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Iconic moments in the history of eyewear

Iconic moments in the history of eyewear

The Boy Who Lived (to tell the tale of his glasses), well we believe that Harry Potter is not the only boy with popular glasses!

History has been witness to many iconic moments, landmark changes, and groundbreaking discoveries, and guess what, eyewear has always been an inevitable part of it.

Evolution of Function and Fashion

Remember the old times when the crystal and emeralds were used to watch the fights of Gladiators? Well, you might not remember that (wink wink), but the fact is correct. Earlier crystals were used to treat someone with short or long-sightedness. Emeralds and other coloured crystals are considered to be used to prevent the eyes from glare.

While contemplating the evolution of fashion around the globe, there have been several experiments occurring in context to style and comfort, thus what we see in today’s fashion trends.

Everyone looks better in sunglasses!

How did sunglasses become the epitome of summer cool? From going on from a summer accessory to a fashion staple, the transition has been smooth, odd but still smooth.

Their evolution can be traced back to the time when Inuit people used these wooden frames with a small still as snow glasses. It was their smart and advanced way to block the UV rays and reduce the effect of snow blindness. It is quite fascinating to learn how we humans have revolutionised eyewear from the beginning until today.

Into the historical moments of iconic eyewear

Eyewear has always held its ground in the history of time, and there are several occasions and people that we just remember due to the glasses and sunglasses that made them stand out.

There are many such iconic moments that had us the very first look at it just like Tilda Swinton. A century-old vampire donning tortoiseshell sunnies and shielding her eyes from the harsh world and the sun, Tilda Swinton from Only Lovers Left Alive, made us believe that vampires and sunglasses are a pair made in heaven, and no one can say otherwise.

Many times accessories play a huge role in building one's character and becoming a part of who they are.

Here are a few other well-known parts played perfectly by the eyewear:

Holly Golightly Glasses

Holly Golightly Glasses

In the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s where we see Hepburn with big black Holly Golightly glasses, pastry in one hand and coffee in the other looking inside theTiffany’s. It became one of the iconic moments in the history of cinema and eyewear. The iconic glasses soon gained momentum and overstepped the conventional boundaries.

Hepburn soon became a bona fide fashion icon and these glasses became a part of her character. The mention of the movie is incomplete without mentioning this iconic still.


Never knew upside-down glasses would work so well while playing snooker. Dennis Taylor introduced a trend of reverse glasses. Truth be told, it was his eyesight requirement that he used to reverse his glasses just to play snooker. And that one small trick worked, winning him various snooker games.

The upside-down trend soon gained momentum and became a well-talked trend in the fashion industry.

Morpheus and his Pince-nez

Morpheus and his Pince-nez

The release of Matrix (1999) was groundbreaking and to date, it is considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. The movie was popular for its iconic collection of glasses and dresses.

But one particular character that struck our attention was Morpheus and his black Pince-nez glasses. Only a few could pull off a look with such a tricky eyewear accessory and Laurence Fishburne made it look like a cakewalk. And Morpheus became a character known for his unique eyewear choice.

Jackie O glasses

60’s, what a glorious year for fashion, music, art, and of course glasses. One cannot remember Jackie O without her iconic stylish glasses. Jackie was known for her ravishing pair of sunnies, opened, extra large, extra black, and extra glamour.

She personified sophistication, simple yet tasteful and that is exactly how her selection for glasses went, which became known as the ‘Jackie Look’.

Silver pony and black sunnies

Silver pony

There are a few personalities who are incomplete with their signature look and one among them was the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Whenever we think of this Chanel icon, the first thing that pops up is his black opaque sunnies with a low silver pony.

His look has been the same for decades and the big black glasses became the staple part of his wardrobe.

Do you remember the time when Anna Wintour took off her glasses? Exactly, never!

Honourable mentions

John Lennon with his tea shades, the era of psychedelic music and hippies, 70’s fashion peaked twice. And Lennon's glasses were nowhere less to make a statement along with his music.

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