How to find the right glasses for square face shape?


Published on February 12, 2020, 12:33 pm

How to find the right glasses for square face shape?

There is more than one thing that Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake have in common among them. Apart from being most sought after Hollywood celebrities, they all are blessed with the square face shape. This is this square shape of the face that distinguishes them from the other personalities and are easily recognised through the facial features. 

How to Figure Out Your Square Face Shape in 4 Steps?

How to find the right glasses for square face shape

To identify whether you have a square-shaped face or not, you need to focus on a few aspects of your face. The facial features play a major role in differentiating square face from others face structures.

Angular Jawline

The most prominent feature of square face shape is the clearly defined angular jawline. With the pointed and broad jaw-line, the shape of the face appears flat from the bottom. The chin is not pointed and is round which gives a square look to the face.  

Broad forehead

The forehead appears to be wide and the hairline is also broad which represents the square side of the face.  The clear broad forehead display is one of the pointers of the square face shape.

Pointed cheeks

The cheeks are also pointed in case of square face shape and they are not round as compared to other shape structures.

Flat chin

When it comes to the shape of the chin in case of square face shape people, they appear to be pointed and are not round or pointed. 

How to select glasses for square face shape?

Thinking of buying glasses for square face shape then consider the fact that since the people with square face shape consists of pointed and angular features, therefore, it is important to make the features soft and hide the flaws of the pointed angles. Thus, while selecting the eyeglasses keep in mind that the eyeglasses should have round angles and avoid the pointed temples. 

Best Eyeglasses for square face shape includes :

Oval Frames

Oval frames have flattered circles in the shape of eggs are perfect to heal the angles and pointed features of a square-shaped face. The frame can be oversized or of medium size depending upon the size and structure of the face. If the square face is of bigger size comparatively than a small size oval frames will not look suitable as they will enhance the broadness of the face. In this case, oval frames in rimless or half-rim style with little oversized glasses will look complimenting.  

Oval cat eyeglasses in Matte Black

These rimless oval shape Tom Archer eyeglasses are sure to win your heart and look appealing on your face with the setting in a metal frame. 

Rimless Cat-Eye Glasses

The ‘egg’ shape of the oval glasses with a hint of cat eyes in metal are the best glasses for square face shape female and men both.

Round Frames

Round ‘John Lennon’ glasses are an extremely good option of glasses for square face shape, female and male.  Since round glasses have an absence of any pointers or angles in the frame shape, these glasses look amazingly impressive and work well in balancing the sharpness of the square shape face people. 

The branded designer Tom Archer eyeglasses can lighten the pointed features of the square shape glasses that are set in silver bridge and temples with rimless style.

Round Rimless Glasses

Even circle glasses that are a bit flattened from the top and rounded from the bottom if set in tortoise-shell will do good to soften the square shape.

Silver Grey Marble Glasses in Wayfarer

Cat-eyes Frames

Cat-eyes are girls best friend wherein the upper part or the browline is flat and the lower portion of the eyeglasses is round. Cat eyes neutralise the square face shape hardness and inculcate the softness in the face. With the rounded curves of the cat eyes, the sharpness withers away, provided you are not choosing the extended temples or the pointed angular cat eyes.

Dark Red Translucent Cat eye Glasses

Get this frame here.

Red Tortoise Cat-Eye Round Glasses

Cat eyes frames with prominent ears help to reduce the sharpness of square face shapes.

Burgundy Red and Gold Metal Cat Eye Glasses

Transparent beige cat-eyes are definitely impressive and will be the noticeable feature on any square face shape.

Creamy Brown Translucent Glasses

For the colour combinations, the colour black is always on the safer side. Apart from that, you can go for rimless styles in metal frames that give the illusion of enhancing the length of the face. Moreover, pastel and light colours like beige, cream, white, transparent (Clear), baby pink, etc. come with their own advantages. 

Go in front of the mirror and check out if you also have a square face shape and if so then check out which eyeglasses will suit your face shape.

2020 has brought new designs of eyeglasses.

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