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Bearded Men Fashion | Glasses to suit your rugged look

Bearded Men Fashion | Glasses to suit your rugged look

Rarely do we speak of bearded men and glasses in the same sentence. When we think of glasses, our mind goes straight to the trendy styles that models and celebrities wear. But, nobody understands the quandary of finding glasses that complement your whiskers.

If you look on the brighter side, you have two assets to alter your face shape with. Beard comes in all shapes and sizes and so do glasses. So, the next question is - how do you mix them both?

Well, you can look up to celebrities famous for their beard and glasses look, which I must say might take a lot of time. Or, take the easy ride and give a few minutes of your time to this blog.

Famous Beard and Glasses Style for Your Face Shape

No two face shapes are identical, let’s start from there. But there are some common features and elements that put them into a specific category. While it is not a universal science, here is a quick rundown of different face shapes and what famous beard and glasses styles work for each of them.

1. Round Face

Unless you want to swoon ladies with your babyface look, I would recommend toning down your chubby cheeks and creating angles and lines for your natural symmetry.

  • Beard Style - Luckily, you have facial hair to slim down your face. Trim down your beard from the sides and grow it long and thick on the chin. This will give a sharp appearance to your face without making it look unnatural.
  • Frame Style - As for the glasses, choose a sharp rectangular style to balance out the roundness of your face and make it look longer. Classic square and square glasses frames that extend the width of your face will do the job as well.
    Gerald Butler and Leonardo DiCaprio are some of the famous people with beard styles and glasses that suit a round face.

2. Oval face

If you think anything would work for an oval face, you are right, although, not completely. You have the best of both round and square features. And thus, most of the famous beard and glasses styles will work in your favour.

  • Beard Style - While your options are almost endless, don’t take up a style that would make your face look weirdly longer than it actually is. A 3-day stubble beard or 5 O’clock shadow will suit you the best. But, if you like a goatee or royal beard, I’ll say, go for it.
  • Frame Style - Speaking of frame styles, you’re lucky in this regard too. If regular styles are not your thing, try out pilot glasses or oversized silhouettes to stick out a mile. If you want to keep it light and real, go for clear glasses frames for men. Having colourless frames, these glasses will keep attention to your perfect features.

3. Square Face

If you have this face shape, I already know your favourite thing about your face - your strong jawline. Let’s see the famous beard and glasses styles for you.

  • Beard Style - The aim should be to enhance the beautiful angles of your face, not hide them. Go for a petite goatee that will keep the focus on your broad chin. Beard styles that are shorter from the sides and fuller on the chin will elongate your face and make it appear more oval.
  • Frame Style - Now that you are done with the sharpness of your face, it’s time to balance out your look. Curvy or round silhouettes will help to soften your angular features. A square beard combined with a pair of pilot glasses will balance out your natural structure while enhancing your jawline.

4. Diamond and Heart-shaped Face

Both of these face shapes are almost similar except the fact that a heart-shaped face shape is narrow from the forehead while a diamond face is narrow around the eye line too.

  • Beard Style - Let the beard grow out beneath your jaw and keep it small around the Sideburns and the chin. Trim it down into an oval shape so your cheekbones don’t appear angular.
  • Frame Style - Go for wide browline frames that’ll add width to your forehead and tone down the appearance of your prominent cheekbones. You may as well try out a square style for a professional appeal. Rimless glasses will blend well with your every look and give you an intellectual appeal.

5. Oblong Face

An oblong face shape is naturally elegant. With slim sides and a narrow jawline, this profile looks visibly longer than its wide.

  • Beard Style - Grow a thick beard to hide the boundary of your face. You want to make it look rounder than oval. So, make sure the beard is thick on the sides to give an illusion of width to your face.
  • Frame Style - Square glasses are the best to hide the length and give a wider appearance to your face. Two-toned glasses that are darker at the top and gradually fade away towards the bottom will also work to take attention away from the length.

You know what they say, One can always trust a man with a beard and glasses. Rock a beard and feel confident in your skin. To feel the best version of yourself, finish off your look with a cool pair of glasses.

You may want to order glasses online to unlock the world of frame options for your particular face shape. Pay for the barbershop visits with the money you’ll save on glasses when you buy them from us.

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