Pros and Cons of Transition glasses


Published on December 17, 2020, 8:19 pm

Pros and Cons of Transition glasses

Winter is already here! To make the most out of sunlight and least out of the risk of UV rays, you must always come well prepared. Don’t forget to shield your eyes from the detrimental UV rays. But don’t just opt for sunglasses this year, swap it with transitions for improved convenience and protection. 


What are Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses are the smart lenses that change the colour from light to dark immediately when exposed to sunlight. These lenses are smart enough to change their colour when exposed to sunlight. The transition lenses change to clear glasses in the absence of sunlight. They are also known as “Photochromic Lenses” which block 100% UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Transition lenses have their benefits and are available in 3 colours- green, grey, and brown.

The glasses are completely clean inside and have the fastest speed to change from clear to tint and vice versa. The speciality of these lenses is that they are suitable for every frame.

Among various photochromic lenses, we have got the best for you. These lenses will make your visual experience better and more exciting. Let us see the lenses that are best for you-

Best Transition Lenses 2023

So 2023 is coming, and we should be prepared for new fashion, new accessories and glasses too. Every season demands a pair of new glasses along with different lenses, be it summer or winter. Transition lenses are one of those which help people experience better in every season. During both summer and winter, transition lenses are required for various reasons. We must use the best photochromic glasses every season for a fantastic visual experience.

While we talk of the best photochromic lenses, we have got Signature GEN 8 glasses for you. These transition lenses block 100% UV rays of the sun and provide blue light protection, and makes the glasses more comfortable and unique. The lenses take less time to change the colour in the required situation compared to other lenses.

Signature GEN 8 lenses are the first light intelligent photochromic lens with revolutionary nano-composite performance. It also offers optimum vision, comfort, and protection all day long.

Best Photochromic Reading Glasses

We all are aware of the fact when, why, and who needs reading glasses. Now the question comes: can we use photochromic lenses for reading? Well, the answer is yes! Photochromic lenses can be used for reading purposes. We have the best glasses frames that are suitable for your reading glasses. Since our photochromic lenses provide you with the best, we provide our customers with the best photochromic reading glasses for their better reading experience.

Best Transition Lenses for Driving

Transition lenses are not usually for driving as the windows and the glasses already block the light and act as a shield for the eyes. But while driving, the glare can cause disturbances, and hence we need transition glasses for that. XTRActive lenses are the best for driving (though we do not have them right now, planning to have them soon), and our Signature GEN 8 glasses are also suitable for driving.

The different tints of the glasses make them the best transition lenses for driving after XTRActive lenses. Our Signature GEN 8 lenses are powerful in blocking the harmful rays from the sun and provide the best experience with the transition lenses.

Why transitions?


For people with refractive error, prescription glasses are an all-time need. But in the winters or summer, maintaining sunglasses and glasses at the same time becomes extremely tricky. Especially when the scorching sun constantly bothers your eyes when you are outdoors. It’s obviously not possible to wear sunglasses on top of the prescription eyeglasses. 


In such times, you are forced to choose either sunglasses or prescription glasses. Even if you try to hassle between the two at times of need, keeping track of each accessory becomes unmanageable. Enter transition glasses. These types of glasses work according to your needs. The transition lenses darken when it’s exposed to the sunlight and return into your regular prescription glasses when you are indoors. 


If you are new to transition glasses, then check out our pros and cons to evaluate how well it fits your requirement.


Pros of wearing Transition Glasses


1. Convenience -


It goes without saying that transition glasses are of utmost convenience. While protecting your eyes from the sun, these glasses also correct your vision indoors and outdoors. All that, without any additional help required. 


In these modern times where we are occupied with ample work and responsibility, glasses must be the least of our problems. Many times, people can’t keep track of constantly exchanging these glasses from outdoors to indoors. So often, they step out in the sun, without any UV protection.


Which leads to inviting severe eye disease and conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. According to the National Eye Institute, more than 20% of cataracts are a result of prolonged hours of UV exposure. Even then cataracts can be corrected, but conditions like AMD can lead to retinal damage, causing permanent sight loss.


To stop the struggle and increase your comfort, transition glasses make a great choice.


2. Cost-effective -


 If you love your hard-earned money, then transition glasses save a lot of it. Rather than buying designer sunglasses and prescription glasses separately, just invest in a multi-tasking pair that contains both of these features. 


Transition glasses or, also known as photochromic lenses end up with the benefit of two different eyewear - UV protection and vision correction.  You get the best of both worlds, rolled into one simple solution. 


3. Less chance of losing glasses -


You know the drill, we are all guilty of forgetting things. From car keys, significant documents to glasses and sunglasses, nothing is forborne from our poor memory. But, forgetfulness can cause us severe eye problems from the detrimental UV rays. Carrying two different pairs of glasses is a direct call for either losing or misplacing one of them. It’ll happen with you quite often than you imagine. 


But with Transition glasses, you don’t have to worry about losing them. It’s a breeze to wear transition lenses all day without any problem. 


4. UV Protection - 


Even if you have a slight suspicion regarding the effectiveness of transition lenses against UV rays, it’s time to get rid of them. Transition glasses are even more functional and protective than your ordinary pair of sunglasses. 


These glasses filter out a great number of harmful UV rays, giving you healthy and happy eyesight. Transition glasses from us are polarised, anti-reflective, and offer 99.9% UVA and UVB protection all the while.


5. Stunning range of styles and design -


You know us, we’ll never let you go unnoticed and without a pair of stylish eyeglasses. All of our transition glasses come in a myriad of exquisite styles, shades, patterns, and tints suitable for everyone's taste.


At us, you can choose any frame to be glazed with transition lenses so that you won’t have to limit your fashion senses. Rather, we encourage you to get carried away with our glamorous range of well-designed eyeglasses. 


Cons of Transition Glasses


Does the bad outweigh the good? You are about to find out: 


1. Not great for vehicles - 


Transition glasses darken in response to the exposure of UV rays. But when you are in your car, the windshield can often bl0ck them. As a result, transition glasses don’t work that effectively in cars or other vehicles. 


2. Not great for windy or rainy weather - 


Although transition lenses are handy, they aren’t always helpful for all seasons. Transition lenses don’t function compellingly on rainy or windy days, meaning they take a longer time to adapt to UV rays.


3. Lack of polarisation - 


As we’ve mentioned before, we offer polarised transition but not all brands do. Transition lenses that aren’t polarised are often a target of harsh glares from the surrounding. That can cause eye discomfort and pain. So opt for only polarised transition glasses.


4. Not all Transition glasses are effective - 


Hate to inform you, but not all brands offer high-quality and effective photochromic glasses. Some don’t react quickly to UV rays exposure while others don’t darken enough which can impact your vision. So invest in only the best (Hint - Us).


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