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Do you know what is the right shape of glasses for round face?

Do you know what is the right shape of glasses for round face?

If you have got a round face that does not mean you must wear round glasses to enhance the beautiful features as well. Finding the right glasses that compliment your looks and shape of the face is a difficult task. It may take some round’s of wild tries before you settle on the perfect shape of glasses for round face.

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape in 4 Steps - Round face shape

Curves. Curves. Curves. The round face shape is all about soft curves and smooth lines that define the structure of the face.  Undoubtedly, the shape of the face is in the form of a circle with every feature on the face being in equal proportion. By this, it means that the width and the length of the same are equal. Besides, it is pretty easy to spot a round face shape due to the absence of sharpness and strong angles.

The round face consists of the following four basic characteristics:-


Wide Forehead

People with round faces might have noted that their forehead is clearly wider than the other features of the face. The hairline is broad and the forehead is wider than the jaw-line giving it the shape of a semi-round or half-circle shaped forehead.

Heavy Cheeks

In the case of a round shape face, the cheeks appear full and round. No, there are no pointed cheeks or angles on either side of the face. In fact, the cheeks are highly placed on the face.

Smooth Jawline

The jawline of round face shaped people is purely soft, smooth and slightly curved. There are no hard lines, pointers or ‘’squareness’’ on the jawline. Rather, the jawline is round and makes a curve.

Round Chin

The roundness of the chin is clearly visible in case of people with the round face shape. Definitely, there are curves on the chin to complete the circle/ roundness of the face shape.

How to select the best glasses for round face shape?

Since there are no angles or pointers on the face, the most important thing is to add some angles to the face. The purpose is to include contrast to the natural curves of the round face shape. By adding angles, the face appears a little longer though. It is better to choose eyeglasses that are taller instead of being wider in shape. 

What shape glasses for round face? Any shape that can give the illusion of elongating the face and add height to the face is the perfect shape of glasses for round face. Bold, plastic frames, bright colours, prints, brow detailing, stone encrusted, embellishments, etc. are a few tricks that the round face shape. Also, clear, transparent, thin or rimless glasses with nose-pads make eyes appear wider since the nose-pad prevent the glasses from resting on the cheeks

Check out the best shape of glasses for a round face that looks awesome.  

Geometric Frames


The unconventional and unusual shaped geometric frames having sharp angles or pointers add distinguishing lines to the face and create a balance. From stars, hexagon, D-shape, octagon, butterfly etc. will surely accentuate your face shape, being the perfect glasses for round face shape.

Rectangular Frames 


Rectangular frames with pointed angles add sharpness to the face, making it appear longer and reducing the width of the face. The strong lines hide the softness of the face and give it more angles.

Cat Eyes/ Upswept Frames


The upswept frames such as cat eyes, D-frames, etc. having high temples can draw attention to the upper part of the face. The upswept and extended temples make the face shape look taller and prove to be the best shape of glasses for round face.



Browline glasses are also one of the best glasses for round face shape with detailing on the browlines including embellishments, stones, patterns and designs. Browline shapes with broad frames in full-rim or half-rim look appealing.

The Good old Pilots


Pilots are evergreen and go well with every face shape. As a complimenting glasses for round face shape, Pilots with sharp angles in broad frames look amazing on round face shape people.

Word of Caution: As a rule of thumb, round face shape people should avoid wearing round glasses or glasses with curves. Because the purpose of selecting the glasses for round face shape is to add angles, sharpness and pointers to the face while slightly deviating the soft curves of the face.

If you have got a round face too, then flaunt it with any of the above-mentioned eyeglasses and attract compliments. To find out if the eyeglasses will look great on your face, then try glasses on at home before placing your order.

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