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How to Choose Cycling Glasses and Sunglasses?

How to Choose Cycling Glasses and Sunglasses?

Are you ready to paddle along the empty roads? Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of strength. The more you paddle, the more ahead you will move! You might be ready with your gear, but let me remind you to take your sunglasses along. Sunglasses might seem like a small accessory but it can do wonders in your cycling journey. It prevents you from all the hurdles that may obstruct your journey. It will block all the debris, dust and sunlight from entering your eyes.

Confused about what to buy? Don’t worry that’s normal. Even if you know the importance of sunglasses, it gets very difficult for you to select the one that is up to the mark. So, here is a guide on how to buy the perfect sunglasses for your next cycling ride.

How to select the perfect sunglasses?


The first and most important factor to consider is durability. What is the use of glasses when they can’t provide you long-term commitment? Cycling glasses are durable and can even work when you are driving or walking. It should have the ability to bear all the rough conditions without breaking. Also, they must offer 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Cycling eyeglasses are specially designed for sports purposes and are flexible. They can be rotated and stretched more as compared to normal glasses. Even if you go off-road they will still be there to protect your eyes. However, cycling sunglasses are made up of TR-90. Being flexible they can easily contour the wearer's face and can even bend under pressure.

If the frame you are selecting is not flexible, it's not the right choice!


Cycling glasses come in various coverage styles. When cycling, you don’t only need protection from the sun but, there are even other factors that you should consider. Your sunglasses must be a barrier against dust, debris and other environmental factors. This helps you to ride smoothly. Select the glasses that will completely wrap around your face and the lenses will provide your eyes better coverage. Also, in the search for coverage don’t go for oversized sunglasses. It will trigger between you and cycling.


Cycling is a journey to embrace. If the glasses you are selecting are only for flair and not a barrier against environmental factors, you are not going right. Your sunglasses are not worth the purchase if it bounces to your nose and even fall while riding. This creates lots of distractions and you are not able to enjoy your ride. We know that style is very important, it is secondary when it comes to sports. Try to find a frame that complements your comfort and looks both.


Once you select the frame, now comes the most crucial selection, lenses. What if you purchase a pair of sunglasses and just after one ride you see it covered with scratches? It aches! Purchasing a heavily priced pair with the wrong lenses isn’t a good combination. While selecting the lenses search for the lenses that can survive harsh weather conditions. Make sure to choose glasses with flexible or unbreakable lens materials. Protection from harmful UV rays is also a must.

What are the best types of lenses for cycling glasses?

Be it an online store or an offline retail store, you will find multiple options in lenses. Keep in mind the features your lenses must have:

Transition Lenses:


Transition lenses offer you great flexibility while cycling. These advanced light-adaptive lenses remain fully clear indoors but become completely dark as sunglasses when you move to sunlight. They offer great versatility as you can use the same pair of glasses as your prescription glasses and they also convert to sunglasses as you are cycling in the sun.

Polarised lenses:

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are best to select for sunny days. Riding on a sunny day may cause eye strain, and polarised lenses fix the problem. Polarised lenses are specially designed to block light passing through their lenses. This promotes clear vision and reduces eye strain, which makes the surroundings clear by reducing glare. Moreover, if you wear polarised lenses on a darker day or during different times of the day, the surroundings may appear to be darker. But, they are the perfect fit to fit the sun during your rides!

Specscart’s 5 Favourite Cycling Glasses

All the sports glasses frames at Specscart are made of TR-90 material, which makes the glasses strong and durable. We offer one of the best prices in the UK on Transition lenses. You can go with Transition XTRActive New Generation lenses for better protection from the sun as they transition from clear glasses to sunglasses at a quicker speed. They will assist you in every weather condition. You can also find a wide collection of sunglasses on our website, but teachers do have favourite students!

Here are Specscart’s 5 favourite cycling frames to select from:


Curran, being lightweight has won everyone’s hearts for so long. These medium and wide-sized glasses are perfect for all your sports activities.


Morgon supports a high level of clarity and stability during your ride. The bright temples in these glasses portray your love for sports.


You will be more than happy to rock these stylish Cook cycling glasses. Being flexible and lightweight, these provide you with easy-to-wear everyday lifestyle glasses.


Currans are our personal favourite. These frames will provide the best and most protective hugs to your eyes. The edges make it look so sporty, that you won’t be able to resist wearing them every time you go out.


These frames are stronger than Iron Man! Being flexible and lightweight, they are ready to fight all unpredictable weather conditions without any discomfort.

Wrapping it up

Who are those people who can deny a cycle ride? A cycle ride helps you experience and be around nature. Going along the roads and large trees, helps us embrace each part of it. However, there are different frames and lenses to select from, but Transition lenses will blend well with all the weather conditions. Confused about what to buy? Scroll out the collection of cycling glasses and rock the ride.

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