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What Are Fake Glasses?

Fake glasses are non-prescription eyewear that’ll be the perfect accessory for your every look!

Blue Light Protection

Add X-Blue lenses to any pair of fake glasses for just £15, to protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays


Fake glasses don't affect your sight at all because they don't possess any prescription or any sort of harmful substance. They are just like a piece of jewelry that you wear to showcase your style.
Glasses with fake lenses or without prescription are called fake glasses or fashion glasses. They are worn simply for fashion statements and not for sight correction.
Fake glasses are not expensive but come in really a fraction of the price of original glasses. Fake glasses cheap are unique and visually appealing that makes them quite fashionable.
Yes! Fake glasses are available in all types of frames sorted in different colours, design, style and material.
Although fake glasses are worn for aesthetic reasons, they also provide protection. For instance, all lenses at Specscart whether fake or prescribed are available in free fully loaded coating like anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance. You can get a blue light filter on fake glasses for getting rid of blue light rays penetration in your eyes.
You can buy fake glasses from Specscart at a mere starting price of £25. And that, with free anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch resistant coatings on your lenses.
Yes, they are! From teens to adults, people see fake glasses as a fast-fashion accessory similar to clothes.
Without anti-glare coating on your glasses, you might hurt your vision that may lead to eye-strain. Also, if you work on screens like that of a laptop or drive at night, you might get bothered by the glare from the lights around.
While this is actually a misnomer as reading glasses have prescription, a lot of people look for fake reading glasses online. Instead of cheap ready readers, make sure to get proper glasses with an accurate prescription. These will help correct your vision properly, for example in situations when you have a different prescription in each eye.

Fake Glasses - What you should know?

Fake glasses are eyewear that will give you a fresh, groovy and stylish look. You can call them Non-prescribed eyeglasses, fashion glasses or clear lens glasses.
These eyeglasses are glasses frames with clear lenses that do not provide any eye correction. They are purely a sassy and smart piece.
Teen boys and girls, and fashion-forward students and adults have been wearing fake glasses for a fashionable look.

These eyeglasses with a clear lens have become part of an everyday look. Even if fake glasses are commonly admired by people with good eye vision, the fake glasses trend has even added to people who really need therapeutic lenses.

A question arises to the mind “is it ok to put on fake glasses?”
The answer is yes, absolutely! People wear many things just for fashion, such as fake eyelashes, hair extensions, then why not glasses. Glasses are acceptable because of the way they change your overall look. You can switch out your glasses just like your clothes and they can completely transform you.


  • Anyone can wear them (from poor vision to 20/20 vision)
  • You can order them with or without a prescription.
  • These glasses won’t harm your vision.
  • It will add extra spark in your personality.
  • It will switch up your look without even trying.
  • EyeGlasses can protect your eyes from dust, insects, etc.
  • Glasses are available everywhere and can be changed according to fashion.


  • There will be no harmful effects.

Trending Fake Glasses

Clear fake glasses

Transparent glasses are the trend of the season - in fact a lot of people are going for fake frames just so they can wear this style. It’s also worth noting that while clear frames or glasses refer to transparent ones, clear lenses refer to fake frames. And this trend is the combination of the two - so don’t get confused!

Fake clear glasses are a pretty casual style, so you can wear them with tees, sweatshirts and denims, etc.

Apart from totally transparent, you can go for different bright hues of red, blue, pink, orange, etc. These give a crystal like effect and are a great accessory. The possibilities are endless with these styles. A bright, vivid frame in dusty blue can also be worn with smart casuals like a crisp white shirt and navy blue blazer. Women can wear wine red clear fake glasses in a cat eye shape for a sassy look at work. It’s all up to you!

From Robert Downey Jr. and Kendall Jenner to Jurgen Klopp, celebrities from all walks of life have made them famous. Fake clear glasses are the perfect combination of mainstream and hipster style.

Fake round glasses

Round glasses give a retro yet trendy vibe at the same time. But not all round frames come equal! You can choose anything between totally circular or a slight, subtle round shape. The former is perfect for an angular face shape like square or rectangular. There are also different materials to choose from, which all give a different vibe. Acetate round glasses are ideal for a modern, cool look. Metal ones in titanium or stainless steel are more retro and classic (think of Lennon). They are also perfect for work. Whichever fake round glasses you choose, it will add a fun and fashionable touch to your look.

Fake black glasses

Fan of simple and subtle styles? Classic black glasses are always a safe choice. You can go for all black, or for ones with subtle details like small patterns on the temples. They are also super versatile and are perfect for any occasion, mood and event. Fake black glasses can be worn with both casual and formal wear.

At Specscart, we offer fake glasses with digital blue protection and light adaptive transitions lenses as well.
Digital blue Protection
Digital blue Protection

In today’s world where we’re encircled by all types of digital devices, strong protection is required against them. At Specscart, we offer the most advanced blue light filtering glasses ‐ The X Blue UV. These glasses block the blue light emitted by digital devices such as smartphones, TV, computer, etc.

Light Adaptive Transitions
Light Adaptive Transitions

These lenses are photochromatic that changes from clear to dark shade instantly when exposed to sunlight. They are smart lenses that go darker with the equivalent exposure of sunlight. They change the shades whilst blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays. It also helps people who struggle with light sensitivity. So they offer both protection from the sun and a fashionable choice. You can choose among coloured tints as well.

Tips to buy Fake glasses

Fake glasses are popular and available in a wide range of varieties. You can buy them online and from the store. If you want perfect fashion glasses then follow these helpful buying tips:

purchase from true company
Purchase from a true company

If you want to find a store with a wide range of options for fashion glasses, then look for a company that specializes in glasses and it’s accessories. They will have a massive collection of stylish glasses in their store.

Find Budget friendly options
Find Budget-friendly options

Fake glasses can be expensive depending on the brand and company. If you’re on a budget, then budget-friendly stores are perfect for your choice. It will help you to look stylish without overspending your money.

Choose more than one pair
Choose more than one pair

The best thing about fake glasses is that you can buy more than a pair without alarming your prescription lenses. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one style or shape. You can style-up your wardrobe and become classic.

Where to buy Fake glasses

Where to fake eyeglasses for style

If you want to buy fake glasses, there are countless places to get them. Fake glasses are easier to buy than the prescribed one. But the question is, where do you purchase them?
You want different looks then you need different styles of glasses. You might want a subtle look one day than another day you want a bolder look. No matter what type of look you’re seeing, you can find the best pair of eyeglasses at Specscart.
Quality outlets online and offline such as Specscart, offer an impressive style and product range. It offers you the ability to look for different options and products easily. Whether you are looking for sunglasses or everyday eyeglasses, they will help you to find perfect eyeglasses that will fit your style and look.
Here you'll find one of the largest, budget-friendly & best selections of fake glasses or clear non-prescribed glasses for men and women with quality design to match your personality and style statement.

Fake glasses your fashion statement

There will be no doubt that these eyeglasses can enhance your personality. Different styles and frames can complement your attire. Men and women can create a number of outstanding looks just by wearing fake glasses. Men can wear them with hoodies, shorts, suits or flip-flops. Women can wear it with a cocktail dress, jeans with a top, work dresses or with a sports outfit. It perfectly goes with all the outfits.
You can select a pair of eyeglasses that suit you. Frames are made from high-quality materials which make them durable. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles so you can choose according to your personality.

How do you order Fake glasses online?

  • Once you've chosen a frame type and style, you'll have the option to select non-prescribed lenses during the checkout process.
  • You can also add special lens coatings such as anti-UV, anti-glare, blue light to reduce eye strain caused by exposure of digital devices.
  • We’ll dispatch your glasses within 24 hours so that you can transform yourself without delay.

Why Fake glasses are the best option?

  • We live in a fashion-savvy world, these fake glasses add beauty, charm, and spark to our personality.
  • It also provides protection for the eyes from dust and other harmful particles.
  • You can give your look a different touch and surprise yourself from the combinations of looks for yourself. And You can buy multiple pairs so you can play with your looks.

Start shopping and you can transform your look today!

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