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How are glasses better than contact lenses?

How are glasses better than contact lenses?

While the glasses vs. contact lenses debate isn’t quite like the Manchester derby, it has definitely divided people on social media platforms (including me!). To choose between contact lenses or glasses is a personal choice and a subjective opinion based on experience and lifestyle. But if you’re unable to decide between the two, I’ll make things easier for you by listing some advantages of wearing glasses over contact lenses. 

Here’s my (slightly biased) opinion! 

  1. You can adapt to glasses quickly

One thing that all contact lens wearers will agree to is that it is too hard to get adapted to them. So much so that you have to ‘train’ yourself for the right way of wearing contact lenses. Your way to a no-glasses-look passes through multiple sessions of red, teary eyes and failed attempts. 

After all that comes the maintenance. You cannot put your contacts in their case without dipping them in a solution first. You can not put in your contact lenses without your fingers sanitised.

No such issues with glasses! 

  1. You can wear them for longer

If you ever ask a friend for some tips for maintaining contact lenses, of all the suggestions, they would stress on one thing - do not sleep with your contacts on! Sleeping in contact lenses is very dangerous for your eyes. You can develop eye infections, cornea ulcers, eye irritation, inflammation and in extreme cases, Giant papillary conjunctivitis. 

If you talk about glasses, I have slept with my prescription glasses at least a hundred times and honestly, it’s no harm, unless you end up breaking them (true story).

  1. You save on money with glasses

A regular pair of monthly contact lenses in the UK can cost around 6 to 30 pounds. So, when compared to a pair of glasses that you can buy at 50 pounds and use for months, monthly or daily contact lenses are costlier. Why would you want to spend on fragile contact lenses when you can purchase a sturdy pair of good quality square glasses and wear them for months or even years.

  1. Lenses can break

If you have ever broken a contact lens, you know how heart-breaking it can be to damage your expensive pair of lenses. Just when your contacts run dry, they will break. And even if you are too careful and never let your lenses run out of moisture, they will deteriorate with usage and with time. On the other hand, glasses secured inside the frame or even rimless glasses last much longer and even forever, unless you accidentally break them. I still have my first pair of glasses I got 7 years ago.

  1. Glasses save you from dust and winds

The pandemic has highly influenced this year’s eyewear fashion. Experts believe that the new collection of oversized glasses can provide shielding against the virus. More than that, you don’t get bothered by the winds on that bike ride if you have a good pair of glasses on. 

However, you can’t enjoy this benefit in case you choose to wear contacts over eyeglasses because you must avoid dust and wind once you have placed those lenses on your cornea.

  1. Frames are more fashionable

Think of a woman wearing a very basic outfit and now imagine the same lady with a pair of designer cateye glasses the latter one looks more sophisticated, right? 

It’s the 21st century and as eyewear fashion has grown more mature, frames have raised up to the bar of being an intimate fashion accessory. Long gone are the days when you would be labelled a “bookworm” or a “nerd” for wearing glasses. In fact, the 2020 autumn collection displays an exquisite collection of eyewear trends, not just for sunglasses, but also for fake glasses.

  1. There’s variety in frames

Round glasses, clear frames, pilots, geometrical shapes, metal rims, wooden frames, cat-eye glasses, browline, tortoiseshell - whether you want glasses for an office meeting or for a vacation, there is a frame for every game. 

Check our website for a greater collection of the latest trends of the eyewear industry. Finding a frame to compliment your personality has never been easier. 

  1. Frames can be eco-friendly

With the growing concerns for the degrading environment, consumers have become more sensitive and thoughtful about things that they purchase. The day I realised that a contact lens can take more than 500 years to decompose in a landfill, I never bought a pair of that thing again. Though plastic frames can be equally harmful, there are less harmful options available in the form of plant-based materials like acetate and wood.


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