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6 Eyewear Styles To Make You Look and Feel Young

6 Eyewear Styles To Make You Look and Feel Young

We all want to age like a fine wine, think Paul Rudd or Paul Rudd. Damn, there’s no way that guy is 52 years old. He still looks a lot like Josh from Clueless.

While ageing is natural and there should be no pressure on anyone to look a certain way, we all have those insecurities about our appearance after we cross a certain age. This is why we eat foods that help us look younger and dress smartly to shave years off our age.

While people are shamed for wanting to look young, I say do what your heart wants. If you wanna look like you’re in your twenties, do it.

One accessory you’re going to need as you age no matter what is reading glasses. Your near vision will decline as you approach 40 and you’ll find yourself shopping for a pair of glasses.

And when it comes to glasses, there’s no dearth of styles to grace your aura and elegant personality. Let’s have a look at some glasses that make you look younger and are perfect for your grey hair and facial lines.

1. Thick black glasses

Who do these glasses don’t look good on? Famous as geek glasses, boxy black frames are to be seen on everyone these days.

Since the boxy frame along with the bold black will look stark on your face, it will take attention away from the lines and wrinkles that give your age away.

Men’s black rectangular glasses for round face shape are the perfect way to look younger. This is a tried and tested style that suits everyone and the large lenses will give you a wider field of view and aid your vision. What are you waiting for? Grab these trendy glasses that make you look younger without any further delay.

2. Round glasses

Round glasses are timeless. This enduring eyewear style is topping the charts of eyewear trends 2024 once again. As you get older, your skin loses plumpness and your face appears thin and bonier.

Round glasses are perfect to give balance to your thinning face. And if you have an oval or square-shaped face, you can not benefit more from round glasses. They’ll make you look more graceful and expressive.

3. Colourful glasses

The colour of your frames helps to express your personality and character traits. Ageing skin looks, thinner, paler and colourful frames could make a world of difference in how you look.

Go for turquoise or rich magenta or rich blue frame glasses to feel energised and young. And when you feel young, you’ll look young as well.

Whatever colour you pick, it’ll shape people’s perception of you. Where red frames will make you come across as someone confident, yellow or other earthy tones will make you look inviting and warm.

While there are several other factors to consider when choosing the right frame colour, you are better off with deep dark colours. Make sure to be careful when handling pastels. Explore our wide range of collection now and handpick your favourite glasses to look younger.

4. Cat-eye glasses

The sultry silhouette of cat-eye glasses signifies femininity and sensuality. The bold shape catches the attention while the upswept style lifts your face up to make it look younger.

This particular eyewear style helps to make a huge fashion statement and works on several occasions such as a business meeting or a romantic date.

Styled by the most iconic divas of all time, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cat-eye glasses are available in a variety of colours and design options making it easier for you to find the right pair for yourself.

5. Tortoiseshell glasses

One of the most attractive glasses that make you look younger, the unique and warm patten of tortoiseshell adds a sophisticated and mature touch to any look. The versatile design is perfect for every age group.

Having a mix of the most exciting earthy tones, these glasses could be coordinated with different colours and outfits. If you happen to wear any other accessory such as a necklace, you won’t have to worry about matching it to your glasses.

The chunky proportions of these frames will put emphasis on your elegance while the timeless look will make you appear classy and sophisticated.

6. Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses make for a bold fashion statement that helps you stand out from the crowd. And since it’s such a trendy eyewear style, it’ll lend you a casual vibe which is so important in order to look younger.

Just because you’ve crossed a certain age doesn’t mean that you only have to wear neutral colours and basic style. The avant-garde frame styles are as much for you as they’re for those twenty-somethings out there.

If you’re not a fan of chunky frames, go for oversized glasses with thin metal rims. It created a mysterious vintage vibe and took people’s eyes away from the signs of ageing on your face.

Are you also sick of the same old style? Wondering what’s the best deal to knock a few years off your appearance?

If yes, then make sure you give these glasses a try. While they won’t take you back to your twenties, they are ideal for highlighting your best features and tricking people into believing that you look too young for your age.

Hopefully, now you know ‘what glasses make you look younger.’ All of these glasses are available at affordable costs with us. You can either bag them right away or take a free try on glasses at home service to ensure their quality and look.

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