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Is it time to buy glasses? 7 signs you shouldn’t ignore

Is it time to buy glasses? 7 signs you shouldn’t ignore

61% of the UK population wear glasses and the number is increasing every year. But, not every person you see on the streets with their eyes hiding behind glasses are doing so for the sake of their vision. Some people like how glasses change their appearance and make them look smarter.

With so many people sporting a frame, you must have asked yourself “do I need glasses”? Well, chances are that you do but just don’t know it yet.

When vision loss sets in, it does at a gradual pace. Some of us notice the change but we keep putting off the appointment with the eye doctor because we find it inconvenient. For other people, the signs that they need glasses could be a sudden revelation.

To save yourself from the shock, I am going to list some common signs of deteriorating vision just to give you a heads up.

Blurry Vision

If you can’t see the poster on your bedroom wall clearly when you enter the room or if the cover of your favourite book has become blurry, then you might have developed nearsightedness or farsightedness.

If the world around you has become a blurry mess, you don’t need to waste your thinking do I need glasses. Cuz clearly, you do!

But, you don’t have to worry about this problem as there are prescription glasses to help you get that 20/20 vision. Just get an eye test, get your prescription and go ahead and shop for a brand new pair. To save your time and money, buy glasses online.

Squinting to See

Squinting is common when we see bright lights as our eyes are not designed to take in loads of light. But, if you have started to squint often and not specifically in bright lights, then it could be due to refraction in the eye.

Squinting frequently is one of the most common symptoms of needing glasses in adults. When the images appear blurry to us, the muscles in our iris contract to give us more crisp vision. However, squinting could be a sign of lazy eye in kids that occurs due to abnormal vision development in early childhood years.

Eye Strain Kicks in Every Day

Eye strain is a common thing. It happens to us all when we overwork our eyes with visually taxing tasks. But, if it has become a regular thing, the situation could be a lot more alarming than you think.

Eye pain or strain is common when you spend too much time looking at blue light-filled screens. This is why experts recommend using prescription blue light blocking glasses during screen time.

But, if the pain is accompanied by problems with eye movements, things could be more serious. Make sure you see an eye doctor about this problem.

Frequent Headaches

Tension headaches are not a rare thing. But when they start to bother you every day, then that could be a potential problem. Especially the headaches that also bring along eye pain could be one of the signs that you need glasses.

When something is off with your eyes, you’ll have to focus even harder to see the objects around you in clear sight. This intense focus would lead to headaches over time signalling you to get an eye test and wear glasses.

Everything gets Doubled up

If you are sober and you see two things, you should not take this problem lightly. Whether the images appear side to side or on top of one another, you need to book an eye test and see what’s causing this problem.

Double vision is also known as diplopia and is one of the most common signs that you need glasses. You can ward off the problem with the use of the right prescription glasses.

If you need glasses urgently, you can buy glasses from us as we give 24-hour glasses delivery in the UK so you don’t have to put up with your vision problems for long.

Seeing Halos Around Lights

When your eyes are unable to focus light on the retina correctly, the images formed are rather blurry. This unfocused light could cause you to see circles or halos around light sources such as bulbs and headlights.

While this problem can be taken care of with glasses, sometimes halos could be a sign of cataracts. Don’t let this problem go unresolved. Check with an optometrist or eye doctor to rule out the cause.

Reading has Become Taxing on Your Eyes

If you notice that reading a book, newspaper, magazine or restaurant menu has become rather difficult, the right pair of reading glasses will help you out.

If you have to hold the reading material close to your face to see it clearly, then you definitely need a pair of reading glasses that will magnify your field of vision and make the letters appear large.

However, don’t just go and buy a pair of reading glasses from the drugstore. Consult an eye doctor to find the right magnification strength for you.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to need glasses at some point in the future. None of us can escape natural vision changes. It’s good to know what signs to look out for so when they do occur, you can act on the situation quickly and save your vision from deteriorating further.

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