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Listing the Best Glasses for Square Face Shape

Listing the Best Glasses for Square Face Shape

Let’s face it- selecting the perfect glasses for square face shape takes a toll on us. Figuring out what frames will look great on us feels like a real task- after all, all of us want to look great and steal the show. In this blog, we will explore some of the top glasses for a square face. Dig deeper without any further ado.

How to Measure Your Face Shape?

Before checking out the glasses collection, let’s take a moment to understand- ‘how to measure your face shape?’. Take a ruler or a measuring tape and measure your cheeks, jawline and breadth of the forehead. If your jawline is wide, you have a square-shaped face. On the other hand, wide cheekbones mean an oval-shaped face and wide forehead means a heart-shaped face. For a better understanding, you can check out our face shape guide.

What Are the Characteristics of a Square-shaped Face?

Square face shape

Now, let’s discuss the crucial characteristics of a square shape face:

  • Your cheeks, brow and jaw will be almost equal in width.
  • Squared off the chin and straight jawline.
  • Also, your chin is blunt, it doesn’t have angles.
  • Straight hairline.

Once you are sure about your face shape, you can explore our website to find out the best glasses that accentuate your features. Let’s get started on the main topic now.

Top Eyeglasses for Women with a Square-shaped Face

Famous celebrities like Zendaya, Sandra Bullock, Margot Robbie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Rosario Dawson have square-shaped faces. You can always take inspiration from their look and sport the best glasses for a square face effortlessly. Below are some of the options that you can’t choose to miss out:

Cat-eye Glasses

One of the most trending eyeglasses in 2024, cat-eye pairs are definitely the best glasses for square-faced females. Their winged liners along with a subtle design are too hard to resist. Opt for these retro frames that have been ruling the eyewear industry for years now. Look balanced, feel confident and be the showstopper you already are.

Round Glasses

Since square face shapes have a square jawline and pointed features, round glasses tend to soften your overall look with ease. Pair these frames with your gorgeous outfits and be the talk of the town. You can experiment with materials and colours and unique patterns, thus showing off your poise and charming personality. Classic, stylish and affordable, with us, you can infuse the best square shape specs in your existing collection.

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses bestow you with a sophisticated look. Whether you are planning to attend a party or have meetings lined up, these glasses for square face shape are everything you are looking for.

Looking for sunglasses? We have got you covered, check out the sunnies for women here.

Top Eyeglasses for Men with a Square-shaped Face

Dear men, we have got you covered up as well. Check out the glasses for square shape males and invest your bucks in these worthy pairs now:

Oval Glasses

Men with a square-shaped face can don these oval glasses that are crafted to perfection and precision. Soften your rugged appeal by sporting these frames and balance out your angular forehead and strong jawline. All you need to do is handpick some of the best eyeglasses for a square face among the huge pack and place an order, that’s it. Delivering them to your doorstep is our first priority.

Round Glasses

Again, round glasses and square-shaped faces go hand-in-hand. From metal to acetate and prescription to fashionable pairs, we have everything under one roof. With just a few clicks, you can get in touch with us and receive your glasses at lightning speed.

Pilot Glasses

Hands down, pilot glasses are extremely cool and trendy. On top of it, these pairs make a man look confident, collected and drop-dead handsome. Classic shades for a reason, Pilot glasses definitely deserve a permanent place inside your wardrobe.

Glasses for Square Faces You Need to Avoid

Now that we have discussed the best eyeglasses for square-shaped faces, it is equally important to inform you about the pairs that need to be avoided. Check out the pointers below:

  • Don’t go for rectangular frames since they make your jawline look wider (it doesn’t help at all).
  • Avoid rimless glasses if you don’t want to look minimal.
  • Also, small glasses for a square shape are not a viable option. It can be uncomfortable after a certain point in time.

To find the proper fit, you can pave your way toward our Find Fit page. Enter the measurement and we will come up with accurate options.

What are you waiting for? Select your glasses now and get ready to take the world by storm. Unsure whether you should invest in these best glasses for square shape? Order our Home Trial glasses box and try out the pairs for 7 days. Free shipping both ways, we strive hard to deliver your prescription glasses within 24 hours. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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