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How to find the right glasses for oval face shape?

How to find the right glasses for oval face shape?

As the name suggests, the oval face shape of the people has a rounded structure with a slightly elongated outline.  Oval face shape is considered as one of the ideal shapes of the face that can carry various shapes and sizes of eyeglasses easily.  The oval shape of the face resembles a bit like an egg having two opposite sides being a little flattened from the cheeks while the forehead and chin are stretched a little upward and downward as compared to the round face shapes. 

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape in 4 Steps

Oval face shape is defined by the softly curved lines around the jaw and forehead. The best part about the oval face shape is the absence of any hard or sharp features in the face. All the features of the face i.e. the forehead, cheekbones and chin are equally proportionate. The following are the basic features of the oval shape of the face:

Curved Jawline

The oval shape of the face has a slightly curved jawline with little roundness. Although their jawline is neither sharp nor pointed as in case of the square or rectangular face shape. The rounded jawline gives softness to the face.

Broad forehead

The wide hairline and broad forehead is the distinguishing factor of the oval face shape.  Moreover, the forehead appears a little wider than the chin forming the resemblance to the shape of an egg.

High cheekbones

In case of oval face shape, the person has a little highly placed cheekbones which carry the roundness as well. There are no pointers or harsh lines of the cheeks.

Rounded Chin

The chin area in case of the people with the oval shape of the face is round and not pointed and the face is slightly longer than its width. 

How to select the best glasses for oval face shape?

The Oval face shape can pull off many types of eyeglasses ranging from square, browline, pilots, round, rectangle and cat-eyes. The key is to reduce the length of the face and make it look a little wider than any other broadest part of the face i.e. cheeks or forehead. 

Round frame

The round shape of glasses for an oval face that is not too small but covers the eyebrows and wide enough to cover the broadest part of the face are a good choice. Consider that the round size should not appear too small on the oval face. Round or circle glasses look good on both men and women, be it rimless or full-rim in style.  Thin frames in classic Black, Metallic, dark shades, titanium and acetate look appealing and enhance the beauty of the face.


Rectangle frame

The rectangle is one of the best oval face shape glasses male can swear on. The pointed angles of the rectangle glasses give a professional and studious look to the face of men when crafted in thin metal, thick wide plastic, transparent, or dual-tone frames. Women may also select rectangle glasses in thin or thick frames with a variety of colours, patterns, marble effect, spotty pattern, etc. to choose from.


Square frame

Square glasses with the upper part of the lenses bring wider than the lower part are considered as a good option for oval face shape glasses. These are one of the smart choices for oval face shape glasses, a male can easily pull off better than the women.


Cat-eye frame

The perfect oval face shape glasses, female can look at her best is the cat eyes glasses with the temples extended outwards and broader than the widest features of the face.  Women can sport cat eyeglasses in a better manner than men. From multiple colours, broad, pattern, transparent, dual-tone, animal print, embellishment, or even stone encrusted, cat eyes are the girl’s best bet.


Browline frame

These Browline eyeglasses along with the double bridge pairs look amazing on both men and women. These glasses are definitely one of the best picks that accentuate your features with ease. The unique combination of a studious style and sleek design makes these eyeglasses worth an investment. Stand out among the huge pack by putting them on.

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Pilots frame

Pilot glasses are effortlessly trendy and stylish. Perfect for oval-shaped faces, these glasses can be paired with different kinds of ensembles. You can explore the pairs and choose the one that looks best to you.

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Wondering if you have an oval face shape? Then go take the help of your friend or stand in front of the mirror and check out yourself if the aforementioned pointers characterise your face shape as well. Then choose the right oval face shape glasses and display your best style forward.

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