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Top 5 Reasons How Glasses Keep Your Eyes Safe & Healthy

Top 5 Reasons How Glasses Keep Your Eyes Safe & Healthy

Prescription glasses, which were once the sole medium for vision correction, have now transcended into a fashion statement. However, very few people are aware that what we wear to mend vision problems can also keep our eyes safe.

The threats to eyes are many. In fact, eyes are among the most delicate organs of the human body. Anything that comes in contact with the eyes has the potential to cause damage. In this guide, we will understand why and how glasses online can shield your eyes against environmental pollution, UV rays, and more.

Five Ways By Which Glasses Can Protect Your Eyes


1. Cataracts and Glaucoma 

 Image of eyes affected by glaucoma and cataract

Caption: Excessive exposure to UV rays may cause glaucoma or cataract

Excessive exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays is a threat that we are exposed to everyday. According to the latest research by National Eye Institute, prolonged hours of UV rays exposure can modify the lens proteins, leading to cataract formation and worsening eyesight.


In due course of time, cataracts can make the vision blurry, hazy, and less vibrant. Moreover, cancers of the eyelid, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are also potentially linked to excessive UV exposure.


Ophthalmologists around the world recommend taking extra safety measures while stepping out under the sun, like wearing a brimmed hat or sunglasses. Rather than buying an extra pair of sunglasses, you can always get a protective coating on your prescription glasses.

Fortunately, Specscart has recognised this issue as a global necessity and an essential step toward people’s optical safety. So, all our lenses are in-built with a free coating of anti-UV. Even when you are buying a regular pair of prescription glasses or non-prescription variants, keep in mind to always look for anti-UV coating on lenses.

2. Protection from environmental-elements

 Image of a man and a women wearing glasses to protect their

Caption: Environmental elements can also damage the eyes

The outdoors is full of damaging components that can trigger your eyes in a second. You have to take extra measures while you spend your time outdoors and especially protect yourself from sand, wind, snow and dust.

  • Snow

    Only a handful of people are aware of snow’s debilitating impact on eye health. Approximately 80 percent of UV rays are reflected from snow, which could result in a condition known as snow blindness.

    Also called an arc eye or photokeratitis, snow blindness is a painful eye condition triggered by overexposure to UV rays. The sun’s scorching rays reflected by white snow makes the outer layer of the eyes, which is the cornea, transparent.


    With anti-UV coating on glasses, spending time in the snow can be enjoyable and non-detrimental as they cover and protect the cornea of your eyes from the reflective nature of the snow.

  • Dust Particles
  • Walking around on a windy or dusty day can trouble your eyes and cause twitching, eye-irritation, itchiness, redness, etc. Your eyes can also be in great danger if they come in contact with tiny grains of sand floating around. Any average person’s instant response would be scratching. However, the move can lead to permanent damage to the eyes.


    Wearing a pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses can save your eyes from a lot of damage. Any type of eyewear, be it sunglasses, non-prescription glasses, etc., shield your eyes from tiny dust particles and keep problems like irritation and itchiness at bay.

3. Eliminate digital eye strain



Caption: Excessive use of digital devices may cause eye strain

Digital eye strain may be caused by prolonged hours of screen time. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine our everyday lives without digital devices. The little known fact about these screens is that they cause various eye problems that may culminate in severe vision-related problems later.

All digital screens emit blue light that penetrate the retina and may cause mild to severe visual diseases, such as dry eyes, eye strain, etc. But, there is a solution!


Eye strain from digital devices can be stopped at an early stage with the help of blue light coating on prescription or non-prescription glasses. Yes, blue light glasses block the incoming blue light from entering your eyes and help prevent various eye problems.

4. Safe & easy night driving

 Image of glaring lights on a road

Caption: Glares can make driving difficult at night

Late-night driving is indisputably dangerous for many drivers around the globe. Besides pitch black darkness, the various glaring lights can also lead to problems. For instance, the glare emitted from the headlights, street boards and traffic lights can make it difficult to see what is in front of you, thereby increasing the chance of misfortunate events.


With anti-glare prescription glasses, you can proactively block the unwanted ‘lights’ from your surroundings and focus on the road ahead. Thus, the driving experience improves by leaps and bounds. We offer free anti-glare along with every prescription and non-prescription glasses to keep your eye safe from disturbing light rays and glares at night and day.

5. Reduce Headaches & Migraines


Caption: Using prescription glasses can help reduce migraine and headaches

The bright light from our lamps or LED lights can trigger migraines and recurring headaches in most people. Many of us are sensitive to extremely bright environments, as they can cause discomfort like eye strain, headaches, burning sensation, redness or itchiness.


Wearing your prescription glasses or non-prescription, but most importantly, in the anti-glare coating might help to eliminate both the frequency and intensity of painful conditions like migraine and headaches.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, a comprehensive overview of the top 5 ways by which wearing glasses can help prevent various eye and vision-related problems. At Specscart, we aim to revolutionise eyewear and eyecare by offering anti-glare and anti-UV coatings in all our prescription and non-prescription glasses.

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