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Popular eyeglasses styles for men to upgrade your look in 2021

Popular eyeglasses styles for men to upgrade your look in 2021

There’s no doubt that glasses are able to complement a man’s features and balance the facial structure like nothing else. The right eyeglasses style can even hide imperfections or nuances of the face. And no matter what you’re wearing, glasses make you look put together.

What I’m trying to say here is that men with glasses can look super stylish and attractive. All you need is to pick the right pair!

Even when you think that you don’t need glasses, you’ll be completely smitten by how the right pair of glasses make you look and feel. Maybe having a look at this year’s popular eyewear styles for men will change your mind.

Eyeglasses styles for men in 2021


Aviators remain the classic and most masculine shape in glasses for men even today. The uncanny ability of these glasses to lend a touch of cool to any look is what sets them apart.

The bold look of aviator glasses exudes confidence while the curves of the lenses give you a soft look. From elegant thin wire to a colourful fusion of acetate and metal, you can get these glasses in different frame materials from us.

So, go ahead with the trend and try out aviator glasses for unapologetically bold styling. Pair this eyeglasses style with 90’s inspired trainers or vests to create a retro look.

Clear/transparent glasses

Clear frames are the clear winner of eyewear trends for men for 2021. But these glasses aren’t as simple as you take them to be. Every transparent frame has fine details that help them stand out from any other eyeglasses style.

Since the frame is see-through, it complements every face shape. It brightens up your face and highlights the colour of your eyes. Unlike colourful and vibrant frames that focus all the attention on themselves, Clear Glasses get all eyes on you.

From warm accents to cool colours, clear frame glasses for men are available in different hues. The subtleness of transparent glasses makes them accessible for men with every face shape.

Retro round frames

Round glasses for men have always been a nerdy thing. However, 2021 has just made them cool and trendy. Filled with the retro era vibe, these glasses are more than just Harry Potter glasses.

If you’re ready to dip a toe into the world of vintage fashion, start with these round glasses for men. There are a variety of round frames you can use to express your unique personality and showcase your individual style.

Where clear round glasses give you a geek chic vibe, thin wireframes in a round silhouette evoke a sense of sophistication. Putting on a contemporary twist on a retro shape, the subtle yet striking round eyeglasses style steals the show every time.

Boxy frames

Big bold eyeglasses style is back in fashion. Available in aviator, square or round silhouettes, retro fashion has never felt more current.

If you want to make a statement with your specs, oversized glasses are the way to go. Channel your fun and outgoing personality with these funky style glasses while still being stylish.

The catchy eyeglasses style will be an extension of your personality and put forward your quirky side. However, this prominent style can be a bit too much for some men. So, you may first want to know which frames look good on different men's face shapes.

People with prescription glasses should give boxy frames a try as these have a high fashion appeal. If the style is too bold for you, try out transparent or thin wireframes for subtle styling.

Wayfarer glasses

When in doubt, trust the timeless appeal and classic style of wayfarer glasses. It’s a universal sunglasses and eyeglasses style that works for almost every man.

Fashion may change, temperature may rise but nothing compares to the foolproof style of wayfarers that never seems to date. It’s a simple silhouette that commands attention.

From Hollywood A-listers with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio to fashion insiders, wayfarers glasses have been the absolute favourite of men with class for decades. Even when you’re buying online glasses, you don’t have to leave the house to try these on. Get our free home trial service and try out the look for free.

Browline glasses

Browline eyeglasses style is popular again in 2021. Standing the test of time, this popular eyewear style has caught the attention of big actors such as Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis.

If you don’t want your specs to be too outlandish but still have that retro charm, then you could use a pair of browline glasses for men.

For an extra edge of sophistication, try browline frames with a tortoiseshell finish. Whether funky or luxury, you can get the desired look with the right pair of browline glasses. Walking the fine line between intellectual and cool, this eyeglasses style is going to stick around for years.

Even when you don’t need vision correction, you can wear this style as fake or blue lens glasses to elevate your appearance.

Geometric glasses

Your eyewear options don’t have to be limited to just round or square glasses. Things have started to change and geometric glasses for men are emerging as an eyewear trend in 2021.

It may sound like a surprise to you but all those hexagonal frames you’re seeing on fashion streets these days are actually wearable. We have some geometric glasses that are practical and look every bit stylish on every man regardless of the face shape.

These were some of the famous eyeglasses styles for men in 2021. But before you resort to a particular eyeglasses style, make sure the frame is suitable for your face shape.

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