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Everything About the Psychology of Eyeglasses

Everything About the Psychology of Eyeglasses

The first thing that people notice about a ‘four-eyed fellow’ is their eyeglasses. Long gone are the days when eyeglasses were a mere means of vision correction. Nowadays, spectacles are a fashion accessory, adding depth and substance to an individual's look and personality. For instance, if you suddenly remove or incorporate eyewear into your outfit, both its presence and absence will be acknowledged by the people around you.

In all honesty,Glasses are not just a style statement, they tell a lot about you and your personality. Hence it’s important to comprehend the psychology of eyeglasses, as this helps in understanding what glasses symbolize about your personality.

What do your glasses say about you?

Your personality reflects a part of who you are. Understanding the psychology of eyeglasses will help you in analysing different aspects of your individuality. If you too wear glasses, you must know what your glasses say about you.

To begin with, eyeglasses can make you appear brainy, smart, innocent, clever and what not! You unknowingly choose glasses that tell about your nature, behaviour and thought patterns.

Unlike before, glasses are now worn as per the occasion. People wear different glasses while driving, reading, watching movies, etc. So if you are to wear a pair of glasses which has a rectangular and rimless frame, they will make you look geeky and smart. Similarly, if you are preparing yourself for a holiday, chunky and colourful frames are the best fit for an easy-flowy, casual look.

What do Glasses Symbolise?

Everyone is different and unique in their own ways, and there are all sorts of people intellectuals, party animals, introverts, extroverts, and many more. Here’s a collection of eyewear that can help enhance your inner traits.

For geeky Gurus:

Glasses that are rimless and edgy are perfect for a smart and sober appearance. These pairs make you look intellectual. If you are spending most of your time reading and writing, it’s obvious that you will go for an option that is lightweight, sturdy and sleek.

Purley is rimless, and it goes amazingly well with formals. This pair of glasses blend well with any solid colour and doesn’t overpower or dominate the simplicity of a professional outfit.

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For Weekend Wanderers

Weekends are for fun and relaxing activities. You spend most of your time watching web series, cooking your favourite food, or doing your laundry and this requires a frame that’s well fitted, lightweight and casual.

Soft colours on Sundays will make you feel more light and relaxed. Our Ice blue Rowen is as easygoing and cool as it appears to be. These glasses give a positive and elegant appeal to your personality and weekends should be filled with happy and calm vibes.

For party animals-:

If you’re a fun-loving person who loves to party, meet new people, share your stories and is keen to know another side of the world, you most definitely are an extrovert.

Does getting ready for a party and wearing gleaming frame glasses with a shimmery outfit sound alluring to you? If yes, then our Statham will steal your heart. These pilots glasses will add oomph to your personality. Besides, their shape will add depth to your personality as well as the occasion. Needless to say, wearing smooth and shiny metal frames to a party elevates the style and completes your party look.

Get colourful spectacles that will brighten your appearance. You can experiment with various unique eyewear, such as tortoiseshell and multicoloured styles. They present you as pleasant and amusing as you are.

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For creative minds:

The artistic traits of people with creative minds are visible in their style and actions. Colourful and aesthetic frame glasses that are loud, bold and classy will be the right pair for an artistic personality.

Creative personalities have so many new ideas, they view things very differently from the rest of the world. Artistic minds are keen on small details. They find out tiny differences and what impact they have. People who understand the psychology of eyeglasses will agree that Funky Glasses will be best suited for people with creative minds as these pair of glasses will make their creative and quirky style stand out.

To show how creative you are, you can also try geometric glasses frames. These glasses are vibrant and quirky. They make you look unique, attractive and eye-catchy.

For Everyone’s Best Friend:

There are people who are so polite, friendly, jolly and warm, that they become everyone’s favourite. Frames that aren’t too angular and edgy will go best with such a cheerful people.

You can pair round glasses frames to calmer and more composed. If you have a square face shape, round spectacles will help you look softer and more balanced. Additionally, rimless glasses have a more welcoming vibe. Your personality becomes more approachable, cheerful and sparkling when you wear round glasses.

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, it’s important that you never bound yourself to one specific style, so keep experimenting. Get your hands on the best pairs of glasses that define your personality and help channel your innocence, quirks, intelligence and whatnot. For more, keep exploring at Specscart.

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