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Hypoallergenic Glasses: A Guide to Skin-Friendly Frames

Hypoallergenic Glasses: A Guide to Skin-Friendly Frames

Do you have sensitive skin? It could be an underlying condition or simply dehydration or any other cause you don’t know of yet.

You look for products that don’t irritate your skin. You change your soap, makeup, bedding or shift to different fabrics that don’t irritate yout skin. You use hypoallergenic products to reduce allergy triggers. And when there’s hypoallergenic everything, why can’t there be hypoallergenic glasses? Yes, they do exist.

Just like moisturiser or mattress, people can have allergic reactions from their eyewear as well. This is why people are even willing to pay some extra money for hypoallergenic glasses frames.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some frame materials for prescription glasses that are safe for your sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic glasses frame materials

If you’ve been feeling itchy or your skin appears red after wearing your glasses, you most likely wonder whether you’re allergic to your eyewear. However, you shouldn’t wait for a reason to buy hypoallergenic eyeglasses.

Even when you don’t have a hypetensive skin, these glasses feel so comfortable against your skin that you’ll want to wear them all day.

Here are some skin-friendly hypoallergenic glasses frame materials.


One material that is so commonly used in glasses for sensitive skin is acetate. Since it is plant-based, it does not contain toxins that damage your skin.

This material comes from wood pulp and cotton liners which makes these frames biodegradable. Thus, they are safe for your skin as well as the environment.

While other plastic frames can be brittle from the sides, acetate glasses are known for their flexibility. They also strong and durable that last you years if taken good care of.

This material is also much more malleable than others. So, it can be shaped into fun and interesting designs. If you’re looking for stylish blue light glasses that also feel comfortable, acetate is the way to go.


Tittanium is a popular choice in skin-friendly eyewear as they’re lightweight, durable and insanely strong. You can wear these glasses day-in-day-out and they won’t show any signs of wear and tear.

However, titanium frames may also have a mix of nickel or other metals that degrade teir quality. So, if you’re in the hunt for 100% genuine hypoallergenic glasses, make sure you read the label.

Stainless steel

If you want that metallic finish in your frame that doesn’t break you bank, then stainless glasses are your best bet.

It’s a low toxicity material which is a good thing for those who need hypoallergenic glasses frames. These are a much more affordable option than titanium frames and have a robust body.

It’s extreme flexibility makes it easier to adjust the shape in case it gets bent out of proportion.


This one is another option for hypoallergenic glasses. Even most people consider this as second to acetate, it’s also extremely lightweight and durable. It can stand extreme weather conditions while being stiff and flexible at the same time.

This material is used in glasses that are more difficult to shape or have unique designs. Most of the wraparoind glasses are made from nylon except for the sports glasses made from TR90 material.


It’s a strong material that’s extracted both naturally and synthetically. The most common types of natural polyamides are wool and silk.

This material has been long used in stocking and tights. Synthetic polyamide used to create hypoallergenic eyeglasses is hard and doesn’t cause skin irritation.


Flexon is an alloy of Titanium and the frames made out of Flexon are the most flexible as well as bendable eyeglasses material. This expensive metal alloy is being used widely owing to its ability to return back to its original shape even after twisting and bending. In fact, when twisted Flexon returns to its shape instantly.

However, this material contains nickel as well. So, those who are allergic to nickel should look for pure titanium frames.

Where to buy hypoallergenic reading glasses?

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