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Best Lens Colour for Sunglasses

Best Lens Colour for Sunglasses

Don a pair of trending sunglasses and say no to harmful UV rays, flying debris and unwanted eyestrain. All you need to do is look for comfy sunnies that not only boosts your style statement but improves your sight while hitting the streets.

Are you planning to shop for some stylish shades this month? Confused about what tints to choose? Don’t worry, we are right here to walk you through the process. Opt for the best lens colour by reading the insights stated below. Stay tuned and keep reading.

  • Brown Lens Colour

Sunglasses with brown lenses come with excellent depth perception and visual contrast. These ideal pairs are suitable for both sunny and bright environments. Thanks to the warm and red hues of these tints, filtering out blue light is a lot easier. You can choose brown tints for the following purposes:

  • Baseball
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Golf
  • Water Sports
  • Cycling

Reduce glare and increase visual acuity with brown-tinted sunglasses.

  • Grey Lens Colour

Glass wearers often prefer smoke-coloured or grey lenses- get your hands on them and grab a crystal clear image on both cloudy and sunny days. Also, sunnies with brown tints extend optimum protection against glare. Some of the activities that call for sunglasses with grey lenses include:

  • Driving
  • Running
  • Golf
  • Cycling

The best part about grey tints is that they offer true colour recognition- delay no more and place an order now.

Yellow Lens Colour

If you are one of the individuals who keep on switching between different activities, opting for these yellow-tinted sunglasses will indeed be the best bet. Besides blocking blue light, these lenses are known for providing crisp vision in low-light environments. However, at times, yellow lenses might lead to colour distortion- make sure to keep that in mind! You can rely on yellow shades for:

  • Indoor ball sports
  • Activities related to snow
  • Driving your car in the fog
  • Nighttime use

Green Lens Colour

We have already discussed brown and grey lenses earlier. Green lenses are a combined package that offers both the benefits of these above-mentioned tints. In fact, green-shade sunglasses provide better contrast than grey tints and colour perception than brown tints. Perfectly suitable for low-light and sunny conditions, you can easily reduce glare by putting them on. Opt for sunglasses with green lenses if you are precisely into these sports:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Baseball

What are you waiting for? Add these shades to your cart before they are out of stock.

Blue Lens Colour

Blue colour sunglasses are ever-stylish options that are highly appealing and too hard to resist. Invest your bucks in them and ease eye strain, enhance colour perception, and reduce glare. Wear blue lens sunnies for these purposes:

  • Water sports
  • Spectating sporting events
  • Golfing

Use our filter option and all our blue-tinted sunglasses will showcase themselves right in front of you. Don’t worry, we, at Specscart, have got your back!

Red Lens Colour

Red tints are mainly responsible for boosting contrast in foggy or overcast conditions. Not only do they enhance your driving visibility, but red-shade sunglasses also offer amazing depth perception. Safeguard yourself from getting exposed to harmful blue light and keep eye strain at bay- we have a breathtaking collection just for you! Red lenses are best for:

  • Racing/Driving
  • Cycling
  • Skiing

Fearless fashion with red sunglasses- look sophisticated and suave effortlessly.

Purple Lens Colour

Pink tinted sunglasses are great because they enhance visual clarity and reduce eye strain. Also, they improve colour sensitivity with utmost ease. Pink sunnies are perfect for:

  • Driving
  • Outdoor events/ activities

Let’s break the stereotype- pink sunglasses are not solely for women. Everyone can pull off these accessories like a pro.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for colour-tinted prescription glasses or sunnies to boost your style statement, we are ever-ready to cater to your needs. Shop with us to get the best pairs that too at lightning speed.

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