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Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas: A Guide for Glasses Wearers

Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas: A Guide for Glasses Wearers

Spooky season is here! It is that time of the year when you simmer your eyeball soup and bake the human brain cupcakes. Well, jokes apart, Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to ignite your alter ego and brew the best Halloween costume. Yes, yes, we do understand that there is hardly any time left to curate a full-blown and elaborate Halloween ensemble, which is more than just a basic vampire or ghoul outfit!

Well, fret not, as there is a solution - MAKEUP! Many hardcore Halloween fans feel that this year, it is all about focusing on makeup rather than just depending solely on your Halloween costume. Such advice becomes all the more relevant when a time crunch is looming overhead. Specscart is all prepared for an extravagant Halloween 2023, and our ‘skulls and skeletons’ are ready. But, as it is quite obvious, me and a few of my other teammates are lagging behind in the costume department. Therefore, we are taking recourse to makeup, especially eye makeup.

And, as it is quite obvious, anything (almost anything) that Specscart does pertain to spectacles and spectacle-wearers. Therefore, in this post, we will be discussing the best Halloween eye makeup ideas for glass-wearers. So, without further ado, let us begin this exciting endeavour.

Top 3 Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas for Glass Wearers

Halloween eye makeup is trending this year, which basically implies that you can add your own twist to a Halloween ensemble of your choice. Of course, you can flaunt special Halloween costumes for glass-wearers, but when the focus is on eye makeup, the hassle of curating an elaborate outfit is out of the picture.

Moreover, the fact that a large chunk of the UK population wears glasses means that ‘Halloween eye makeup for glass-wearers’ is more relevant than ever. The key is to remember that the glasses you wear are not a liability, but an asset. They are a great way to add depth and persona to your Halloween get-up and feel the character you are portraying in a better way.

Well, enough of blabbering now - let us dovetail into the three easy Halloween makeup tips for your eyes.

Zombie Eye Makeup for Glass Wearers

Young woman witch vampire halloween

Yes, a zombie ensemble can be quite a typical for Halloween, but this time we are mainly focusing on the makeup. Along with the tattered and worn-out clothes, and messy hair, the foolproof way to ace the zombie look for Halloween is by going wild with your eye makeup. The things you would need to ace the zombie eye makeup look are -

  • Extra long eyelash extensions
  • White face paint
  • Dark-toned eyeshadow
  • Red lipstick
  • Black eyeliner

Start by glueing extra long eyelash extensions onto your eyes. Then, smear your eyelids with black eyeshadow. Remember that there is no need to be precise and particular, and you can be wobbly and messy with the eye shadow.

Use white foundation or face paint to get the ‘dead zombie look.’ Finally, paint some vein-like strokes on your face with the help of black eyeliner. Voila, you are done! It is that easy. And to add more realism to your look, go crazy with your hair and make sure that it looks messy and chaotic. And what are the best pairs of spectacles to combine with your Zombie eye-makeup?

Well, you can wear any type of monocle, but sleek rimless glasses, like our CLIFFE 5, will bring out the best, and ensure that the attention is on your eye makeup.

The ‘Wacky Witch’ Halloween Eye Makeup

Blonde girl preparing halloween

Why be a basic witch, when you can be a ‘wacky witch’ this Halloween? Well, who is a ‘wacky witch,’ you may ask? She is someone who wears ‘glasses,’ of course. But, jokes apart, you can easily slay the witchy ensemble this 2023, and infuse it with your own twist by simply not giving up on your prescription glasses. In fact, the spectacles can be a weapon in your arsenal. Simply tweak your eye makeup according to your glasses for a cohesive look.

The things you need to ace the ‘wacky witch’ eye makeup look for Halloween are -

  • Black kohl
  • Black or purple lipstick
  • A pack of rhinestones (optional)

You can start by smudging some jet-black kohl on your waterline. Then, smudge the same kohl on your eyelids. Well, unlike the zombie eye makeup where you had the freedom to go bonkers, it is advisable that you create some contours and shapes with the kohl on your eyelids for the witchy Halloween look. A winged shape will, undoubtedly, put together the entire envisaged ensemble.

Then, glue some rhinestones near your eyebrows for some extra oomph and pizazz. And of course, what better way to top things off than a swipe of black or deep purple lipstick!

When it comes to the type of eyewear to pair with the ‘wacky witch’ look, violet-tinted eyeglasses, like our EDEN 1 will go a long way!

Looking for some easy-peasy eye makeup tips when you are donning glasses in your everyday life? Our blog will, definitely, be helpful!

Avant Garde Halloween Eye Makeup

Close up face girl with creative visage

Halloween is that time of the year when you can be anyone and ‘anything,’ actually. And, if you are in the mood for some fun and craziness, then an avant-garde eye makeup look with quality women’s glasses will be a great trajectory. The things required include-

  • Blue kohl or eyeliner
  • Pink or red lipstick
  • Golden and yellow eyeshadow

Take a blue kohl and draw some random lines around your eyes. Remember that the lines should look random and effortless but they must be prominent. Then, use the same kohl to draw your waterline and remember to do some smudging, as well. It is a great way to add extra drama. Take a yellow eyeshadow and apply it to your eyelids. You can be messy with the eyeshadow but not too much. Top it off with some gold-toned shimmers.

Use red or pink lipstick and draw the silhouette of a smaller lip on your mouth area. Then, use the same yellow eyeshadow used on your eyelids and apply it on the remaining portion of your lips. This Avant Garde eye makeup is unique, Halloween-appropriate, and reminiscent of the Red Queen from the movie - Alice in Wonderland.

And, of course, this Halloween get-up is incomplete without a pair of thick-framed black round glasses like our RHODES 1.

Lastly, when you come back from your Halloween party, do not forget to remove your eye makeup in a way that does not hurt your eyes!

Experiment with Halloween Eye Makeup Looks While Flaunting Eyeglasses

At Specscart, we firmly believe that eyeglasses are not a liability. Instead, they are an asset, which can accentuate your outfits and persona, and a Halloween ensemble is no exception. So, when you get ready for the spooky season of 2023, remember that the makeup you choose can be very much compatible with the eyeglasses you wear. It is all about changing the perception regarding glasses, and having ‘AFrameforEveryGame!’

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