You can refer to our face shape guide and get help. Apart from that, opting for our Free Home Trial is always the safest bet, shipping is free as well.

Also, we offer free eye tests. Book an online appointment with us and our expert optometrists will help you with the measurements.

Glasses Size Chart

Here’s an infographic to help you measure your eyeglasses frame size, check this out and gain a better understanding:

That’s everything about a ‘Frame Size Guide’. For detailed information, we, your friendly neighbours are just a call or email away. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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