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Reading glasses strength may increase by age | Specscart® Blog

Reading glasses strength may increase by age | Specscart® Blog

Are you aware of your reading glasses strength by age? Yes! This news might sound surprising but there are variations of reading glasses powered by age. As we get older, our eyes also turn old with us and hence our vision starts to deteriorate with time. We are most likely to need reading glasses at an old age and a certain stage of age demands for a specific power lens while the other age group asks for another.

When things appear blurring from a distance or close by, then there is every possibility that the vision has refractive errors and fails to focus on objects clearly. If you are having a hard time reading your newspaper, books or menu card at a restaurant then you might need to get yourself a good pair of reading glasses with strength. The other symptoms of requiring reading glasses are also experiencing constant eye strain, headaches and unclear image. The main reason behind this in ability to see objects like you used to do has different reasons like age, familial or from birth. You can develop eye condition at any age, though reading glasses are mostly needed at an older age but studious personalities who confine themselves reading a lot are also more subjected to getting prescribed reading glasses with different strangth.So if you are prescribed reading glasses, then you’ll know your type of reading glasses strength chart by age that is advised by your optometrist or written in your prescription. Find out how you can learn about anyone’s strength of reading glasses by age through these different ways and can buy glasses online .

What’s the eye condition that needs reading glasses?

Reading Glasses

These vision disorders are caused due to myopia (nearsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness) and presbyopia. Besides, with age comes changes in the natural lens of the eyes, especially after attaining 40 years of age.  This may lead to complications of vision disorders such as presbyopia, that is a condition of the eyes whereby the eyes loses the ability to clearly focus on the objects that are at a closer distance. This means it becomes tough to read, do needle works, using a smartphone, etc. from a distance of arm’s length, just like in the case of hypermetropia. Let us examine what glasses strength do you require. There are certain reading glasses age charts that one should follow before buying reading glasses.

How do you know what strength reading glasses to get?

It is a good habit of getting regular eye check-ups done to find out the correct solution and eye care options. Generally, the eyeglasses are recommended by the ophthalmologist or the medical practitioner to correct the vision disorders of the eyes. The eyeglasses have a power strength in lenses that are measured by the unit of Dioptres. The power of lenses can be assessed through methods such as using a chart, eyeglasses or computerised testing.

With the help of eye chart having alphabets ranging from bigger fonts on the top row to smaller fonts in decreasing order. To perform eye test sit at least 10 feet away from the chart and read the alphabets by covering one eye at a time. If you are unable to ready any alphabet or anything appears blurry, you have shortsightedness. In this case, glasses with negative power strength are required to correct refractive disorders.

Similarly, keep the chart around 14 inches away from the eyes and start reading with one eye open and the other one closed. If you are finding it difficult to read, then you have longsightedness or presbyopia. This way reading glasses strength by age chart can be analysed for presbyopia.  This means that the lenses with positive power strengths are required to correct vision defects.

Apart from the above-mentioned method, there is the availability of computerised eye testing facilities at most of the well-known eyewear manufacturers like Specscart.  In this method, the individual is made to sit in front of the computerised machine and asked to see through the image. Within few seconds printed results are provided including reading glasses strength by age. 

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Here’s how to estimate your lens Power?

As we all know, the power of the lens varies depending on your age group. Whenever opticians decide about your strength, they use an eye chart with printed text for you to read and determine your condition. The line you have difficulty reading is what your eye condition is about and hence they’ll prescribe you with lenses that correct it.

Ranging from positive or negative dioptres, the power strength varies from 0.50 to 8.00. The prescription glasses are helpful in changing the course of the light rays and permit focus on the retina. Hence, the objects whether far or near appear clear. Take a look in the charge to determine the strength with the age. The highest strength reading glasses are +8.00, whereas the lowest strength reading glasses start from +.50.

reading glasses strength by age

Where to get reading glasses strength by age?

You can get reading glasses strength by age at Specscart - the leading manufacturer and direct seller of its product. Having an immense range of eyeglasses in several colours, design, shapes, and shapes to suit your style and the current trend. You can even try glasses on at home before placing final order by selecting any four pairs for a trial basis for a week. Once happy with the performance, you can place the order and get same day glasses benefits.

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