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Here’s how men and women see things differently

Here’s how men and women see things differently

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

A famous saying which has been used or overused for ages. Little do you know that this saying is not just metaphorically correct. Different people see things differently. It can be a difference in vision power or accuracy in what you see. You can use prescription glasses to see clearly. But there is a clear distinction between men’s vision and women’s vision. They see and perceive things differently.

Men and women really don’t see eye to eye!

What is the Difference?

Have you noticed that men tend to pick up whatever clothes? They do not spend more than 2 minutes thinking about a shirt. It could be even less in the case of most men.

And women…

Women are famous for shopping for hours while men wait for them in the lounge. They spend their time choosing the right style for them, the right colour combination, the perfect appearance and whatnot. Women will notice a single stray thread sticking out from the outfit and spend a few more hours choosing one that is perfect according to them. Men will only look for comfort and style if it’s for a special occasion, and they will be done with that. There may be some outliers in this case, for instance, me and my brother. I will usually look for an outfit that looks good on me, check the colour combination and be done with that. While my brother takes an hour deciding if he should purchase a plain white shirt.

The difference is because of how both genders see colour.

Women Have Better Colour Perception

Women spend more hours shopping because women’s eyes can discern colours better. They can recognise even a slight difference in the shade of a colour. A simple colour that appears red to most men can actually be orange, scarlet, magenta, fuchsia or not even a shade of red.

1 out of 4 men is colour blind. They have some form of colour blindness that does not let them perceive colours correctly. In worse cases, they cannot tell the difference between green and red. So, technically women are less likely to run a red light.

You can enhance your colour perception by wearing tinted glasses like blue or green, making it clearer to see and perceive things. Or you can get gaming glasses to improve your gaming experience or reduce strain in your eyes. You will know the difference in colours after wearing these glasses. If you have a perfect vision, you can get them to improve your comfort level while you enjoy your favourite pastime.

Men are More Detail-Oriented

If women can see colours better, then men’s eyes can see finer details. They can track fast-moving objects better. They can discern the details from a distance. They can accurately see any beautiful woman at a distance, check for a wedding ring and then approach her.

Men and Women Brains are Wired Differently

Years ago, I watched a stand-up comedy on how men and women think. Apparently, men have a segment in their brain that makes them think about nothing. They can literally shut off their brain and think nothing at all. That’s a joke, but there are differences between how men and women’s brains are wired differently, making them see differently.

Men have testosterone that lets them have 25 per cent more neurons. They require slightly longer wavelengths to see clearly the same colour. This is the reason why they see red colour much redder. Red has a shorter wavelength.

Women see grass greener, but it might appear much yellower to men. Also, men might not be able to differentiate when there are a lot of hues. They cannot tell apart the colour spectrum or what is in the centre of the colour spectrum.

Hunter-Gatherer Theory

If you are well acquainted with the history of mankind, then you will know this theory. Men used to be hunters because of having better physiques. And women were gatherers as they brought up the children at home.

Men had to hunt wild animals. They needed to track their prey and notice slight differences to prepare themselves for dangerous situations. While women picked wild fruits. They could clearly see the different hues, which helped them to know whether they could eat the gathered fruit or not. This division of roles from the prehistoric era makes men adapt to some tasks and women in some. This can also be attributed to the fact that there are more women in the fashion industry. And similarly, there is a male-dominated industry where women are less preferred.

This doesn’t say that women cannot get into the exclusive male domain. The evolution of humankind was thousands of years ago. With the changes in society, there are always outliers. Some women are also good at tracking or shooting, like Annie Oakley. Some men have made their name in the fashion industry too and are doing better.

So, you can call the hunter-gatherer theory outdated, but it has obviously impacted human evolution.

Eye Health Issues

Since men and women's brains are wired differently, their body is also different. Women have a higher chance of having vision health issues. And this doesn’t mean women have weaker bodies. It is because they outlive men. They have a longer lifespan and hence a larger window for getting vision problems.

Women’s Eye Health

About two-thirds of global blindness and visual impairments are suffered by women. They are more prone to eye health issues than men. They are more prone to glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and many other autoimmune diseases.

Further, women’s eye health is impacted by pregnancy, menopause, and other crucial changes in their bodies that affect them physically, mentally, and socially.

Age impacts both genders. More women are affected, but this calls for regular eye checks once you hit the crucial age of forty. Presbyopia impacts both genders, irrespective of the numbers.

Go for a free eye test. If you have an increased chance of getting glaucoma, you can get a free eye test with the NHS. So walk to your nearest optometrist and get a complete eye check-up and an eye pressure test.

What’s next?

Women have a wide range of issues. Let’s add eye health to the list too. Eyes are crucial and deteriorate after you age. It doesn’t mean you cannot prevent it. You can take precautionary measures to put eye diseases at bay. For this, you do not have to stand on one leg doing some asana. You need to follow some simple tips like -

  • Eat healthy food. There are many kinds of foods to improve eyesight, like carrots, fish rich in omega-3 and many green leafy veggies.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to stop smoking and drinking excessively. You should stop binge-eating or any unhealthy habits that impact your health and eyes.
  • Exercise regularly. The more you use your body, the more it will stay in prim and proper condition. So exercise regularly. Twist and turn your arms and legs so that you can run like Charles Allie when you are 70 plus.
  • Use proper eyewear. Protecting your eyesight can help in keeping good eye health. Wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. Wear varifocal lenses if you have presbyopia. You will not have to strain your neck or eyes to see clearly.
  • Take a break. Take a break from all digital devices. Living a fast-paced and hectic life is strenuous to your body and to your eyes. Taking a break can relieve your eyes and let you have healthy eyesight for a long time.

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