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Sunglasses Trends 2024

Sunglasses Trends 2024

The idea of "eyewear fashion" wasn't something I grew up with. For as long as I can remember, fashion was all about outfits and accessories. Sunglasses were never really an integral part of the fashion game. But the rise of eyewear fashion in recent years has been incredible!

We were the first eyewear brand in the UK to start a mission to change the way people perceive eyeglasses from being an instrument of sight correction to a fashion accessory. It's been a great experience to witness this change over the past six years, and the growing excitement around eyewear fashion is truly inspiring.

The increasing number of readers following our sunglasses trend reports is a clear sign of this shift. Sunglasses have become a mainstream fashion accessory, and people are eager to incorporate them into their looks. So, as we head into 2024, let's explore the hottest sunglasses styles set to dominate eyewear fashion this year. We'll also provide some cool outfit suggestions that will match these trending sunglasses styles.

Why Sunglasses are important?

While sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory, they also offer great protection for your eyes. Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage the cornea and contribute to cataracts later in life. You should go for sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays. The good news is all sunglasses at Specscart come with 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also offer clearer vision (prescription sunglasses) and help prevent squinting, which can cause headaches and fatigue. They provide a comfortable level of shade, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without straining your eyes.

Sunglasses Trends 2024

Pilot Sunglasses

Pilot sunglasses have been around since World War I and have consistently appeared on trend lists for decades. Their popularity surged again after celebrities like Tom Cruise and Chris Hemsworth sported them in movies. The biggest quality of pilot sunglasses is their versatility. When we say versatility, we do not just mean versatility in terms of face shape, outfits, or occasions. It is versatile in every possible way. You can style your pilot sunglasses with any outfit irrespective of your face shape. It looks equally attractive on both men and women. Even when it comes to completely different outfits like a printed oversized beach shirt or a formal black suit, you can still look great in a pair of pilot sunglasses.

Dual Tone Sunglasses

One of the latest entries in the sunglasses trend this year is dual-tone sunglasses. When we say dual-tone sunglasses, it can be a pair that has completely different colour combinations on the frame. On the other hand, you might notice frames that feature a hue of the second colour that is slightly different from the primary colour. In some cases, you might also notice two different materials used in the same pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses would usually feature a mix of metal and acetate material(a high-quality plant-based cellulose used in glasses/sunglasses), and you will see two different colours separating the different types of materials. However, the more popular choice is sunglasses in the same material that feature a different colour on the top part of the frame while the bottom features a different colour. You can find different shapes including square, cat-eye, or other popular styles in dual-tone sunglasses.

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are a classic that never goes out of fashion. But did you know they're also the perfect pick for people with round or oval faces? The sharp edges of the square frame help balance out softer features, creating a more defined look. Black is one of the most common and most popular colours in square sunglasses. However, the current generation prefers bold styles. Those of you who prefer to try something new can go for tortoiseshell or clear square sunglasses.

Round Sunglasses

It’s not possible to complete the list without covering the iconic round sunglasses. The shape has been one of the oldest styles in the eyewear industry and still remains one of the most popular choices. You can see people who prefer minimal appeal in black or transparent round sunglasses. Round sunglasses are also gaining popularity in metal frames. The style looks great on people with square or diamond face shapes but goes well with almost every face shape. Icons like John Lennon and Yoko Ono played a major role in making the style popular among many other notable personalities. Talking about the latest developments in eyewear fashion, oversized round sunglasses and dual-tone round sunglasses are trendy variations.

Funky Sunglasses

Remember those tiny heart-shaped sunglasses everyone sported in the early 2000s? Funky sunglasses take that playful concept and run with it. They feature frames with innovative and quirky designs to ensure all eyes are on you. Funky sunglasses aren't just about looking like the life of the party (although they're perfect for that music festival you've got coming up). They're a way to show the world you don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy a bit of fun in your fashion. There is no thumb rule on pairing these sunglasses as it’s all about experimenting and finding your right match.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized clothes have been a recurring trend in fashion for decades, with major resurgences in the 60s and again in recent years. Many pop sensations and hip-hop artists have made these styles popular among the masses. It has become quite cool to wear oversized clothes including t-shirts, shirts, and those baggy jeans. But the trend has gone beyond clothing. Now oversized sunglasses have become one of the most popular fashion accessories. These sunglasses offer a relaxed vibe, perfect for pairing with party looks as fashion enthusiasts well know. However, the use of oversized sunglasses is no longer limited and you can also spot many people in large-frame sunglasses out on the road. The benefit of oversized sunglasses is not just restricted to its fashion appeal. The larger lens covers a wider area on your face offering even better protection for your eyes.

Browline Sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are known for their professional appeal. It is one of the most preferred styles for those who want a minimal and sophisticated look. As the name suggests, browline sunglasses bring focus to your brows. The style is most popular among corporate employees or anyone who wants to project a polished image. Considering the appeal of browline sunglasses you should pair them with your formal or semi-formal outfits. Some examples can be a white polo T-shirt and dark blue jeans. For a more formal look, you can go in a suit or a pair of trousers and a shirt.

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye eyewear has always been the favourite pick for women of all ages. The versatility of these sunglasses has made sure to reserve a spot for this timeless style on the list. Social media trends like #officesiren and #librariancore, inspired by Miu Miu's runway looks made the style even more popular. While not necessarily the newest trend, cat-eye sunglasses have never truly gone out of fashion. However, there is a shift in the kind of cat-eye sunglasses that are getting popular these days. You can see more pronounced wings and a modern touch in trending cat-eye sunglasses. But the old-school cat-eye sunglasses still remain quite popular and come out as a more versatile choice.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the popular sunglasses trends for 2024. We have made sure to add some of the popular frames of each category for your convenience. Try these cool styles and you can never go wrong with any of them if you take your personal style needs into consideration. However, if you need any assistance finding the perfect style for your requirements, you can feel free to reach out to us.

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