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Men’s glasses 2022: Key trends you should know

Men’s glasses 2022: Key trends you should know

2022 isn’t that far away. And with the runway shows and blitz fashion of UK streets, we have started to see trends that’ll dominate in the upcoming months.

Across Paris and London, the fashion moguls have been waiting for some creative energy to wash away the blues of repeated lockdowns. And men’s glasses trends 2022 will give you just that. They are so good and exciting to look at that you’ll be reaching for them every day.

Thus, here at Specscart, we’ve spent the past few weeks listing out the most important styles in men’s glasses 2022 so you know what to wear when the new year rolls around.

Men’s glasses trends 2022

We’ve distilled the best, pervasive and surprising men’s eyewear trends 2022. If you’re craving a little style inspo, you’ll definitely find some here.

Aviator glasses

It’s over for chunky hipster frames as trendsetters can’t get enough of the coolness of aviator glasses. 2021 has also been the year of this classic silhouette but men’s glasses trends for 2022 will be all about aviators.

There’s grooviness to this timeless eyewear style and with a little tint on the lenses, your frame will look completely fresh.

Whether it’s a slick metallic frame or bold acetate glasses, your 2022 is going to be state of the art.

Minimal frames: The simpler the better

After experiencing freedom in fashion with oversized trends and mixed patterns, it’s time to go back to our roots and embrace the beauty in simple things.

2022 is going to be all about keeping it simple and when we think of simple, we think of delicate metal frames with flashy and juicy tones.

Defined by simple designs and sleek shapes, these glasses are both minimal and gorgeous. If you don’t like trends that are so ‘in your face’, then this one right here is for you. Don’t miss out on the amazing collection of metallic glasses in men’s eyewear trends for 2022.

Square is fair

Create a fun, back to the 80s look with square glasses and flaunt your cooler side. The conventional silhouette goes with everything you wear. So, all you have to do is throw a pair of square glasses on and get in there.

You can never go wrong with a timeless eyewear silhouette as square. This is a classic, no-fuss shape that will stand the test of time. Square glasses are available in standout details with us such as tinted lenses and colourful frames.

Transparent glasses

These glasses may look invisible from afar, but you won’t when you’ll be rocking these eyewear gems. Transparent glasses in lightly tinted frames have been trendy ever since they came into the picture. And going by the global reception of these glasses, they’ll be right here making your days stylish even in 2022.

One more reason why these glasses will be a huge part of men’s eyewear trends for 2022 is the ease of style they offer. You can throw them on no matter what you’re in for an instant movie star appeal.

Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Tom Hanks has been rocking this style and mixing it with light coloured clothing (which is how you should style yours).

Mod mania

After we move forward into the men’s glasses trends 2022 rabbit hole, we’ll witness oversized glasses taking the year by storm. The trend is intimidating with its flashy shapes and bright colours.

If you don’t mind sporting an intriguing frame, oversized glasses are the perfect option for you. Don’t try and style them with baggy tees and trousers though. Nothing would kill the cool factor of your oversized specs than a sloppy look.

So, are you excited to see which of these styles will lead men’s eyewear trends in 2022? No matter which one you go for, you’ll be looking dapper as hell. You can shop for all of these styles at affordable price points from us.

Round glasses: Timeless classic

Your search for a classic men’s eyewear surely comes to an end at round glasses. There has been no looking back for this retro style ever since the 1920s, when the craze around round glasses went haywire and every now then you would find people donning them, from common man to celebrities.

Cut to present times, round glasses are going to be all over the streets this 2022. There is no stopping them from making their way into millions of wardrobes.

Round glasses are one of the most versatile men’s eyewear options that you will come across. Styling your round glasses as per the occasion is no big deal, as there are multiple pairs for every occasion.

Offbeat geometric styles

We may have struggled with sides and angles during our geometry classes in school, but geometric glasses have mastered the art of using sides and angles to perfection.

Symmetrical or asymmetrical sides, sharp or curved angles, geometric glasses are bound to bring in a polished charm to your looks. These top model glasses for men radiate an unparalleled sophistication and ooze with elegance.

To keep things super suave, you should go with geometric metal frame glasses that are nothing short of spectacular.

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