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A Guide to Top 4 Eyewear Trends this Winter

A Guide to Top 4 Eyewear Trends this Winter

Glasses, earrings, rings, sneakers - every little accessory counts when it comes to being the showstopper of your runway. Gone are the days when eyeglasses were only made to correct poor vision. Nowadays, one can find a stylish pair of glasses for every outfit in a closet. Whether you have a new eye prescription or simply want to express your unique personality, a new pair of glasses awaits you! As we approach the Winter season, the new eyewear trends are going to level up our fashion game.

All the minimalist fashion enthusiasts and the ‘We-go-bold’ ones, get ready to flaunt your style! A stylish pair of eyewear not only enhances your features but also makes you stand out in social interactions. From the soft pastels to the retro-inspired frames, all trends are a match for different personalities. Then, what’s stopping you from reflecting on your uniqueness and expressing it through cool frames? Read this guide to catch up on some of the amazing winter eyewear trends.

Exploring the Top 4 Eyewear Trends this Winter

Soft Pastels

If you think pastel-infused eyeglasses are only to express femininity, then you need to dig a little deeper. These can also bring out your sassiness and adventurous side. Winters are back with the Christmas and New Year celebrations coming around, where a pair of colourful pastel glasses can brighten up your mood. Add colours to your life and a muted outfit. Get the perfect Barbie look with pink pastels or experiment with your neutral office wear. This trend will make your eyes look ethereal and your look more versatile.

Metallic Charms

We love all things vintage from furniture, first edition books to clothing and ornaments. Our Pinterest and Instagram speak of the vintage aesthetic. Well, the metal frames from the 70s have also become quite a rage this winter. These metallic charms give the vibe of an old-school nerd and a sophisticated fashionista at the same time. When you wear a brown co-ord set, get on your favourite pair of metal eyeglasses in an oversized shape with rounded edges and match them with similar jewellery. Show off the luxury and let your boldness speak.


Wear your heart on your sleeve and express your outgoing personality with the trending reds and browns. The gorgeous frames in tomato red look hot when you match them with handbags, hair accessories, shoes etc. Reds and browns add a colourful splash to the neutral outfits and balance your overall attire. Draw attention towards your hazel eyes with the options in brown and beige. Become the life of a Christmas party by wearing red eyeglass frames on a white fur jacket or a black dress.

Bold Frames

Try colourful frames in eye-catching floral patterns. You can wear fancy jewellery and play with colours in your wardrobe to complement the entire look. Pick orange, pink or green in floral patterns and get ready for the perfect date. Tortoiseshell frames are also trending this winter and you can get them on while wearing a neutral outfit.

Glasses That Are ALWAYS in Trend, No Matter What

Now, let’s take a moment to explore the eyewear options that are ever-trending:

Cat-eye Glasses

Standing the test of time for years now, cat-eye glasses are no less than a pure catch. Exclusively handcrafted with high-quality materials, these cat-eye frames are a perfect fit for different kinds of face shapes like square, rectangular, oval etc. Add some angles with these jaw-dropping possessions that certainly don’t break the bank. Whether you are gearing up for an office event or planning to doll up for a brunch date, these lovely pairs are everything you are looking for.

Transparent Clear Glasses

Transparent eyeglasses or clear glasses are one of the most trendiest pairs that are minimalist in nature. You can incorporate these options into your everyday life and pair them with different types of accessories and clothing outfits. Unisex, elegant and sophisticated to the core, clear glasses tend to ace your overall appearance quite seamlessly. Get ready to turn heads- with transparent glasses, you will never go wrong.

Oversized Glasses

Winter fashion is incomplete without oversized glasses- own it and see it for yourself. Apart from being highly stylish and fashionable, these chic pairs are way too functional and practical. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with oversized pairs that are taking the world by storm. You can support your glasses with chunky chains and ensure peace of mind!

Round Glasses

Mix and match your round glasses with hats, hipster sweaters and business-savvy outfits and steal all the limelight in no time. Add a vintage and retro flair to your look, thus being the ultimate showstopper among the huge pack. Choose subtle and soft pastel colours and that’s it- others will pause for a moment to appreciate your charm.

Tortoiseshell Glasses

If we are talking about trends, mentioning tortoiseshell glasses is a MUST! Starting from their beautiful designs to unique patterns, each and everything about these glasses simply adds to the charm. You can explore the multiple colour palettes and choose glasses accordingly.

Now that you are aware of the winter eyewear trends, when are you planning to infuse these glasses into your existing collection? In this digital era, shopping for glasses is hardly a task- thanks to the advent of cutting-edge technology.

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