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Prep Up for the Barbie Film Premier with Barbie Movie Sunglasses

Prep Up for the Barbie Film Premier with Barbie Movie Sunglasses

As ‘Barbie the Movie’ premier knocks at our doors, it is truly hard to remain calm. I must say that the ‘Devil works hard, but the Barbie movie’s marketing team works harder.’ Greta Gerwig’s Magnum Opus is everywhere, and I am sure that your Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are flooded with Barbie-related content.

Besides taking over the digital world, Barbie is also turning London pink. From London’s iconic black taxis and red double decker buses now revamped to a hot pink colour to the majestic London Eye illuminated with pink lights, it is truly ‘Barbie’s world,’ and we are just living in it.

It would be safe to say that the movie is an excellent chance to heal your inner child and unapologetically embrace your femininity. Well, I am all decked up for the premier on 21st July, and if not the First Day First Show, you can surely find me seated in at least its First day Second Show.

My outfits, hairstyle, and eyeglasses are all curated, and if you are looking for some Barbie movie sunglasses, then what better place than Specscart to get some inspiration. So, without further ado, let us dive in!

Barbie Movie Sunglasses Inspiration

Ms. Margot has been leading a parade of neon fashion, and she is leaving no bread crumbs on the table. Styled by Andrew Mukamal, Robbie has been donning outfits from multiple designer brands, such as Vintage Versace, Vivienne Westwood and more. But, the most interesting part is that the actress’s best looks are inspired from the original Barbie Doll’s clothing archive.

1. Barbie Begins Her Press Tour

If you want to look like a true-blue pink-cladded queen, then Margot Robbie’s Milano Blahnik ensemble would definitely make the cut. The pink bustier and pleated mini skirt coupled with a thick-framed white pair of sunnies redefine femininity and class. For the movie premier, you can dabble into Barbie-core, and opt for something similar.

For the perfect Barbie movie shades, look no further than our DOVILE 1. These edgy and thick-framed white cat-eyes will surely elevate your pink outfit, and make you feel like the Barbie in your girl gang

2. Amp up the Ken-ergy by Donning Angular Cat-eyes

Well, it is not just Barbie/Margot Robbie who is serving the hottest and most memorable looks of the season. Our very Ken AKA Ryan Gosling is also checking all the right boxes when it comes to flair and fashion. In this very iconic poster, Ryan can be seen sporting angular cat-eyes, a headband and a furry jacket. Well, nothing gets more Barbiecore than this!

If you also want to elevate the Ken-ergy in the upcoming Barbie movie premier, then the right pair of sunnies like our NICOLE 1 will come in handy. These black cat-eyes with gradient blue lenses are perfect to add extra oomph to all your Barbie-inspired ensembles.

3. Get Inspired from Barbie’s Airport Look

Margot Robbie or the real-life Barbie redefines airport chic with this effortlessly stylish outfit styled by Andrew Mukamal. Margot is wearing vintage Chanel 1996, and her plaid baby pink jacket and black sunglasses look absolutely phenomenal. And of course, how can we overlook the cutesy pink trolley.

For the perfect Barbie movie sunnies inspired by Margot Robbie’s airport look, our BUSK 2-S has got your back. These rectangular black sunglasses promise comfort and style, and will make heads turn when you leave for the Barbie Movie premier.

Pink-framed Sunglasses Inspired by Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling sunglasses are truly killing it in almost every Barbie press tour. Well, we must say, this Ken is a true-blue style magnet. In the above snippet from an interview, the OG Ken can be seen donning pink-framed shades and totally owning every bit of the look. Reinventing the ‘Himbo’ stereotype, Ryan is compelling us to swoon over the soft boys who look buff and macho but are equally naive and sweet in nature

Ignite the ultra feminine energy by opting for pink-framed sunnies from Specscart. Our DELIAH 3 serves as the perfect Barbie movie sunglass, and will easily become a staple in your wardrobe.

So, grab your Barbie movie sunglasses, and slay like the main character in the movie theatre. Specscart’s Pink Sunglasses collection has a range of exceptionally adorable eyewear that will surely tug at your strings. So, wait no more, and explore!

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