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Tightening Your Glasses At Home All By Yourself

Tightening Your Glasses At Home All By Yourself

None of us want to be put in a situation where our glasses slide down our nose, are too loose on the temples, or have become crooked. However, the loosening of glasses is something that is very common as we put them on and remove them several times each day.

Whether it is for function or style, one of the dominant aspects that make up a good pair of glasses is a comfortable fit. So what do you do when your glasses loosen? If you think you will need a visit to a professional, it needs to be noted that this is usually not the case. You can tighten your glasses at home and yes, all by yourself.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to tighten your glasses at home.

How To Tighten Glasses Frames

When we talk about glasses that have loosened up, it is the frames that we are referring to that need adjustment. There are various types of adjustments that your frames might be needing depending on the different parts of your frames.

Whether it is the temples, the nose pads, the hinges, or even just a crooked frame, there are ways to fix all these at your home. Let’s discuss them one by one. And in case your lenses have been damaged, you should try out the affordable option of reglaze glasses, instead of opting for a new pair

How To Tighten Glasses Arms

Temples/arms connect to the rim with a hinge. Most of the glasses have a screw located at both ends at the hinge. Since we open and close our glasses repeatedly, the hinges can become loose. If not checked and tightened at the correct time, the screw can also fall off. To avoid such a situation, you must check them periodically and if loosened, a screwdriver should be your go-to device. Want to know how to tighten glasses arms at home? Read on!

To tighten your glasses arms at home, you will need a screwdriver that fits into the top of the screw. Place the screwdriver into the opening at the screw top and rotate it clockwise until there is resistance. Avoid over-tightening it as it will only hinder the fit of your glasses and can also snap the frames.

How To Adjust Glasses Arms

Apart from tightening the screw at the hinges, your arms may also require other types of adjustments such as a case in which they have become crooked. Here is how you can go about it.

To check for the extent to which your arms need an alignment and whether they need to be angled upward or downward, place the bottom of the rims of your glasses on a flat surface. If any of the temple ends do not touch the surface, it needs to be bent downward for proper alignment. If any of the rims lie uplifted from the surface, the temple opposite to the elevated rim needs to be bent upward.

Once you have found out the direction that your temples need to be bent by using the above-mentioned technique, here is how you can go about it. With one hand, hold the temples where it is bent and with the other hand, hold the end of the temple and move it in the direction required to straighten it.

While bending the temples of your glasses, be gentle and go slow. In the case of acetate frames, it is recommended you heat them by holding them over a steaming pot of water or under running warm water as this will facilitate the bending process. If you are wondering how to adjust glasses arms of metal, the process remains the same and you can even heat them in the same manner.

How To Adjust Nose Pads On Glasses

The nose pads keep your glasses rested comfortably over your nose, provided they are neither too tight nor too loose. You can avoid the irritating situations in which your nose pads pinch your nose or slide down, by adjusting the nose pads of your glasses at home.

If your nose pads need to be tightened, hold one nose pad with your thumb and forefinger, and with the other hand, hold the opposite temple. Apply a gentle force to bend the nose pad inward. Repeat the same procedure for the other nose pad. Avoid bending both the nose pads simultaneously. When the nose pads need to be loosened, all the steps remain the same, except you need to bend them outward in this case.

There are various other things that you can do to take care of your glasses at your home, which don’t require a visit to a professional. For example, you can even remove scratches from glasses at your home.

Why A Good Fit Is Very Important For Your Glasses

To enjoy a perfect vision, you must look through the optical centre of both lenses. In the case of a mismatch between the optical centre of your eyes and the lenses of your glasses, your vision might get hindered. In addition to providing a perfect vision, various other reasons make a proper fit important for your glasses.

A good fit goes a long way in making a pair of glasses comfortable and it is certainly one of the most important aspects. It is also important for the safety of your eyes as properly-fitted glasses cover your eyes perfectly. And yes, we cannot miss out on the style component as poor fit compromises the appearance of your glasses.

Now that you know how to go about things, the next time you are met with a situation where your glasses loosen up, try out these above-mentioned techniques to fix them from the comfort of your home. And if you need a lens replacement, you should try our reglaze glasses service. With our free 24hr dispatch service, we will deliver them to your doorsteps in a quick time.

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