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How to pick glasses for triangle face shape?

How to pick glasses for triangle face shape?

When you buy glasses for men online, it is important to know your face shape, and the ideal glasses for it. Triangle is not just a geometrical shape, it also resembles one of the most common shapes of the face. By triangle face shape, it means a triangle just like the one which has pointed angles on the top and the flat base underneath. The best description of this face type could be the shape of a tall standing mountain having a narrow peak. Hence, this face shape is also known as a base-down triangle face shape. Finding triangle face shaped glasses can sometimes be tricky, but there are always tips and tricks to find the way out. You can go to our face shape guide to find the glasses that match your face shape.

How to Figure Out Triangle Face Shape in 4 Steps

glasses for triangle face shape explaination

Triangle faces are narrower from the top and broad from the bottom. To spot a triangle face, watch out for the jaw-line area. If the jaw appears as the widest feature of the face as compared to the forehead and the cheeks. So, here are the major points that are distinguishing features of triangular face shape and will help you to get glasses for triangle faces.

Narrow Forehead

Beginning from the top of the face, people with the triangle face shape have a narrow forehead. With this, it means that the forehead is smaller in width when compared to the other features of the face i.e. cheeks and jawline. Along with that, the hairline also seems to be narrow and when you check out the length between the forehead and the eyebrows, there appears to be a huge distance between two.

Wide Cheek-bones

People with the triangle face shape have wide cheekbones, with the cheeks appearing round or fuller.  The cheek-bones are wither in symmetry with the jaw-line or are little narrower than jaw. 

Broadest jaw-line

The jaw-line is the widest and most identifiable feature of people having a triangle face shape that resembles the base of the triangle. Although the jaw-line is broad, it is not necessarily to be pointed or angular. It can also be soft and subtle.

Flat Chin

In the case of base-down triangle face shape, the chin appears to be flat or well-rounded. There is an absence of a pointed or angular chin.

How to select the best triangle face shape glasses?

Eyeglasses with the broader upper part of the frame and narrower lower part are the best glasses for triangular face shaper people. The important point to keep in mind is to keep the lower part of the Thus, following glasses which are heavier and broad on the top part are the best glasses for triangle shape.

Cat-eyes glasses

Cat eyes glasses are amongst one of the few eyeglasses that work well with many face shapes including glasses for triangle face shape female. The extended temples complement the triangle face shape. With detailing and patterns such as tortoise-shell, leopard print, marble effect, spotty frames, dual-tone etc. can be selected to add width to the forehead.


Browline frames 

Frames having heavy upper parts like those of browline frames with the double bridge are one of the most suitable glasses for a triangle face shape male. Frames that have heavy detailing on temples with precious stones and designs will balance the narrowness of the forehead while making the jawline appear small.


Wider frame

Eyeglasses having wider frames or oversize can be selected to enhance the upper part of the face. This will take away the broadness of the face and will make the face look equally proportionate. Also unusual shape glasses with the smaller lower part and broader upper part.


Semi-rim style

Eyeglasses with semi-rim styles diminish the appearance of a wide jawline and accentuate the upper part of the face.  The semi-rim style of eyeglasses in metal frames are on-lookers delight that gives an impressive appearance to the user. 


Oval Glasses

Even Oval glasses with designer frames also look attractive as glasses for triangle face shape.  Rimless, half-rim or full-rim eyeglasses in multiple colours, design, metal, pattern acetate.


Extended upswept

Eyeglasses having extended upswept features also take away the attention from the broad jawlines and balance the face by making the narrow forehead appear equally proportionate. These eyewears fall under inverted triangle face shape glasses.


As a word of caution, avoid eyeglasses with a broader lower portion as it will make jawline appear wider. 

Now that you know what are the most suitable glasses for triangular face shape, get a couple of these above-mentioned impressive non-prescription or prescription glasses and put your best foot forward.


Though these geometric face shapes are common, yet sometimes it becomes difficult to find glasses. But we just hope that now you will be able to identify your face shape correctly and this guide will help you to get the perfect pair of glasses for your triangle face shape.

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