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Best Sports Glasses and Sunglasses for Cricket, Football, and Basketball

Best Sports Glasses and Sunglasses for Cricket, Football, and Basketball

Helmets, knee pads, mouth guards, and ‘eyewear’ come together to form the perfect safety kit for sportspersons. To the untrained eye, considering sports goggles as something akin to robust protective gear might seem like an overstatement. But, the ground reality is quite different. Only someone who had ever gotten hurt by a cricket ball, or stumbled on the trail because of low visual depth can understand the importance of eyewear in sports.

High-quality sports glasses and sunglasses armed with premium lenses enhance vision so that every bump, bulge, and knob in the field is visible, irrespective of how bright or dim the lighting is. Besides, sports sunglasses for men and women can reduce eye strain, provide protection against debris and dust, and also make you - the player - look uber-stylish.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with eyewear that claims to be designed for high-impact sports, both indoor and outdoor. For instance, you can find sports eyewear for golf, polo, etc. But, it is essential to remember that the best-quality sports glasses and sunnies are those that incline towards eye protection and visual acuity via innovative technologies, such as UV400 and polarisation.

As someone who had once gone ‘bare-eyed’ into the sports field and faced some tinnie-tiny repercussions for the same, I can put forward my two cents on the topic.

Best Sports Sunglasses and Glasses for Cricket

As we all know, cricket is a sport that demands the utmost concentration, clear vision, and precision. The sport has been a major part of English culture and history. Even today after four years, thinking about the time when England won the ICC World Cup in 2019 is a goosebump-inducing and incredibly proud moment for every citizen of the country.

Anyways, moving ahead, cricket sunnies are not something strange or unusual. Since the Australian cricketer - Dean Jones - became the first player to make a catch wearing sunglasses, they have become a regular feature of the field. Well, when we talk about sports goggles for cricket, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

The ideal cricket sunglasses are those that improve the levels of visibility drastically and increase the chances of taking that important catch. Besides, a strenuous yet lightweight frame and durable lenses are also crucial to protect your eyes in case of a hit by the ball. Lastly, as cricketers are exposed to long hours under the sun, robust UV protection should also be prioritised. Other important aspects of good-quality sunnies for cricket include anti-glare, polarisation, etc.

For a smooth and adrenaline-inducing game of cricket, our COOK 5-S has got your back. These cricket sunglasses from the ACTICS range are made of resilient and strenuous TR90 Material, equipped with UV400 lenses, and armed with polarisation to keep glare at bay.

Best Sports Glasses and Sunglasses for Football

When we talk about sports, such as football, both glasses and sunglasses can come in handy. To begin with, football players do not need any atypical frame, instead, they require sports sunglasses specially designed for maximum protection, impact resistance, and excellent field of vision.

The best football goggles or sunglasses have polarised or tinted lenses that efficiently block out glare, enabling players to see clearly and make quick decisions on the field. Thus, enhanced visual clarity, depth perception and overall eye protection are what the ideal sports glasses and sunglasses offer.

For a memorable game of football, our MAGUIRE 5 will be your go-to companion. These high-quality football sunglasses are made of TR90 and armed with best-in-class anti-UV lenses to protect against the sun’s scorching heat and snugly fit your facial silhouette. You can also infuse them with the tint of your choice, starting at just £15 from Specscart.

Best Sports Glasses and Sunglasses for Basketball

Whether you are just a fan of Andrew Sullivan, LeBron James or Micheal Jordan or an avid player who can always be seen dribbling their ball on the court, basketball sunglasses are crucial to protect your eyes from any kind of impact, debris, or dust. Tough sports sunglasses will minimise the extent of basketball-related injuries.

The things you must look for in sports sunglasses or glasses for basketball playing include a snug or close fit, comfortable and soft nose padding, a lightweight design for optimal comfort, and the right lens tints.

When we talk about sunglass tint guide, yellow and orange work great for baseball sunnies, as they enhance contrast in low light or overcast conditions, and offer protection against blue light. Besides, you can also wear both indoors and outdoors. So, it is a win-win situation, isn’t it?

For baseball glasses that stand the test of time, look no further than our KANE 2. These sports prescription glasses can be easily converted into sunglasses with the right tint. So, ace your ‘base,’ with these phenomenally crafted sports eyewear!

The Sports Sunglasses Are Just a Tap Away

Whether you are a true-blue sports fan or a zealous fan, the right pair of sports sunglasses will elevate both your gaming and viewing experience. In addition, the practical benefits like eye protection and better visual acuity are a cherry on the check. So, get your ‘frame for every game’ with Specscart’s ACTICS today!

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