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Single Vision vs. Progressive Lenses- A Comprehensive Guide

Single Vision vs. Progressive Lenses- A Comprehensive Guide

Whenever you place an order with us, we provide you with three ‘lens type’ options- Single-vision, Premium Varifocals and Non-prescription lenses. Both single-vision and premium varifocals (also referred to as progressive lenses) are prescription glasses. But, how are they different from one another?

This blog revolves around the ‘difference between single-vision and progressive lenses’, - stay tuned as we explore the nitty gritty of both the lens types.

Single-vision Lenses

Distance and Reading

Eyeglasses with single-vision lenses are used to look at one particular distance- either near or far. Whether you are having problems while looking at road signs or reading books, these functional pairs will help you get a crystal clear vision.

Single-vision lenses are used to deal with the following eye health concerns:


Individuals suffering from presbyopia are less likely to focus on close objects. However, presbyopia is an eye condition that is mostly prevalent among the age group 40+. To solve this problem, one can rely on reading glasses- all you need to do is get in touch with an optometrist and that’s all! With us, you will get free eye tests- book your online appointment today.

Hyperopia or Farsightedness

In farsightedness or hyperopia, you will face problems while looking at close objects. For instance- you are reading a book but somehow the words written on it are blurry. This is a sign of hyperopia that can be corrected with single-vision lenses.

Myopia or Nearsightedness

Speaking of nearsightedness or myopia, you face challenges while looking at distant objects. In such cases, you should consult your doctor without any further ado- they will prescribe you single-vision lenses so that you can pamper your eyesight.


Irregularly shaped cornea paves the way toward causing astigmatism. Here, you might get exposed to blurry vision at both far and near distances. Thanks to the advent of single-vision lenses, dealing with this issue is highly possible now.

Now, you might wonder- How am I supposed to understand whether I need single-vision lenses or not? Well, there are certain symptoms that you need to know and address before it’s too late:

  • Severe eye fatigue or headaches after reading books for prolonged hours.
  • Blurry or fuzzy vision.
  • Night blindness- lack of proper lighting conditions can make it difficult for you to look at different objects.
  • Continuous squinting of your eyes.
  • Glares and halos around glowing objects.

Addressing these concerns and getting your eyes checked is a must- you are not supposed to overlook it at all. Once your optometrist prescribes you single-vision lenses, you can get back to us and purchase tailored glasses that are exclusively curated with high-quality materials. Let’s take a quick look at the different single-vision lens coatings offered by us:

  • Clear Fully Loaded: With us, you will get clear fully loaded lenses for free. Enjoy anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch, and impact-resistant coatings.
  • Digital Blue Protection: With blue light filter coatings on your glasses, you can keep your eyes safe from the harmful effects of blue light released from digital devices.
  • Sunglasses Tints: You can convert your simple prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses with the tint of your choice.
  • Transitions Light Adaptive Lenses: Transitions light adaptive lenses allow you to get one pair that does it all for you. It remains fully clear indoors and converts to sunglasses as you move out of the room to sunlight.

Progressive or Varifocal Lenses

Progressive or Varifocal Lenses

Now that we are aware of single-vision lenses, let’s take a moment to develop an idea about varifocal lenses.

Varifocal or progressive lenses accommodate different powers to look at different distances- near, intermediate and far. If you have both myopia and hyperopia, relying on these progressive lenses will indeed be the best bet- you no longer need to juggle between multiple pairs. You can check out our blog on ‘Who Should Wear Varifocals’ to learn more about this.

Seamless transition, aesthetic design and comfortable to don- glasses with progressive lenses will make your everyday life a lot easier. Also, these glasses don’t encourage a disruptive jump from one lens power to another- factors like this often expose us to nausea and irritation.

Getting adjusted to progressives might take some time- don’t be afraid if you start experiencing headaches or eye strain in the beginning. Under severe scenarios, feel free to consult your optometrist.

At Specscart, we offer three types of premium varifocal lenses. They are:

  • Innovator 4D: These are premium varifocals that are tailor-made to offer smooth transition between different focal points. It is based on Digital RayPath technology, which is far ahead of traditional varifocals that are based on Freeform technology. It is best for those who want varifocals to improve their modern digital lifestyle due to its enhanced mid-range vision.
  • Varifocals- Innovator UHD: Innovator UHD is our most advanced and newest-generation varifocals with the widest field of vision at all focal points. It offers an even smoother transition across the focal points which makes it a great choice for those who want varifocal lenses for driving or sports.
  • ZEISS SmartLife Plus Varifocals: For existing Zeiss wearers and those who want the best possible vision experience, we’ve collaborated with Zeiss UK to bring their Zeiss SmartLife Plus Varifocals at the best possible prices in the UK. It is meant for people with a connected on-the-move lifestyle. You can switch between different focal points with the best possible experience.

That’s all about single-vision lenses and progressive lenses. With our super-fast checkout process, you can now place an order within 40 seconds. Whether you are looking for single-vision or progressive lenses, we are just a few clicks away.

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